The Sunday I Traveled To Hard Rock Twice


10.00 am – Had lots of fruits for breakfast.

11.11 am – Good morning, Hard Rock!

The lift sitting area of the 3rd floor.

11.38 am – Went to Pizzeria for

the birthday girl’s birthday. Mini birthday cupcakes.

Had lots of fettuccine,

pizzas after


french fries and potatoes.

Happy Birthday Hui Xin!


My super mini cupcake.

The birthday girl having 7 cupcakes to herself.

03.05 pm – Met up with Tek, my old uni roomie at New World Park.

08.53 pm – Took them to Maa Roy for some Thai food.

Had deep fried pork leg,

clear tom yam,

green curry chicken,

deep fried kangkung and

crab glass noodles.

Happy, happy.

10.17 pm – Rested for a while in their hotel room before proceeding to

Hard Rock Hotel again for the 3rd time this weekend.

11.44 pm – Lepak in Coffee Island.

02.00 am – zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Friday Vivan Tan Chuu Syn Celebrated Her 21st


09.00 am – Had ham toasts and

milo for breakfast.

12.30 pm – Had lunch.

03.30 pm – Started preparing for the party later at night.

The already done pork braised in soy sauce.

The not-yet-fried crispy potato wedges and bahan-bahan rojak.

I started on the sandwiches.

05.30 pm – Set up the tables for guests

and chairs.

The tables for laying out the food.

06.00 pm – Almost done.

07.00 pm – The caterer arrived with his array of food.

10 minutes later, we filled the table with Karen’s homecooked food.

07.30 pm – People started arriving.

10.30 pm – By this time, everyone has already arrived.

The cake cutting session.

02.00 am – zzzZZZZZZZzzzzzz