10D9N Melbourne Day 8 : European Masters Stadel Museum, National Gallery Victoria, Chook Bar Lilydale Free Range Charcoal Chicken, St Kilda Pier, Palais Theatre, Luna Park, Shrine Of Remembrance, Ocean King Chinatown, TenRen’s Tea Station, The Elephant And Wheelbarrow, The Carlton Rooftop Bar, Carlton Draught, Fat Yak, Cascade Green, Kronenbourg 1664, Pure Blonde, Minh Xuong

08.35 am – Woke up to another heart healthy breakfast.

10.46 am – After these 3 were ready, we began our day by waiting for the tram.

11.10 am – Arrived at the location where

the works of art from Stadel Museum in Germany were making a stopover in Melbourne.

This place was called the National Gallery of Victoria.

Vivian with the HUGE poster of the European Masters behind her.

Names of the artists hung along the huge outer walls of the main entrance

graced by gushing water fountains.

The main entrance of NGV.

The symbol above the entrance.

Giant posters hung around the insides.

Stained glass art at the roof.

Direction pole.

The puzzle house.

The girls.

Alfred Felton was an Australian entrepreneur, art collector and philanthropist who donated ALL his assets to NGV.

We brought out our double ticket bought on Day 6 during our visit to ACMI and

entered the European Masters showroom. I saw both Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces besides many others. Have you seen a Picasso/Van Gogh before? 😈

I also saw lots of antiques from Egypt, China, etc.

01.46 pm – After all the walking looking at paintings, we arrived at St Kilda the beach.

We took a stroll along the many, many restaurants along the stretch and decided on Lilydale’s free range chicken for lunch.

Or is it called Chook Bar’s free range chicken?

Healthy chicken running around the farm without growth hormones and antibiotics.

How the restaurant looks like from the outside.

Collecting our orders.

The full range of their menu.

The set menus.

The vegetables.

The meat.

My selection of half chicken, risotto salad and fries.

Vivian’s quarter chicken set.

Leslie’s set.

After lunch, we started walking towards the beach.

The Street Cafe is a highly rated cafe by Australians.

02.43 pm – Upon arrival at St Kilda beach, I saw tall and short palm trees.



This pathway makes me feel like as if there’s a palace at the other end.

The tree with an angle.

The orange structure outside of

the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron.

An anchor.

A ship sail.

A colourful bird.

02.58 pm – Continued walking and ended up at St Kilda pier.


10D9N Melbourne Day 4 : Melbourne Parking Rates, Men’s Gallery, Metcard, Victoria State Library, Stalactites, Melbourne Aquarium, Penguins, Snapping Alligator Turtle, Sting Ray, Shark, Australian Beer, Melbourne Night Scene, Oz Doner Chicken Kebab

09.36 am – Woke up to a heart healthy breakfast.

11.16 am – Went outside and enjoyed the sight of the surrounding buildings.

The gargoyle.

Reflection on glass panels.

11.21 am – Today our morning mission is to check out as many car parks nearby for the parking rates as we’ll be having a car for 3 days.

Taking a walk along an alley.

The first car park we went to.

Flinders St.

Under Queensbridge.

By the traffic lights which

was also the tram stop.

The public toilet by the roadside.

Australia’s Immigration Museum opposite.

A Harley Davidson.

11.59 am – Continued checking out car parks at King Street where you’ll find majority of the gentleman’s club in Melbourne CBD.

Kilkenny Inn.

Men’s Gallery.

The area is monitored by cameras as you’ll commonly find alcohol related crimes around the area.

I think the fine used to be 2 digits before it was increased to $100.

By the cool Melbourne blind friendly traffic light which has a fast paced knocking sound to signal when it’s time to cross.

How to cross the road.

An example of how it works.

Went to 7-Eleven to buy us a

10 x 2 hour Metcard ticket.

Waiting by the stop in the middle of the road for a tram to pass by.




Me n her.


Her and her.

12.29 pm – Arrived at Queen Victoria Market again because we wanted to check out the car parks around the area.

Walked pass a lane

full of panties and bras.

The rates at one of the car parks.

At Franklin St.

The unguarded post.

I actually walked around looking for a road sign to pinpoint our exact location but couldn’t

and was actually lost for a moment before

meeting a kind Australian who showed the way to the tram stop.

01.00 pm – Arrived at Melbourne Central.

Hung out by the State Library while waiting for my cousin to arrive.

Beneath Sir Redmond Barry.

Bird poo on his head and while holding a Pokemon book.

By the antique lamppost.

The carving at the foot.

It was cold yet sunny.

The horse of a soldier

trying to kill a dragon.

The statue on the right at a different angle.

Another horse statue at the left side.

Charles Joseph La Trobe, the first lieutenant-governor of the colony of Victoria in 1846.


State Library.

The hall at the entrance.

After all the camwhoring, we got tired and sat down by the steps

watching the birds walking around and

getting fed by the people around the area while waiting for Min Min, my cousin to arrive.

01.28 pm – As soon as she came, we were whisked off to a Greek restaurant called Stalactites which is