The Sunday I Realized I’ve Become An American Idol Season 8 Follower


11.30 am – Had a cup of soy bean and

some deep fried Chinese crullers for breakfast.

02.00 pm – Went over to the great Cargas Cafe for lunch.


05.00 pm – American Idol s08e11. I think I’m becoming a follower.

american idol judge's mansion

08.00 pm – Brought Dad and Mom to Jerejak Jetty Cafe for dinner.

Had them try the padprik ayam.


09.30 pm – Grey’s Anatomy s05e15.
grey's anatomy before and after

10.00 pm – Had jellies after

jellies for supper.

11.00 pm – Fringe s01e14.

fringe ability

12.00 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz