The Thursday I Failed To Make Soft Boiled Eggs


09.00 am – Had a chicken floss bun,

a kaya bun and

a bowl of tak-jadi half boiled eggs. It’s okay. I’m getting there :p

12.30 pm – Caught this cute fella sleeping while on the way out for lunch.

Had lunch.

Had coffee

while practicing.

04.30 pm – Kept up with the news about the 26th Nov 2008 Mumbai attacks.

mumbai attacks

Do you think that the India was incompetent in handling the situation? According to these 2 sources some of the policemen were chicken shit and some think the troops stormed the besieged hotels prematurely risking all the hostages’ lives, without a proper plan.

06.00 pm – Went out for a jog around Island Glades.

Went through here,








here and


07.00 pm – Went down to Mandarin Cafe for some claypot chicken rice.

Walked over to Island Glades Mutiara Selera’s kuih stall for some

kaya kuih.

08.00 pm – Watched Fringe s01e07 & s01e08.

12.00 am – zzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

The Wednesday I Uninstalled CS Forever


10.30 am – Woke up. Showered. Breakfasted.

11.30 am – Checked more photoshop tutorials.

This impressed me the MOST!

(Video below will automatically play in high quality if you are logged in to youtube)

12.30 pm – Lunch.

01.30 pm – Checked out other interesting youtube videos.

02.30 pm – Slept.

03.30 pm – The addiction kicked in. Ate more of my aunt’s banana cakes. Tua Kim, it’s very delicious! Very!

ALL of the below went into my mouth 😈

Helped Jackal fix his CS so that he can use SXE.

04.30 pm – CS.

06.00 pm – Lathered Py with shampoo.

06.30 pm – Bought dinner.

07.00 pm – CS.

08.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

09.00 pm – Badminton with buddies.

Here’s a kinda monotonous video I took.

(Log in to view the video below in high quality)

11.00 pm – Showered. Suppered.

11.30 pm – Chit chatted with buddies.

12.00 am – CS.

01.30 am – It’s proven. Control isn’t present. Saying no to CS is so damn hard. A lot of precious time have not been used wisely. A grand total of 4 hours lost to CS today. Solution?

There you go. Bye bye CS!

I Read About Lim Guan Eng’s Plans For Penang This Wednesday


08.30 am – Woke up. Showered. Ate breakfast.

09.30 am – Surfed around.

12.00 pm – Lunch.

The usual economy dishes. Had white chopped chicken today. I also tried the bittergourd for the first time. It really was bitter. I’ll just stick to fried bittergourd.


01.00 pm – To Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of Penang. At the moment, I’m fucking proud of you.


01.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

03.00 pm – Nap.

04.00 pm – CS.

04.30 pm – Video conferencing with Siam Ong who arrived in Bangkok from Kuala Lumpur today.

geoffrey ong khang nian

Conclusions :

  • Changed the timetable.
  • Managed to get his new Thai prepaid number.
  • Will be joining us on Friday at 5pm onwards.

05.00 pm – Reviewed places in the timetable.

Folded in the photostatted copy of my passport into the wallet.

photostat passport wallet

06.00 pm – Went down to Mandarin Cafe and bought claypot chicken rice.

Apparently, this is also the biggest stall in Mandarin Cafe.

claypot chicken rice

Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

claypot chicken rice

06.30 pm – Shower Py.


07.00 pm – CS.

07.30 pm – Queensbay.

Dropping off his shoe for a RM8 shoe shine.

shawn chin sze wye

Sakae Sushi for dinner.

sakae sushi

As I already ate claypot chicken rice, I ‘eng siew’-ed Shawn

shawn chin sze wye

with a piece of Rotiboy.


09.00 pm – Badminton with buddies.

Daryl / John versus

daryl koay tze yang, john lim chuang earng

Jason / Shawn.

jason ng wen huan, shawn chin sze wye

11.00 pm – Supper at Nasmir Nasi Kandar.

nasmir nasi kandar

12.00 am – Showered. Read about SAPP’s move to improve Sabah’s condition. Read RPK’s what are the chances of.

01.00 am – …zzzZZZZzzzz…..

I’m Almost 100% Recovered On Tuesday


08.30 am – Woke up. Was craving for wan than mee.

So I bought it.

wan than mee

09.30 am – Showered. Dropped by Facebook, Soccernet, Malaysia Today, fireangel. Buang roket sampai pening @[email protected]

11.30 am – Updated famouschris.

The new iPhone 3G launched at a bloody unbelievable price of $US 199!! MCB!

iphone 3g

Surely it’s less than RM 1000. Surely. I’m on for it man. So on!

12.30 pm – Lunch.

Economy dishes.

economy dishes

Cabbage soup.

cabbage soup

After lunch, I sliced myself some watermelon.



01.00 pm – Continued updating famouschris.

02.30 pm – Nap.

04.30 pm – Discovered that there’s actually a promotion going on for the Penang-Kota Kinabalu route in AirAsia’s Megasale. The best set of days for the Mount Kinabalu trip is from the 12th(Fri) to 16th(Tue) of September. And.. at the time of checking, there are only 4 promotion seats left.

airasia penang kota kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu. Jom pijak!

mount kinabalu

06.00 pm – Watched a few music videos.

Came across this.. and became addicted to it! (bobbed my head as I was listening to it)

*bob* *bob* *bob*

I ‘heart’ house ^.^

07.30 pm – I wanted to buy fish porridge again, but the stall was closed. So I went to buy the next healthiest thing….

claypot chicken rice!

claypot chicken rice

Some jambu for dessert.


08.30 pm – CS.

09.00 pm – Showered. Read this very long open letter to mahathir, dug up by Daryl the kang tau man.

09.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

11.00 pm – Discovered Audition Dance Online.

I practically cried.

12.00 am – …zzzzzzZZZZzzzz…..

Malaysia 41% Petrol Price Increased On Wednesday


08.30 am – Woke up. Breakfast. Showered.

09.30 pm – Dropped by TheStar, TheSuperficial, ChanLiLian, Soccernet. Found out that Obama has won the Democratic presidential nomination. It’s now Obama vs. McCain for U.S. President.

10.00 am – Worked on the draft for

12.00 pm – Lunched.


Bought one on the way back.


01.00 pm – Wanted to update famouschris but imageshack was slow as hell. Instead, I went blog hopping to Narrowband, kenny, IQG, Ringo (Shawn saw her before in Lim Kok Wing), Pam’s.

02.00 pm – Settled the payment for the Bangkok trip’s hotel.

Paid with Tune’s Money’s Visa prepaid credit card.

tunemoney visa prepaid credit card

Took out my passport to check on it’s condition.


02.30 pm – Imageshack returned to normal. Continued updating famouschris.

03.00 pm – Nap.

04.00 pm – Read The smokescreen of Malay unity. Updated bangkok trip details.

06.00 pm – Dinner. Found out petrol prices increase from RM1.92 to RM2.70! MCB. PKM. KNN. CLP. PTK.

Mandarin Cafe’s claypot chicken rice.

madnarin cafe claypot chicken rice

07.00 pm – Showered for Py.

07.30 pm – CS.

08.30 pm – Went to pick up shuttlecocks from Shawn’s house. He’s sick.

09.00 pm – Badminton with buddies. There was only Andy, Daryl, Gabe and I.

Daryl opening the serve to

daryl koay tze yang


andy tai khing khoon

11.00 pm – Teman Andy for supper at Mandarin Cafe.

11.30 pm – Had a nice long shower.

12.00 am – Midnight snacking.

Saw a bucket of this while walking into the kitchen.

basket of peanut chang

Couldn’t help it =P

peanut chang

The peanut chang is white, different from the brownish bak chang.

peanut chang

It tastes sweet instead of ‘meaty’ like the bak chang.

peanut chang

Something warm to achieve the ‘full’ feelilng.

ensure milk

01.00 am – Tido.

Wednesdays Are Made For Badminton


09.30 am – Woke up. Showered. Breakfasted.

Breakfast for the day.

bread, egg whites, milk

10.30 am – Checked mails. Surfed around.

Checked out some Raybans. Spotted a cool pair worth buying.
(Model No. RB3025-W3277)


11.00 am – Did some bang-cocking research on places worth visisting.

12.00 pm – Walked down to Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Island Glades to buy my usual economy dishes.

economy dishes

Had some after-lunch Nescafe.

starbucks nescafe

01.00 pm – Replied to potential buyers of my 2 old monitors ^.^

01.30 pm – Continued bang-cocking research on places worth visiting.

04.30 pm – Nap.

05.30 pm – Showered for my dog.

06.00 pm – Had Mandarin Cafe‘s Claypot Chicken Rice.


claypot chicken rice

07.00 pm – The prawn called. His happy hour with colleagues was canceled. So we met at my house and walked down to Mandarin Cafe to fill his stomach.

mandarin cafe

08.00 pm – Hung out in my room playing CS.

“Shit.. I suck…”

chin sze wye

09.00 pm – Badminton with buddies.

Team Manatee-Prawn

anthony ngo, shawn chin

Team Nightingale-Squirrel

gabriel yeoh, daryl koay

A boring video of us playing.

11.00 pm – Supper at Nasmir.

nasmir nasi kandar

Maggi goreng mamak + ayam padprik. Tastilicious!

maggi goreng, ayam padprik

12.00 am – Showered. Updated famouschris.

02.00 am – Sleep.