The Friday I Tried Jerejak Jetty’s JJ Cafe’s Nasi Padprik


11.00 am – Went down to Mandarin Cafe for breakfast.

Had a bowl of curry mee.

03.00 pm – Had a very very late lunch which consisted of soy sauce chicken,


curry sting ray,

lady’s fingers and

scrambled eggs.

07.00 pm – Went over to Jerejak Jetty’s JJ Cafe for dinner.

Actually I came to know of JJ Cafe through a recommendation from a blog.

The price was also reasonable.

Moreover the environment is pretty serene.

You could see the bridge and beach from here.


JJ Cafe’s padprik is now No.1 since Gurney food court’s padprik fellas left.

08.00 pm – Went over to Jelutong market for

a bowl of bee ko moey and

apom manis.

12.00 am – zzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

The Friday I Changed My Car’s Wheel Bearing


09.00 am – Walked over to Jalan Delima’s hidden curry mee for breakfast.


12.00 pm – Went over to Bayan Baru market’s food court for lunch.

Had fried curly mee.

02.00 pm – Went over to mechanic Ong to fix PCJ’s noisy, spoilt wheel bearings.

Step 1 : Jack up the car.

Step 2 : Unscrew the tyres.

Step 3 : Take out the tyres.

The insides of the wheel.

Step 4 : Start knocking out the wheel bearings at the center of the wheel cap.

The spoilt wheel bearing.

Step 5 : Coat the new wheel bearings with

high temperature grease.

And the center of the wheel cap too, before fixing it back to the wheels.

Step 6 : Screw back everything tightly in the same order as the dismantling process.

05.30 pm -Walked down to Kedai Kopi Genting for Shariff’s Nasi Kandar.

Ordered the stuff and took it over to

Ti Shen’s soya bean stall.

Had it with

ma partner.

06.30 pm – Went back to my room. Did a lil’ surfing.

Collected the tickets.

10.25 pm – The Day The Earth Stood Still.

FC Rating : 6/10 (Wait for aXXo / FXG)

01.00 am – Waited in line

for nasi beratur’s

yummy yum yum.

02.30 am – zzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Monday I Tried Lorong Seratus Tahun’s Curry Mee For The First Time


10.30 am – Heard a about it but never tried it. So, today was the day. I went to this corner coffee shop

located at Lorong Seratus Tahun

for curry mee.

Honestly, there’s nothing special about the curry mee. The default size is big, unless you tell the fella you want small. So automatically, I was charged RM3.80 per bowl. Now that’s an expensive bowl of curry mee.

Even the chilli paste was insatiable. Not even 2 scoops was enough to add to the taste.

It only made my curry mee oily.

11.30 am – Watched Prison Break s04e13.

12.30 pm – Watched Fringe s01e09.

1.30 pm – Took a nap.

04.00 pm – Went down to Island Glades’s soy bean stall for lunch.

Had tua pui mee and

shared a plate of char koay teow.

07.30 pm – Went window shopping at Gurney Plaza.

09.00 pm – Had dinner at Northam Beach Cafe.

10.00 pm – Filled up PCJ with 22 litres of petrol.

10.30 pm – Enjoyed a cornetto classico love sparks ice cream cone

at Batu Maung’s 7 Eleven.

12.30 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Sunday I Brought Muscle Man John To Crepe Cottage For Dessert


11.30 am – Had lotsa stuff for brunch.

Herbal eggs.

Curry mee.

Super mini homemade chocolate cupcakes.

More chocolate cakes.

Longan soup.

02.00 pm – Teman Muscle Man John

to Island Glades’s Ti Shen soya bean stall for lunch.

Bought some mini pancakes to share.

02.45 pm – Guitar class.

Artist macam.

07.00 pm – Went over to Thong Lek’s Super Lai Lai bah kut teh.

Stuff you cannot eat without.


And it wasn’t enough for Muscle Man John. He desired for more. What to do?

08.00 pm – And so we went over to Gurney Drive’s Crepe Cottage for dessert.

Shared this with Vinny.

Muscle Man John with his traffic lights crepe.

Jiun with her banana crepe.

10.30 pm – It used to be RM80 for 30 litres. And oh, it’s rumored to go down again from RM2.15/L to RM2.00/L on the 15th November.

12.00 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Halloween Friday Where We Had Fun With An Ah Kua


09.30 am – Introduced Dad to Island Glades’s hidden curry mee.

He too, felt that the small serving was actually huge in portion.


10.00 am – Went for a haircut. Before.

After. Just neater.

12.00 pm – Took a nap.

02.00 pm – Mum prepared some stuff. Was craving for Mak Long like mad. Sigh.

A big pau and lo mai kai.

Sliced the papaya I bought yesterday while reheating Mum’s stuff.

So lunch for me today consisted of a cinnamon roll,

an eighth of a papaya,

a big pau and

a lo mai kai.

07.30 pm – Went over to John’s suggested place in Gurney Plaza to buy

a guitar tuner for RM59.

08.00 pm – Went over to Little India’s Sri Ananda Bahwan

for banana leaf. What I like most is that they give you the curry stuff without you having to ask them. Moreover, a set like this cost only RM4. And you can refill the vegetables as many times as you want. (I can guarantee you that your stomach won’t allow you to refill more than 3 times)

Had an extra plate of mutton.

The price list.

11.30 pm – Happy Halloween! Went over to SOHO

to meet up with these guys. Hung around for an hour before moving over to..

12.00 am – ..QE2. Boy did we have fun.

Stinky vamp : ROAR!
Poor Gabriel : Shit, girl. Ever heard of toothpaste?

A celebrity friend of mine. How I wish I could reveal her identity but, you know la celebrities.

Errr…. a tattoo doesn’t count as a costume, Linda.

Things you do when someone is drunk.

Made a new friend. Out of nowhere.

And also. Suddenly. Out of nowhere.


Came Martha the Ogre

who ogre-raped us all to hell.

03.00 am – Went over to Weld Quay’s Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood with this fella,

this fella,

this fella and

this fella.

Tom yam fried curly mee.

04.30 am – zzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

The Tuesday I Tried Big Apple Donuts For The First Time


09.00 am – Went over to settle some stuff at KWSP.

Went over to One Corner Cafe for super hokkien mee but was closed. Shit.

The stall owners had Deepavali hangover, I guess.

Had curry mee instead.

01.30 pm – Met John and we went over to HANS for

Syein Shah’s nasi kandar. (I forgot about shooting the food. Sigh.)

02.30 pm – Went over to Sports Toto for Tuesday’s extra pick and Wednesday’s.

It’s gotta stop!

03.00 pm – Spent some time watching this fella entertain himself.

Spent some time listening to this fella entertain ourselves.

07.30 pm – Had mum’s homecooked for dinner.

Fish fillet.

Stir fried broccoli.

Steamed pork.

Steamed pork slices.

08.30 pm – Went over to Gurney for a seminar that Dad signed on for me.

And then I realized myself. Eh, dumbass. Are you sure it’s Gurney? Upon checking..

Sigh. Quickly shifted places and went over to G Hotel’s Salon II function room.

Was an hour late already.

After an hour only I realized that this wasn’t really a seminar. It was just an introduction to a 3 days seminar that’s happening this weekend. Basically, what happened tonight was only marketing, marketing, marketing. All that they talked about was money, money, money. To me, it felt a lot like MLM. Didn’t buy what they say though.

11.00 pm – Saw this in the fridge.

The remaining.

The choice.

The chosen one. Black Sesame.

12.00 am – Went to youtube to check our Amy Search’s Isabella as it was our next song. Found this instead and got stuck for 2 hours. (i need to get myself one of those bajus)

12.30 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

The Thursday I Tried Out Jalan Delima’s Hidden Curry Mee


08.30 am – You know, a few days ago, I did a google search on nice places to eat curry mee and found several outlets la. Found a few that I’ve yet to visit la. One of them is the stall at Lorong Seratus Tahun. And… I was surprised when I read this. Turns out there’s this sedap hidden curry mee stall just 1-2 minute’s walk from my house nia and I’ve never heard anything about throughout my 13 years stay in Island Glades.

And so I woke up early this morning and decided to look for the place.

Started walking towards the church

and heading away from the Jalan Delima, Jalan Yeap Chor Ee junction.

True enough. I found it. Hidden. Shit. It really does exist. Lemma.

Notable generosity.

Discovered that the chilli was very, very good. Had a second full scoop. ~fuh

The house doubles as a photostat service center.

01.00 pm – Had lunch.

02.00 pm – Found lotsa sex pictures involving Limkokwing students. Saw a familiar face. Damn. It’s time, Shawn. (cause he’s from Lim Kok Wing too). Your brothers are waiting with bated breath. 😈

WARNING : Links below are NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

08.00 pm – Had dinner.

10.30 pm – Had Dutch Lady’s blackberry yoghurt for supper.

12.00 am – zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Wednesday I Tried Dutch Lady’s Blueberry Low Fat Yoghurt


09.00 am – Had breakfast.

Oats + Milk.


12.00 pm – Went down to Island Glades’s soy bean stall and had

curry mee.

Bought a ripe 1.2 kilogram of papaya.

01.00 pm – Watched Prison Break s04e07.

04.30 pm – Tea time!

Had Blueberry low fat yoghurt with bananas.


06.30 pm – Walked down to Mandarin Cafe for dinner.

Tried the Chinese burger stall for the first time.

It was okay only. Tak makan pun takpa.

As it wasn’t filling enough, me bought 2 more kaya kuih

and 2 kuih sago.

07.00 pm – Watched How I Met Your Mother s04e03.

07.30 pm – Played around and chit chatted to pass the time.

09.00 pm – Badminton with buddies.

11.00 pm – Supper time!

Biscuits and

milk again 😐

01.30 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Sunday I Tried Teluk Kumbar’s Salwa Mee Udang


12.30 pm – Went to Genting Island Glades and had char koay teow

and curry mee with John and Jiun.

02.30 pm – Guitar class with this fella.

05.00 pm – And then I started heading south cause I miss

this little devil friend of mine called RubMeHere.

07.00 pm – Went to Teluk Kumbar’s Mee Udang by Salwa.

I like the place cause it’s located by the sea and by this bridge called the Lover’s Bridge.

The evening looked promising. The sun was setting by the sea,

the moon was already curi curi-ing to come out,

my mee udang and

her mee udang arrived shortly.

We had a lovely dinner surrounded by an enchanting atmosphere

until I asked for the bill. Guess how much 2 plates of mee udang and a cup of sirap limau cost.


RM 36.50

Tio Mmm Tio?

Mmm Hai Ahma?

Cam xbtul ni?

Yenger porengeh?

08.00 pm – After eating, we had dessert at Batu Maung’s 7 Eleven.

Nestle’s Trophy and Tropicana ice cream.

12.30 am – Made meself a heart healthy supper.

01.30 am – zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Thursday We Had Bailey’s and Kahlua


09.30 am – Had the Best Curry Mee In Penang!

wooooooOOOooooo!!!! Cholesterol at its highest.

10.30 am – Went to get PCQ washed at the cheapest hand washed oriented car wash which includes vacuuming for only RM25 for 6 times.

01.00 pm – Had Peng Yang’s chicken rice! woooooOOOOOOooo!!!

Kiam chai boey. wooooOOOOooo!!!

Burn chicken & white chop chicken.



04.00 pm – Lepak-ed around.

07.00 pm – Went to Domino’s.

Bought ourselves a large Spicy Sausage and a Large Tuna Temptation.

08.00 pm – The alcoholic requested for Bailey’s and Kahlua. (Clue : the cap)

08.30 pm – Watched Failan.

09.30 pm – What a boring 1 hour. Sorry for that, guys.

10.30 pm – Surfed around. Chit chatted.

03.00 am – zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz