My Days

The Sunday I Hiked Permatang Damar Laut’s Pantai Indah Hillside

11.00 am – Had papayas for breakfast.

11.30 am – Went on over to Jalan Patani’s police headquarters

to pay up my summons.

Park at yellow line = Risk donating RM30 to the police.

11.30 pm – Decided to try out a new eating place recommended by a reader, Daisy.

Jalan Trang had only 1 coffeeshop open and the only stall

was this one. So I guess this must be what you meant, Daisy, right?

The price list.

The tomyam campur.

The kangkung belacan.

The food was ok lah. Pretty normal and average. Daisy, you should try Gurney Plaza’s food court stall no.7.

03.00 pm – Formatted Vinny’s laptop.

03.30 pm – Had a banana,

chocolate ice cream and

a yoghurt drink for afternoon break.

05.30 pm – Hiked the hillside of Pantai Indah at Permatang Damar Laut.

Or is it Pantai Esen? Confusing.

Spotted rubber trees along the way.

Hiking by the seaside. What a view.

Lots of coconut trees.

The tarzan tree.

After about 15 minutes of hiking, I saw the side of it.

The tua pek kong temple built deep into the hill.

The stone plaque says ‘1980’. I’m guessing that it’s the year built.

On the way back, I spotted a tall rock and

decided to climb from one rock to the other to reach the peak.

06.30 pm – Went to Tempoyak Cove Pier.

A long and sturdy bridge built by/for the fishermen of Teluk Tempoyak.

Teluk Tempoyak’s awesome ikan bakar food court.

07.30 pm – Had stir fried green capsicum with beef,

stir fried chicken wings with mushroom,

belacan chicken and

a big bowl of curry fish head

for dinner.

09.00 pm – Dropped by Queensbay Mall’s Factory Outlet Store to buy

3 pair of socks

for RM23.

11.30 pm – Had a packet of Ibumie’s

Mi Goreng for supper.

And a bowl of bird’s nest as well. Thanks, Mum!

01.00 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My Days

The Buy 1 Free 1 FOS Tuesday

04.30 am – Woke up for awhile. Wasn’t easy to sleep back. Why? Cause my right ear was bitten by a mosquito. TNS! Then the thought of buying a pet frog crossed my mind.

09.00 am – Woke up. Breakfast. Showered.

10.00 am – Continued updating famouschris. Was listening to Jason Mraz repeatedly while typing.

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

Download the song in mp3 format.

11.00 am – Continued updating the post in rangit.

12.00 pm – Lunch at Sunshine market with Dar, Ik, Can, Cath, Andy, Ann.

  • Had economic rice.
  • economic rice sunshine market

  • Guess who I met man….
  • .

  • My ex-roommate.
  • lai jian loong

  • Ah Loong of Bukit Beruntung in June 2004.
  • lai jian loong

01.30 pm – Balikz.

02.00 pm – Rest.

02.30 pm – Nap.

03.30 pm – Checked out upcoming movies in GSC. Dropped by TheStar, soccernet, thesuperficial. Checked out aXXo’s latest releases. Downloaded Rambo, The Air I Breathe, How I Met Your Mother s03e19 and Gossip Girl s01e17.

04.00 pm – Continued updating the post in rangit.

05.30 pm – Gym.

06.30 pm – Went to Queensbay to buy Shawn’s Suave long sleeve shirt. Too bad no size. Bought another color instead.

07.30 pm – DOME for dinner. Why? Cause I miss the Creamy Seafood Pasta.

creamy seafood pasta dome menu

  • Noticed that there was a ‘Dinner Special’ going on.
  • dinner special dome

  • While waiting, Shawn read one mag from
  • shawn chin reading magazine

  • the many.
  • fome magazine shelf

  • His pumpkin soup came first (looked like baby food).
  • shawn chin pumpkin soup

  • Next was my minestrone.
  • dome minestrone soup

  • Then came the wedges.
  • dome wedges

  • After that, Shawn’s ‘breakfast’.
  • dome breakfast set

  • Lastly, my Creamy Seafood Pasta.
  • creamy seafood pasta

  • When we realized that we’re gonna have a challenge downing all the food, I split the wedges (unequally. I took the least portion. =P) into halves.
  • wedges split

09.00 pm – While Shawn was busting the toilet bowl, I went around to look at clothes. Was surprised to see FOS having a

  • buy 1 free 1 fest.
  • buy 1 free 1

  • As soon as he was done dropping bombs, we took out some cash
  • RM50 x 4 = RM200

  • and bought 4 Polo T’s at a deal for RM45 each (Normally it’s RM89 for one).
  • polo t RM45

09.30 pm – Balikz.

10.00 pm – Showered. Rest.

10.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

11.00 pm – CS.

12.00 am – Online chit chat.

12.30 am – Watched How I Met Your Mother s03e19.

01.00 am – Gossip Girl s01e17. After watching, I quickly went to check out ‘Stay’.

Found an awesome cover of Lisa Loeb’s Stay.