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How To Make Applesauce

First, get 3 large apples. Of course more or less apples can be used but 3 large ones lasted me for about 1 week. Actually the main reason for me to make applesauce is to obtain the high amount of pectin that firms stools during diarrhea.

If you have an apple corer slicer, it’ll definitely make your life easier.

Apply decore and slice all 3 into modular sizes.

Then slice it into


Quarter apples in a pot.

Fill the pot up with water, up until the height of the apples.

have the fire in medium high.

Close the pot lid and let it boil for half an hour.

Meanwhile you can wash the utensils and

maybe feed off the apple cores

to your pet.

“Again? FML.”

15 minutes later.

If you have a potato masher at home, good. If not you’d have to try using other cooking instruments or

even a scissors to downsize the boiled apples. It’ll be easier towards the end as the apples are much softer and easier to mash.

Add in a cinnamon stick about a minute or two before closing the fire.

Broke it into half.

Makes it more flavourful.

A pinch of brown sugar although you can do with out. Again, it makes the applesauce more flavourful.


After about half an hour of cooling, store it into jars.

And that’s how you make applesauce.

My Days

The Thursday I Made Applesauce

05.00 am – Woke up before the sun and birds to a very bad diarrhea.

09.42 am – Stuck to the BRATTY diet of Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast Tea Yoghurt.

Slept for as much as I could.

12.00 pm – Watched Mark Gungor’s Laugh Your Way.

04.38 pm – Started to make homemade applesauce.

First, remove the skin from the apple.

Then, decore it.

Next, slice the apple up into tiny chunks.

Throw them all into a pot and fill it with enough water.

Put it on top of a small to medium fire.

Let it cook for half an hour.

By then it should be soft.

Put in a pinch of brown sugar.

Put in an inch of cinnamon.

Mash the apples.

It should look something like this.

The reason why applesauce is preferred to apple is because the pectin levels are higher once you cook apples. We want pectin as it decreases stool weight.

05.18 pm – Late lunch.


08.19 pm – Dinner.

Yoghurt again, as it is the most important item that replenishes the good bacteria in the intestines.

12.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz