The Saturday We Went To F.A.M.E For The First Time


12.18 pm – Helped diagnosed the problem in my relative’s laptop.

Kesimpulannya : format

01.00 pm – Went to Batu Lanchang market for lunch.

the chilli = yummmmm

02.30 pm – Was supposed to visit John’s much anticipated bedroom and house. Too bad it was jam like crap on the way to the bridge.

03.00 pm – Went to E-Gate’s Starbucks instead. Took away an Iced Caramel Latte and Iced Mocha Latte.

03.30 pm – Enjoyed donuts

for the first time.


Enjoyed 2 pieces

with me Iced Caramel Latte.

07.00 pm – Had Joo Leong‘s.

Simple yet tasty.

07.45 pm – Watched Liverpool kick Manchester United’s ass in Kayu. woooOOOOoo!!!!!!

Liverpool 2-1 Manchester United

11.30 pm – F.A.M.E

There were only 5 of us plus

the Cheong sisters,


Saw Daniel’s buddy perform.

01.00 am – Club hopped to MOIS.

03.30 am – Nasi Tembok.

04.30 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

The Saturday Where I Partied Like Any Other Saturday


10.30 am – Woke up. Showered.

Had dragon fruit for breakfast. Stained my right forefinger with it’s hard-to-remove pink juice by not using the fork. Lesson learned.

11.30 am – Worked on my brother’s school project. What I don’t understand is how the teacher said that they can pay someone else to do it for them. I mean like.. to do a simple website may sound easy but the cheapest would also be at least RM50 per page. So their 6 page website, if done by others, may be as expensive as RM300 per site. How can non earning 16 year olds afford that?


01.00 pm – Lunch at Gembira Parade’s chicken rice.

I used to love this before discovering others.

02.00 pm – These 2 fellas arrived.

03.30 pm – Napped while this fella went hunting. Online.

04.30 pm – Continued working on my brother’s school project.

07.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

08.00 pm – Lok lok @ Pulau Tikus market with mum and dad.

09.00 pm – Ordered RM3 worth of putu mayong and putu piring to share.

Putu mayong.

09.30 pm – Prepared for the night out.

10.00 pm – Left for MOIS as soon as Daryl arrived.

10.30 pm – You see. The reason why my friends and I party so much is because we REALIZE that we are all at the prime of our lives. ALL of us are free from the chains of school, earning our own money and still bachelors, yet to be married. I won’t want to look back when I’m much older and go, ‘Maleh. I should have partied more when I was 25 or I regretted not doing this. Not doing that.’ By that time. It’ll be too late. I can no longer walk in to MOIS at 35 and still experience the kind of experience that a 25 year old experiences. My friends and I may be married with kids and commitments already.

If not now, when?

Took only a few with the rest. Everyone was busy running in and out and around the entire time.

Daphne, your mouth looks 5 to 6 times bigger than mine. Almost like Geoffrey’s ‘smile of happiness’ that he took with TW² 👿

Pearline, just because there’s a beach party in Momo, doesn’t mean you can walk around without clothes on.

I can bet you that there is no other mummy in MOIS that night, who is hotter than Justina.

03.20 am – Daryl was driving Justina the pemabuk (as you can see from her red face in the picture above) while I tagged along behind. He hopped in after dropping her safely to her home.

(Actually, Daryl and I run a chauffeur service for the drunk. We will drive you home safely at a price of RM100 per trip per person, wherever you are during weeknights. Safely. Money back guaranteed. No joke.)

(Interested? Mail me for my number.)

03.30 am – Joined up with the rest for supper …

… at Perak Road’s economy rice.

04.00 am – Showered.

04.15 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz