The Tuesday I Started Making My Own Nescafe


10.30 am – Had toasts,

a cup of milo,


apples and

soft boiled eggs for


11.00 am – Helped Vinny take down the curtains for washing.

Helped clean her windows.

11.30 am – Dug up and rearranged her fan mails.

12.30 pm – Had white pomfrets,

potato pork,

potato eggs and

vegetable soup for lunch.

01.30 pm – Went over to Tesco Penang to stock up on

a packet of Coffee-mate coffee creamer and

a packet of Nescafe instant coffee.

02.30 pm – Took down 1 of my room’s 4 curtain

for washing. (Dipengaruhi Vinny)

Took out a white Tupperware and

filled it with Nescafe.

Took out another clear blue Tupperware and

filled it with Coffee-mate.

The red and the blue.

The coffee and the creamer.

Couldn’t really remember the ratio Mum taught me but I tried anyway.

First, put in 2 Baskin Robbins scoop of Nescafe.

Then put in 2 Baskin Robbins scoop of Coffee-Mate.

Thirdly, pour in about 2 spoonfuls of evaporated milk.

Then 2 scoops of sugar.

Last but not least, hot water all the way (so that everything can mix nicely). ~yum (too ‘gao’ actually) :p

04.00 pm – Went over to CIMB to draw money from Western Union but it was offline.

05.00 pm – Readied the camera for Mrs. Ngo.

08.00 pm – Badminton @ Grand View.

10.30 pm – Restoran Nasi Kandar Subaidah.

Nasi Kandar.


12.00 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Friday I Tried Batu Maung’s FUHO Restaurant For The First Time


09.00 am – Tried making soft boiled eggs again. Failed.

Too hard.

Too uncooked. 🙄

Decided to go to Jalan Delima’s hidden curry mee instead.


12.30 pm – Tried out Batu Maung’s FUHO Restaurant for the first time.

Nice interior.

Had vegetables,

chilli seafood and

herbal soup from

the seafood thai style dried chilli set meal.

02.00 pm – Went over to CIMB Batu Lanchang.

03.00 pm – Longest rally I have ever seen.

04.30 pm – Picked up my brother from Macalister Road’s Assembly of God.

06.00 pm – Had bananas and papayas.

07.00 pm – Played badminton at the halls of Sxi Primary, maintained by Young Way.

Went over to Air Itam’s Choong Nam area’s Kedai Kopi Keat Seng for


Tried out this stall

curly noodles fish plus

a chai kuih and

some apongs and green ketayaps.

12.00 am – zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Wednesday I Tried Out Burmah Road’s New BT Food Court


10.00 am – Had breakfast.

Tried out Nestle’s Fat Free Yoghurt for the first time.


12.30 pm – Picked up Shawn who showed off Kenray’s new brochure.

Quite a nice piece of work.

Had lunch in Burmah Road’s New BT Food Court.

Got wi-fi somemore wor.

We had Ah Gaik’s economy rice.

Plus points to variety but

minus points for price. The plate below cost me RM10.40.

01.30 pm – Brought PAM over to

Ong the mechanic to check if there’s anything wrong since it no one drove it since granny left 3 months ago.

Paid him for last friday and last tuesday.

02.00 pm – Went over to Batu Lanchang’s CIMB and collected my money.

04.00 pm – Watched a whole list of trailers from Apple’s site. I like these 3 most.

  1. Jason Statham’s Transporter 3.
  2. Dakota Fanning’s Push.
  3. John Trovolta’s Bolt.

06.00 pm – Made myself a plate of Ibumie’s Mi Goreng.

Cooked them together.


06.30 pm – Watched Secret Diary Of A Call Girl s02e08.

07.00 pm – Watched Hancock.

09.00 pm – Badminton with buddies. Tiring. Cause there were only 4 of us.

12.00 am – zzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

The Wednesday I Cashed In August’s


11.00 am – Woke up. Showered.

12.00 pm – Lunched.

12.30 pm – Took the v3i for a makeover. Too bad tarak cover punya stock. Gotta wait till next week.

01.00 pm – Cashed in August’s.

02.00 pm – Watched Prison Break S04E01. WoooOOOOOoooo!!!

The cast of Season 4.

03.00 pm – Napped.

04.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

Tea time!

06.30 pm – Had Farveen’s Nasi Dalkandar for Dinner.

07.30 pm – Watched Felon.

Val Kilmer, you just gave me a tattoo idea.

FC Rating : 7/10

09.00 pm – Badminton with buddies. Anthony Romeo left the 4 of us playing all by ourselves. It was tiring but, know that we were happy for you when we found out. Serious. =)

11.00 pm – Showered.

11.30 pm – Suppered.

12.00 am – Chit chatted.

01.30 am – Lights out.

The Friday That I Watched Made of Honour


07.30 am – Woke up. Breakfasted.

08.30 am – Checked mails. Caught up with a lot of mails marked for reading.

10.30 am – Updated famouschris.

11.30 am – Lunch with Daryl n Gabe

at Kedai Kopi Top Taste.

Since young, I was trained to eat internal organs by my late grandfather. Every morning, when he goes for his Bah Kut Teh breakfast with his buddies, he’ll bring me along. And so being an ignorant 5 year old, I just ate whatever that was on the table.

Not until a few months ago when I had my blood work done, did I realize I have high cholesterol. I found out that internal organs are pretty high up in the list of high cholesterol food. Since then, I have been monitoring my intake closely.

01.30 pm – I have no talent in music at all. Zero.

However, if I were to choose a music instrument to master, it certainly will have to be the guitar. I have tried teaching myself but somehow, it just doesn’t seem to last. When I found out about John’s ambition to master the guitar as well, we came to a mutual conclusion to start guitar lessons NO MATTER WHAT by August 2008. (so as to prevent procrastination)

And so after lunch I went to enquire more about the guitar lessons in IJM’s Yamaha Music Academy. Thanks Ho Ann Lee, for spending the time explaining to me the details.

Basically, students pay RM80 monthly and RM50 for registration. Students will also have to buy their own song book for less than RM40. Lessons are for only half an hour per week. And they don’t teach strumming, ONLY plucking.

Hmm… Doesn’t sound too generous to me. Moved them down the ‘consideration list’.

02.00 pm – Collected my monthly salary.

02.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

06.00 pm – Ate something to tahan perut. Wanna keep the appetite for Kayu later.

08.00 pm – Kayu.

Looks delicious, tastes delicious.

09.00 pm – Reached Queensbay. Waited.

All 6 pairs of eyes were glued to the screen because of


How cool. I would love to run along Gerrard and Torres if given the chance.

09.30 pm – Made of Honor.

My rating : 6/10

12.00 am – Suppered at Pelita Sungai Dua.

12.30 am – Surfed around.

01.30 am – Slept.