4D3N Bangkok Day 4 : Makkasan, Airport Rail Link, AirAsia, Magic Food Court, Suvarnabhumi

09.12 am – Had breakfast with my love for the last time in Town Lodge.

10.43 am – Pooped, showered and got ready to leave my most favourite travel destination in the world.


6D5N Taipei Day 2 : Family Mart, Rainbow Channel, TRA Map, Keelung, Jiufen, Jinguashi, Pineapple Tarts, Aiyu Jelly, Gold Ecological Park, Miaokou Night Market, Oyster Omelet, Fried Vermicelli, Glass Noodles, Bubble Milk Tea, Train Toilet, Neo19, Room18, 7-Eleven

10.30 am – Woke up to a beautiful Friday morning in Taipei.

Took a walk around the shophouses by the hotel myself and found many interesting places.

Was feeling super hungry and hopped into a Family Mart to get something hot to eat.

Decided on dumplings.

Both pork.

Very good milk shake. Very.

11.14 am – Went back to my hotel room to start preparing for the day’s tour while watching Taiwan’s infamous Rainbow channel every now and then. 😈

12.10 pm – Met up outside the hotel.

Started our journey towards Shilin MRT.

12.34 pm – Arrived in Taipei Main Train Station where almost every train and metro in the city network passes through it.

Walked towards the TRA lines (think KTM), to take a 45 minutes train to Keelung.

Boarding Platform 4.

The railway map.

12.50 pm – I like how there are ‘priority seats’ made specially for people who are old, preggers or disabled.

Enjoying the ride to Keelung, discussing about our adventures the night before. 👿

The view outside.

Priority seats, even on the waiting platform.

01.35 pm – And then we arrived.

Quickly proceeded to the Keelung Visitor Information Center to get directions to Jiufen.

01.45 pm – On the bus, on the way to Jiufen.

Higher and higher. Colder and colder.

02.38 pm – Little did I know that Jiufen was actually a place quite high in the mountains.

The weather was REALLY COLD!

Macho (kononnya) in shorts.

Look at the crowd swelling around the entrance.

Yeap, this small narrow lane right beside 7-Eleven is actually called Jiufen Old Street.

Lots of stuff to see. Lots of stuff to eat.

Halfway, a few of us excused ourselves to go to the toilet which was supposed to be right at the entrance of Jiufen Old Street, but was closed for washing. And so, we had no choice but to make our way further down to the toilet beside this HUGE temple. The water was really COLD.

02.54 pm – On the way back to the restaurant, some of us bought some snacks from the vendors along the way.

Stinky tofu. Out of the 8 of us, only 2 could actually eat it.

The SUPER restaurant we had our lunch in. REALLY delicious meat. REALLY.

Different types of drinks in gigantic baby bottles outside the shop.

Lu rou fan. CRAZY good!

I have no idea what meat this was but it was also CRAZY good!

The red meat was actually raw meat (duck I think), the soup was cylindrical fishballs and the uppermost dish is jellyfish.

We had a BLAST! LOVED everything that went into our mouths. AWESOME experience!

And then YK contributed bowls of wet and

dry glutinous rice desserts.

03.32 pm – Dropped by the popular pineapple tart shop and bought ourselves

at least 2 BIG boxes each.

03.44 pm – We also dropped by this shop to buy packets of their REALLY DELICIOUS dry glutinous rice desserts. I highly recommend them.

And then we continued walking and walking, sure as not to miss anything as there was only 1 path to follow.

Stopped and bought myself a cup of Taiwanese fig jelly called aiyu ping.

03.51 pm – Continued on after that.

04.00 pm – A crowd of people lining up caught my attention.

I have no idea what this is.

And then I continued on.

Stumbled upon condom world 😈

04.08 pm – Reached an open area at the end of Jiufen old street.

Found lots of guest houses here.