6D5N Vietnam Day 6 : Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi Charming Hotel, AirAsia, Uncle Chin Chicken Rice, KLIA-LCCT


05.42 am – Woke up to a super early breakfast of toasts and tea.

06.15 am – All packed and ready to go.

Checked out.

06.20 am – Got into the private car.

07.02 am – Began lining up to check in to our flights.

Checked in 13kg worth.

Got the boarding pass and passport chopped.

KL, here we come!

07.29 am – Arrived at the departure gates. So sad. The first day being the happiest and the last being the saddest. =(

09.25 am – Take off!

10.17 am – Brunch time!

Vivian’s boring brunch. =P

Fortune cookie says…

10.39 am – Began watching The Game starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn.

12.35 pm – Added an hour to the watch.

The Tuesday I Went To Xuan Xin Restaurant For The First Time


08.30 am – Had a cup of milo,

a fortune cookie and

buttered toasts for breakfast.

12.30 pm – Had lunch.

The usual cup of Nescafe.

07.30 pm – As today was Dad’s bro’s birthday, we went out for dinner. He brought us all to try out Gurney’s newly opened Xuan Xin.

The finger food that greeted us, even before we were given

the menu.

We had sauteed pumpkin with salted egg yolk,

sauteed lotus ahizome,

poached chinese spinach box thorn with 2 kinds of egg in superior sauce,

deep fried eggplant with wasabi salad dressing,

fried omelet with bittergourd,

chilli sauce fish fillet,

deep fried pork chop in black pepper sauce and

a stewed homemade beancurd with oyster sauce for


Honeydew sago for dessert.

12.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz