4D3N Yogyakarta Day 3 : Pasar Kranggan, Kraton, Gudeg Yu Djum Wijilan, Plaza Ambarrukmo, Cinema 21, Mie Ayam, Kopi Joss

07.16 am – Walked down Jalan AM Sangaji towards

Tugu Yogyakarta.

Yesterday I was strolling along the back but today, I’m checking out the front.

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5D4N Philippines Day 3 : Kuwagos Grill, Adobong Kangkung, Tilapiasilog, SM Mall Of Asia, Intramuros, Mexicali, Resorts World Manila, Republiq, Stackers Burger Cafe, Batchoy Nissin Cup Noodles


10.10 am – Woke up and discovered my roomie still being a log.

So I took the lift and

went out in search of breakfast.

Thanks to the guy who directed the place to me, I found Kuwagos Grill.

A 2 storey 24 hour restaurant that serves the cheapest beers around at PHP110 / RM8 per 3 bottles.

The menu.

5 minutes later, my coffee came.

I like how my milk and sugar came in shot glasses.

The view from the second floor.

10.36 pm – Tilapiasilog with

adobong kangkung. Breakfast was delicious!

12.43 pm – These 3 fellas were the next to wake up while the rest was still sleeping.

And so I brought them to Kuwagos Grill and

they loved it too!

02.45 pm – The 4 of us moved into separate rooms as there were double bookings to our Executive Double Suites.

This ENTIRE ROOM was mine!

All to myself.

The shower.

The seating area.

The kitchen.

The fridge.

The red horse beer that was confiscated from me by immigration during the last day.

The view.

03.47 pm – The first 4 went into Taxi 1 and began their journey 5 minutes ahead of us.

We were about 5 minutes behind but still, both Taxi 1 and taxi 2 experienced rain as we were about to reach the historical site of Fort Santiago in Intramuros. =(

It rained really, really heavily so those in taxi 2 decided to turn around

and instead head towards

SM Mall of Asia which is the

4th largest shopping mall in the world!

Meanwhile, Taxi 1 already went down in Fort Santiago and was stuck in the rain with no other taxi in sight.

So, they stood around and

took pictures of the surrounding area of Fort Santiago

in the heavy rain.

The Saturday I Made Tang Yuan Glutinous Rice Balls


09.54 am – Went to Kedai Kopi Seng Thor for

this stall’s

lor mee.

10.11 am – Noticed a crowd buying from a kuih stall next to the coffee shop.

I bought myself one of each. Sesame seed balls,

kuih melayu,

tau sar piah,

hong kong new year cake,

or kuih,

kuih koci.

10.18 pm – Went to Thye Huat hardware store and bought myself 2 stuff.

A wireless door bell and

a blower ball for cleaning motherboards, graphic cards and all the other electronic parts of the computer. Was actually looking for a can of compressed air but too bad they don’t have it. Hard to find in Penang.

11.10 am – Went to Kim Soon Auto Repair to get PCJ’s

engine oil changed.

Filled it up with 4 liters of Castrol’s 20W-50 that cost RM40.

Service charge.

12.05 pm – Went home and installed Ousun’s wireless door chime.

01.18 pm – Went to City Bayview’s Kopi Tiam for lunch.

One of the vouchers I won from the photgraphy competition a while back.

The salad.

The mushroom soup.

The very nice fried szechuan chicken rice.

Vinny had fish and chips.


Ice cream.


02.29 pm – Took Vinny’s eye growth to see Dr Khoo.

We arrived not long after he returned from lunch break.

02.59 pm – Started making glutinous rice balls. Took out granny’s food colouring liquid,

the bottle of sugar and


Poured a cup of glutinous rice flour.

Poured about 1 tablespoonful of sugar.

Poured some water.

Started mixing it into a doughy texture.

Split it into half.

One to be coloured red and yellow.

The red dye.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Ta da. Orange.

Took a pandan leaf from

the pandan plant in my backyard.

Used it to make the sugar water smell nicer.

Round 1. Ready for boiling.

boil tangyuan

Dropped all of it into another separate pot of boiling water.

You’ll know it’s ready for harvesting when it floats.

Round 2. Start.

Round 2. Done.

Round 3. Done.

Dog paw tang yuen.

We used about 2 cups of glutinous flour which came up to about 8 servings.

04.39 pm – Afternoon break.

Ate the kuihs bought in the morning.

05.30 pm – District 9. A very awesome movie. Lots of violence. 9/10.

Click here for trailer.

10.00 pm – Went to Kayu for dinner.

Nasi kandar.

11.41 pm – Inglorious Basterds. 8/10.

02.00 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

The Wednesday Perak’s Pakatan Rakyat Government Fell


08.30 am – Had deep fried egg batter and

a cup of milo

for breakfast.

12.30 pm – Economy rice for lunch.

Afternoon cup of Nescafe.

01.00 pm – Watched Heroes s03e14.

03.00 pm – Discovered a very talented Liverpool impersonator.

05.00 pm – Was shocked when I saw the Perak crisis.

perak crisis february 2009

06.00 pm – Showered this fella.

06.30 pm – A plate of Ibumie’s

delicious, delicious

instant noodles.

07.00 pm – Afro Samurai Resurrection 2009

afro samurai resurrection

09.00 pm – Badminton

with buddies at

Chung Hwa’s hall.

11.30 pm – A cup of milo and

leftover CNY cookies for supper.

01.00 am – zzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Tuesday I Tried Watermelon Peanut Butter Toasts


09.00 am – Had milk with oats,

soft boiled eggs and

a fusion of watermelon with peanut buttered toasts.

12.30 pm – Lunch.

And a cup of afternoon Nescafe.

06.30 pm – Showered Py.

07.00 pm – Had bread with chinese barbecued pork

and watermelon for an early dinner.

08.00 pm – Badminton @ Grand View Apartments.

10.30 pm – Bought a burger from Batu Maung’s Nalley and

a packet of Makbul’s for supper.

11.00 pm – Baby Special (cheese + egg) and

nasi kandar.

12.30 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

The Friday I Had Double Papa Special


09.00 am – Had soft boiled eggs,

a cup of milo,

sausages and

buttered bread for


12.30 pm – Had lunch.

Coffee too.

05.00 pm – Tea break!

07.30 pm – Had dinner.

08.30 pm – Went grocerying.

Bought junk,

useful stuff,

and restocked my supply.

11.00 pm – Went over to the most delicious burger stall in Penang

located at the junction of the Jelutong post office, for supper.

The pricelist. Just call and make an order with Demi, Wan or Doz if your quantity is big and collect it, maybe, 1 hour later.

Look at them goodies.

Look at them veges.

Mine’s the one with cheese.

It’s so delicious that when I sink my teeth into it, I become an angel.

12.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Wednesday I Ate At Weld Quay’s Shell Seafood.


09.00 am – Had papayas and pears,

milo with nestum,

mi sedap (which is quite sedap) and

a green tea spring roll for


12.30 pm – Had lunch.


07.00 pm – Fed Py.

07.30 pm – Went over to Weld Quay’s Shell Seafood.

Had fried onion eggs,

kam hiong chicken,

onion ginger fish and

stir fried emperor vegetables.

12.00 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

The Tuesday I Cleaned Up My Desktop


11.30 am – Woke Up.

12.00 pm – Lunched.

01.00 pm – Updated facebook profile while sipping on this.

03.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

04.00 pm – Took a nap.

04.30 pm – Surfed around.

06.00 pm – Super Gym.

08.00 pm – Showered.

08.30 pm – Dinnered.

Nasi Melayu Masjid Taman Free School.

09.00 pm – Prison Break S04E03.

10.00 pm – Cleaned up desktop.



10.30 pm – Practiced me guitar.

12.00 am – Supper.

12.30 am – Checked out youthsays. I’m impressed. Damn. Even more so, I’m impressed by Joel Neoh’s achievements. Hitting RM1 million in college, won The Firm Season 1, having modeled for Nike, Adidas, Guess, Levi’s, Quiksilver but has a degree from Mechanical Engineering. Very impressive, Joel. Read Joel’s blog here.

01.30 am – Checked out YouthEcho.

02.00 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

Mondays Are Made For Hiking


10.00 am – Woke up. Showered. Ate breakfast.

11.00 am – Checked mails. Dropped by malaysia today, soccernet, thestar.

12.00 pm – Lunch consisted of

a fried chicken, short beans, that (I do not know what the other vegetable is called),

fried chicken, short beans

a banana,


and a mug of coffee. mmMMMMMmmm……..

starbucks mug coffee

01.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

03.30 pm – Napped.

04.00 pm – Setup a page in lowyat to sell both my 17″ CRT and 17 “LCD monitors. I’ve bought myself a new Dell 22″ Widescreen.

dell 22

My afternoon snack consisted of a garlic bun and

garlic bun

a chicken floss bun.

chicken floss

05.00 pm – Surfed around.

05.30 pm – Left for Botanical Gardens.

06.00 pm – Started hiking to 84. (My watch is always 15 minutes faster)

Started at the bottom at 6.16 pm.

84 hiking trail

Reached 46 at about 6.36 pm.

46 hiking trail

Shawn arrived at about 6.38 pm. Dude, you’ve improved a lot. Impressive.

shawn chin

Took a few minutes worth of rest at 46’s hut.

46 hiking trail hut rest

At about 6.41 pm, we were on our way again.

shawn chin, daryl koay

Reached the yellow permanent highlands forest reserve signboard at about 6.53 pm.

permanent highlands forest reserve

Finally, at 6.55pm, 84.

84 hut hiking trail

We rested for about 10 minutes before heading back down.

84 hut hiking trail

Reached the bottom at about 7.49pm.

bottom of 84 hiking trail

08.30 pm – Shawn had a sudden surge of Kayu craving.

kayu nasi kandar

Honey chicken, soft beef, cabbage and lady’s fingers.

kayu nasi kandar

A hungry squirrel and

Daryl Koay

a satisfied prawn.

shawn chin

09.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

Having my fruit fix while updating.

sweet mango

10.00 pm – Showered. Rested.

10.30 pm – CS.

11.30 pmFacebook-ed, friendster-ed.

12.00 am – Watched Grey’s Anatomy s04e16 aka Season Finale.

01.30 am – Sleep.