Sunday 1st November 2009


10.45 am – Cut a Tesco tender coconut into half and found it

tasting horrible with no meat.

Cut up another version called ‘top off’ coconut and

this was better.

A very tasty, watery and meaty coconut indeed.

12.11 pm – Saw Mobil’s Visa card contest while

filling up PCJ.

12.42 pm – Had lunch at the place that sells the most delicious fried chicken in Penang and

awesome nasi campur,

Restoran Cargas Cafe.

02.27 pm – Started on chocolate v4 and vanilla v7.

06.29 pm – Dinner.

06.56 pm – Vanilla ice cream making.

07.04 pm – Pomelo for dessert.

10.00 am – zzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

The Sunday I Went For A Tarot Card Reading


09.00 am – Day 8.

Went to Taman Free School’s market for breakfast.

3 for RM1.

I felt kesian for this lady. Her stall macam di pinggirkan from the main.

Had curry mee for breakfast. Tastes bleh.

10.00 am – Went for a car wash.

11.30 am – Chopped up some coconuts from yesterday for a drink.


So thick.

01.30 pm – Checked out

Wawasan Open University’s

Learning Carnival 2009.

Tried out mah skills at Paintball.

Checked out the postcard tent.

Saw some really good pictures there.

Here’s the winner of the contest.

Here’s the 1st runner up. Looks cacat to me.

This or

even this is much better than the original 1st runner up.

Saw the timetable and the only 2 things that caught my eyes were

the Mensa IQ test and

the tarot card reading.

I was pretty skeptical upon hearing it but nevertheless I decided to give it a try upon entering the room. Here’s my hand.

Here’s Tristen Churn, my interpreter. Hi Tristen, how are ya? =)

03.30 pm – Lunched at Kedai Makan Satu Ratus Empat Puluh Dua.

Tasted ok-ok la.

07.00 pm – Making of


08.00 pm – Had dinner at Ismail Ikan Bakar & Din Tomyam Seafood.

The mixed tomyam.

The padprik ayam.

A very delicious grilled fish.

09.30 pm – Dessert solid.

Dessert liquid.

12.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz