The Tuesday We Had Our 1 Year Anniversary


09.21 am – Had oats,

kaya bread and

nicely done soft boiled eggs.

11.30 am – Registered for an account in Malaysia’s leading online global fund managers.

12.42 pm – Lunch

03.53 pm – Dragon fruit for afternoon break.

Didn’t know they were whites until I sliced them.

“Save some for me!”

07.07 pm – Went to Queensbay’s Sakae for dinner.


Fish roe sushi.

Soft shell crab temaki.

Yaki udon.

Fried oysters.

Miso soup.

Japanese muar chee.

09.14 pm – Vanilla ice cream v2 with watermelon for dessert.

The lovely present that I got from Vinny for our 1 year anniversary.

The love card.

The jar in the box.

Filled with love cookies.

Thank you so much, Vinny!

12.00 am – zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Wednesday I Ate Nasi Beratur Masjid Kapitan Keling For The 2nd Time In a Row


08.00 am – Woke up. Showered. Breakfasted.

09.30 am – Liverpool kicked Marseille’s ass last night.

Steven Gerrard scores from distance to equalise as Liverpool run out 2-1 winners at Marseille.

10.00 am – Watched Prison Break s04e04

11.00 am – Watched Gossip Girl s02e03

12.00 pm – Lunched.

03.00 pm – Napped.

04.00 pm – Rocky-ed and coffee-ed.

04.30 pm – Continued updating famouschris.

06.00 pm – Dinner-ed.

Thanks Mum, for the Idako. ~yummMMmmmmm

07.00 pm – Teman Shawn the prawn to Telok Bayan, for the 2nd Wednesday in a row. Hey Phaik Chin, how’s your leg doing?

07.30 pm – Checked out the weekend pictures and video.

08.00 pm – Watched Gossip Girl s02e03 to pass time.

Do you know how to tell if Shawn Chin Sze Wye is in a good mood?

Answer : He does this.

(The high quality boring video below plays only if you’re logged in)

09.00 pm – Badminton with buddies.

11.00 am – Showered.

11.30 am – Supper-ed.

12.00 am – My stomach felt hiao. Hiao till I picked up these 2 fellas who weren’t working to eat again!!!

The queue when we arrived.


02.00 am – Surfed around for awhile.

02.30 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz