Bangkok Trip 2009 : Day 3


11.30 am – Woke up and found a mobile pancake store parked in front of the hotel.

Couldn’t help it. Bought myself 1 kaya and

pork + bird egg flavoured pancake.

And also a bottle of milk from the ever trustworthy


Saw a notice in the hotel elevator informing guests of the rally taking place at Sanam Luang, which was eventually canceled.

02.00 pm – Had beef noodles at the nameless shop

next to Victory Bakery, somewhere

opposite King Power.

The beef eaters.

BestnyaaaaaAAAaaa~ I MISS BANGKOK!!!!!

02.30 pm – Stopped by a mobile coffee store and

bought ourselves

a cup.

03.00 pm – Arrived at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

All of us got lost in the rows of rows of shops. First one was Daniel who wanted to take a shit.

04.30 pm – Was so tired from all the walking. Saw a fruity store and immediately bought myself

a cup.

Took the vans touring the market.

Dropped by for more dessert.

The type that you must not allow to pass if

you come across it.

~yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I MISS!!!

Somehow, I ended up at the puppies section.

I like how they have open cages and allow passers by to pat them.

So cute~

06.00 pm – Met up with Tonkap and Jakap at Mo Chit BTS, the nearest BTS to Chatuchak before going back.

The Victory Monument, the place where our hotel is closely located to.

Couldn’t help but buy fruits each time I pass by a stall.

06.30 pm – Tonkap and I went for

an hour’s worth of leg massage while Jakap went for a 1 hour’s worth of lower back massage. Authentic. Pure massage. No hanky panky.

My masseuse, Apple, who was in love with Chempedak.

08.30 pm – Had dinner at the coffee shop nearby our hotel

as time wasn’t on our side.

My hot and spicy pork.

11.30 pm – Route 66. What I didn’t feel comfortable with was the fact that it now charges foreigners 200THB per entry. Like Sonkap said, it felt unwelcoming.

The newly renovated DJ stand. It looks so much more grand now.

It’s wider and it’s now located right under the big screen where the songs are played together with the music videos.

Songkap and Ekarach, the father of our trip. Thanks for everything Eka!

Me and Aon, the mother of our trip. Thanks for everything Angie!

Tonkap being cutekap.

The crazy + scary birthday girl whose table was right next to ours.


02.30 am – Dropped by Idol, another after hours club.

07.00 am – Had supper/breakfast at an undisclosed location. I pun tak tau mana. Anyways, I pun lupa to take pictures.

08.00 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Bangkok Trip Day 2 : The Saturday In Bangkok Where We Discovered JET and Santika


08.30 am – Woke up for breakfast with Daniel. It was good! Too bad I didn’t have any photos. I loved the cereals and bacon. It was awesome!

09.30 am – Slept back.

10.45 am – Woke up. Daniel and I took turns to shower.

10.55 am – Knocked on Andy’s room and he answered the door. Said he wanted to sleep and miss the morning itinerary.

10.57 am – Knocked on Shawn’s room and he answered the door. Said the same thing as Andy.

10.59 am – Knocked on Siam Ong’s door. He was awake and will be joining Daniel and I for the morning itinerary.

Siam Ong packed his stuff and checked out of the room he shared with Eka. Tonight, we’re roommates.

11.13 am – Left for Chit Lom Skytrain BTS Station.

11.28 am – Each of us bought a BTS Sky Smartpass, preloaded with THB 100.

11.30 am – Hopped onto a skytrain and started our journey to Saphan Taksin station, where we’ll sit a river boat to Chinatown.

11.46 am – Reached the Saphan Taksin.

The 3 sleeping dogs by the pier.

11.49 am – Hopped into one of these.

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