My Days

2010-02-03 Dinner

Today’s dinner is spaghetti and yesterday’s tuna.

The spicy spaghetti gravy all mixed in.

Wet spaghetti in a bottle.

The two to be mixed in in the end.

A quarter broccoli.

Raw bell pepper with cherry tomatoes.

The tuna all mixed in.

Boiling the spaghetti and broccoli together.



2 February 2010 Dinner

Boiled a piece of potato.

Ate it with the skin on as most of the nutrition is found near the skin. Wouldn’t wanna miss out on that.

Mashed it.

Metal steamer ring.

The bowl of broccoli.

TC Boy tuna in extra virgin olive oil.

Took about half can for this meal.

Added scallions and parsley.

Raw cherry tomatoes and a stalk of celery.

Dinner of the day.