My Days

How To Make Cornflake Cookies On A Sunday

10.30 am – Had a cup of milo,

soft boiled eggs and

a vegetarian murtabak

for breakfast.

11.00 am – “Project Cornflake Cookies”

A big ass empty bowl,

227g of butter,

a raw egg,

an egg beater,

135g of sugar,

283g of rising flour and, last but not least,

80g of cornflakes.

First, I poured the sugar in.

Second, the butter.

Beat it

till it looked mixed up. Took about 10 minutes.

Put in the raw egg and

the rising flour.

Beat it for the second time, till it looked mixed up. Took about 10 minutes.

Threw the egg beater aside. Continued beating it manually to release stress.

Poured in the cornflakes

and released more stress for about 5 minutes.

The dough should look pretty mixed up by now.

If there’s extra cornflakes, you could break it up (or not).

Pinched a sizable portion of the dough (I didn’t realize until I started baking that rising flour expands) and

rolled it around the extra cornflakes.

Filled it up.

Pushed the tray into the 160°C preheated oven and baked for 35 minutes.


You just gotta try it man. Class A cornflake cookies. Woo hoo!

01.30 pm – Had duck rice.

05.30 pm – Bought the tickets to Yes Man.

06.00 pm – Went over to the fabulously


Jerejak Jetty Cafe for dinner.

This pencuri cutie had

padprik ayam

while I decided to try a glass of epal asam boi and

a plate of maggi goreng.

07.00 pm – Yes man was good! Jim Carrey was his usual self and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. =)

09.00 pm – Sadly, there’s no 20% sushi discount on Sundays. Only weekdays. 🙁

09.30 pm – Supper.

12.00 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My Days

The Sunday I Had Homemade Muffins And Spaghetti

02.30 pm – Woke up. Lunched.

03.30 pm – Surfed around.

05.00 pm – Hung around chit chatting about the events of yesterday night while enjoying Vinny’s homemade banana muffins.

~fuh. Very delicious. Very. Goes well with Starbucks. =)

lol. we’re so fake.

07.30 pm – Arrived at Mizi’s. Apparently, there was some confusion. Again. I remembered saying 6 persons but it was only written for 4 in the book. We decided to wait as there was a Thai fair going on where we could waste some time walking around.

Anthony ended up eating. You monster, you!

08.30 pm – About an hour later..

They must serve this in heaven.

Fish fillet ‘Caprice’.

The refillable green tea.

The attendees.

John n June.

Daryl, Anthony, John.

After that I bought the coconut ice cream from the Thai food fair. It was very nice but due to the fullness of my stomach, the other half of the cup went into the dustbin =(

10.00 pm – Went home to practice guitar.

Practice konon @[email protected]

John, you need help.

01.00 am – Supper time!

Went to Dhoby Ghaut. Again.

For a box of homemade

spaghetti by Sabby.

(The high quality boring video below plays only if you’re logged in)

03.00 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz

My Days

The Monday Where Andy Tai Joined Us For Hiking

11.00 am – Breakfasted. Showered.

Eating apples can’t be any


12.00 pm – CS.

01.30 pm – Lorong Susu chicken/duck rice. Daryl took Anthony and I to try out this place in Lorong Susu which sells chicken/duck rice and kiam chai boey.

Being the undecided me, I ordered both chicken + duck.

Believe it or not, they serve BOTTOMLESS kiam chai boey.

BOTTOMLESS man! Only in Penang you get this shit.

03.00 pm – Snooker-ed.

04.30 pm – Siesta-ed.

05.30 pm – Drove to Botanical Gardens with Andy and Daryl.

06.00 pm – Hiking.

We were actually pretty fast today. Usually it takes 20 minutes but we reached 46’s hut in 14 minutes.

After a minute’s rest, we proceeded towards 84.

Clowning around the permanent forest estate reserve yellow signboard, located

1 minute away from Hut 84.

The 2 items below are what motivates us for hiking up. If it had alcohol in it, Anthony would definitely be among the legendary ah peks.

The place is run by volunteers. The drinks and snacks we eat are totally free. However, there’s a donation box which Hut 84 and it’s caretaker survives on.

Were at the base by 7.30pm.

08.00 pm – Dinnered @ Gurney Plaza Food Court. We had fun talking cock.

They both had nasi padprik ayam while I ordered something a little different,

nasi ayam kicap.

Bought a chicken floss bun from the bakery next door as it wasn’t filling enough.

09.30 pm – Showered. Discovered that Anwar’s debate was tomorrow.

10.00 pm – Checked out UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Got carried away when I saw Japan’s Shinto Itsukushima Shrine of Miyajima, Hiroshima. In turn, it lead me to check out Tokyo’s wikitravel guides. Was engulfed in Japan’s culture for 3 hours. There really are lots and lots of things to do in Japan but it’s pretty expensive compared to Malaysian standards. The $Yen really is strong.

Kesimpulannya :

  • A return flight from KLIA to Tokyo’s Narita costs about a total of RM3000 on MAS.
  • A BUDGET meal in Japan costs about RM15.
  • The cheapest mode of accommodation are Youth Hostels which starts from RM50/night.
  • An average pint of beer during HAPPY HOURS costs RM15.
  • Cover charges between the range of RM60 – RM120 are applied in clubs during weekends.

01.00 am – zzzzZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzz

My Days

The Sunday Where Shawn Chin Did Karoeke

10.00 am – Woke up to the sound of hammering. Showered.


They’ve already started.

11.00 am – Surfed around. Uploaded ‘Best Of June’ into Facebook.

12.00 pm – Lunched.

Duck Rice!

01.00 pm – Continued surfing around.

Then this came in.



2 Things
1. Imagine Shawn singing.
2. It’s karaoke not karoeke.

02.30 pm – Finally. I unloaded 2 days’ worth of cargo.

03.00 pm – Caught up with RPK’s ‘… and the winner is

I like this poster very much.

03.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

04.00 pm – Learned how to watch and embed high quality videos in youtube.

1. You must have an account and you must be logged in to view high quality videos.
2. Just add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL.

Low Quality

High Quality

(You have to be logged in)

It works on most uploaded videos that meet Youtube’s high quality criteria of 640×480 resolution.

04.30 pm – My room’s turn to get it’s ceiling repaired.

07.00 pm – Repaired.

My room was as dusty as the Sahara. Cleanup wasn’t easy. Had to change the bedsheets, clean their finger and hand marks on the ceilings and mop the floor too.

07.30 pm – Dinner at Chikuma.

Had Maguro Sashimi. It’s expensive for 5 pieces to be priced at RM22. You can get the same amount of sashimi for around half the price at Sushi King or Sakae Sushi.

Had Yaki Udon.

09.00 pm – Went home showered.

09.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

(… while checking out Ministry of Sound’s music playlist)

10.30 pm – Detoured. Chit chatted with these 6 fellas for awhile.

11.00 pm – Continued updating famouschris.

12.30 am – Slept.

My Days

The Sunday Where I Hung Out With Dad’s High School Friend

12.00 pm – Woke up. Surfed around.

01.00 pm – Bought lunch from Genting Coffeeshop.

Had duck rice. Other stalls had long, long queues.

duck rice

02.00 pm – Nap.

03.00 pm – CS.

04.00 pm – Kentucky Fried Chicken @ Queensbay.

kfc queensbay

Had cheesy wedges.

kfc cheesy wedges

06.00 pm – Starbucks.

On my left.

starbucks queensbay

On my right.

starbucks queensbay

07.00 pm – Went to dinner with dad’s friend and son.

08.00 pm – Went to Equatorial Hotel for drinks.

09.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

11.30 pm – Sleep.

My Days

The Fever + Sorethroat Sunday

11.30 am – Woke up. Felt giddy. Damn. Showered. Bought myself lunch.

Duck rice from Genting Coffee Shop. (Actually I think that the daughter got potential. Fair and tall)

duck rice

After lunch, I continued the fight to recover from my healthy sorethroat.

cayenne pepper

For the lips.


12.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

02.00 pm – Nap.


04.00 pm – Awoke. Continued updating famouschris.

05.00 pm – Nap again.


06.30 pm – Dinner.

The stall in Medan Selera from which I

medan selera

bought fish porridge.

fish porridge

07.30 pm – Showered. I felt so damn cold afterwards. Too cold in fact. I hate being sick. Shit.

The only way to fix the prob was to drop one of these into

panadol soluble

a cup of water.

cup of water panadol soluble

08.00 pm – Chose to watch Lars And The Real Girl.

lars and the real girl

Memorable quotes on what it takes to be a man.

Lars Lindstrom : How’d you know?

Gus : How’d I know what?

Lars Lindstrom : That you were a man.

Gus : Well, it’s not like you’re one thing or the other, okay? There’s still a kid inside but you grow up when you decide to do right, okay, and not what’s right for you, what’s right for everybody, even when it hurts.

Lars Lindstrom : Okay, like what?

Gus : Like, you know, like, you don’t jerk people around, you know, and you don’t cheat on your woman, and you take care of your family, you know, and you admit when you’re wrong, or you try to, anyways. That’s all I can think of, you know – it sound like it’s easy and for some reason it’s not.

09.30 pm – Watched French Open 2008 Men’s Singles Final. Rafael Nadal won over Roger Federer with ease.

roger federer rafael nadal french open 2008

11.30 pm – Dormar.

My Days

The Double Breakfast Friday

09.30 am – Woke up. Breakfast. Showered.

10.30 am – Dad was hungry. So we went to satisfy his hunger and my taste bud’s curiosity for Hokkien Mee aka Hak! Min.

The exact wikimapia location.

A view from the side.

hokkien mee

Dad with his newspaper and nutmeg drink.

chee keng kok

My Hokkien Mee + Nescafe Ice

hokkien mee, nescafe

I wanted to wash my dirty car but the sky was dark and cloudy.

dark cloudy sky

12.00 pm – Watched Scrubs s07e11.

12.30 pm – Surfed around.

02.00 pm – CS.

04.00 pm – Walked down the road for a meal at Island Glades Soy Stall.

Had the only thing left. Duck Rice.

duck rice

Muar Chee (exactly what my French girlfriend calls me).

muar chee

A piece of banana.


05.00 pm – Research on Dell’s 22″ and 24″ monitors.

05.30 pm – Completed the 5 Impacts of Global Warming On Human Health.

06.00 pm – CS.

07.00 pm – Checked out Dell’s monitors’ price in forums and auction sites.

08.00 pm – CS.

09.00 pm – Showered and prepared for outing.

10.00 pm – Sushi King @ E-Gate with Daryl, Daniel and Shawn.

Daniel the gerbil.

Daniel teh

Had 1 California Temaki and

california temaki

3 Salmon Skin Temaki, one at a time.

salmon skin temaki

Vegetable soba.

vegetable soba

Shawn the prawn was 15 minutes late.

shawn chin

11.30 pm – Moved on to Starbucks. Surprised to see a lot of people there.


01.00 am – Moved on to 3G after Starbucks’s closing time.

guinness draft

02.30 am – Balik.

03.00 am – Read RPK’s ‘Sheesh, they still don’t seem to get it‘.

03.30 am – Sleep.

My Days

The Very Full Dinner Friday

08.30 am – Woke up. Swirled sesame oil. Checked mails. Dropped by The Star, Soccernet.

09.00 am – Breakfast with John Lim. We went to eat the tastiest

curry mee in the world!

best penang curry mee

The exact location in wikimapia.


lim chuang earng

10.00 am – Updated famouschris.

10.30 am – Surfed around for something to write about for odyb. Found several interesting stuff such as:

11.30 pm – Fetched dad to the airport to collect tickets. Pumped petrol for his car. Dropped him at Equatorial Hotel for lunch with his friends.

01.00 pm – Came back. Onlined. Downloaded Lost s04e12, Grey’s Anatomy s04e15. Continued surfing around. Interesting stuff found while surfing :

01.30 pm – Nap.

02.00 pm – Lunch.

Had duck rice.

genting duck rice

Bought myself some greenish bananas and


a huge papaya sliced into


halves, quarters and octuples (or is it octuplets?)

halves, quarters, octuples

03.00 pm – Watched Lost s04e12. Whoa! Best! Loveddddd it!

03.45 pm – Updated famouschris.

04.00 pm – Finally found something interesting to write about for odyb.

05.00 pm – Gym

06.30 pm – CS.

07.30 pm – Waited for everyone to berkumpul at my place.

08.00 pm – Bertolak to Gurney Plaza.

08.30 pm – Chili’s.

The 2 dilemmas : Shawn.

shawn chin

The 2 dilemmas : Anthony.

anthony ngo

This is what happens when Pulau Pinang has sex.

yeoh chun hoong, anak pulau pinang

The ‘guess who’s this?’ game player.

tze yang

Daryl and I shared a Classic Chicken Fajitas which came with

chili's classic chicken fajitas

these side toppings / greeneries.

chili's fajitas side toppings

Step 1/3 : Layer the wrap with greeneries.

chili's classic chicken fajitas

Step 2/3 : Load meat and other carbs on top of the greeneries.

chili's chicken fajitas

Step 3/3 : Wallup the bugger.

chris chee chili's chicken fajitas

The wasted leftovers *sigh*

chili's tostadas chips

10.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

11.30 pm – CS

12.00 am – Grey’s Anatomy s04e14.

01.00 am – Grey’s Anatomy s04e15.

02.00 am – ….zzzZZZZzzzz…..