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4D3N KL Day 3 : Sunseeds Go 25, Ah Sang Bah Kut Teh, Shah Alam Stadium Go Kart, Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert, Saujana Kuala Lumpur, Jaya One, Brussels Beer Cafe, Belle Vue Kriek, Leffe Blonde

Gim & Steph. If you are uncomfortable and want me to modify anything from this post, do let me know.

11.01 am – Had a piece of banana from yesterday.

Stole some of Kar Fei’s nutritional drink powder called

Sunseeds Go 25.

Tasted………. healthy.

12.31 pm – Went all the way to Sungai Way in Petaling Jaya for Ah Sang Bah Kut Teh. BEST!!!!!

Tek brought a packet of Ti Kuan Yin tea leaves.

One of the only few times where I eat a complete bowl of rice.

Good shit!! It’s been so long since I had good bah kut teh. Since the mysterious disappearance of Super Lai Lai of Penang, I have yet to find a really good bah kut teh stall.

01.35 pm – Go karting in Shah Alam stadium.

Check out Boon Keat and his cool gloves.

02.24 pm – Went to Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert Secrets all the way in SS15 Subang Jaya.

Nice, clean and simple interior.

The remote device you take with you after making orders at the counter.

The thing lights up once the order is ready for collection.

Ordered myself a bowl of ‘Snowflake Bestseller’ and

a cup of pearl milk tea which I couldn’t even get started with. Too full.

04.53 pm – Arrived in Saujana KL for Gim & Steph’s wedding.

The grand entrance.

The garden wedding. Met lotsa old friends from university. It was good to see you.

Sivin Kit, a man whom I found mature and interesting, officiated the ceremony. Different from the funny and bergaya Kenneth Chin.

Was given a party popper to pop when they walked down the aisle.

The program booklet.

There was lotsa singing at the beginning, lotsa talking in the middle and lotsa kissing in the end. Tee hee hee.

I was thinking to myself, where do I fit in? The tak-tau-malu me went in for o. and r. during photo taking. 😈

WTF. Pauline Tan. You look so much like Steph.

Steph & dad.

The bride and bridegroom reciting their vows for each other. Gim, you were fantastic la. You sounded so ‘man’.

Taking off the veil.

‘Are you ready, baby?’

Malu. Tee hee hee.

Kiss kiss.

Tee hee hee.

Kiss lagi.

So loving. Jelesnyaaaaaaaaa.

And then they walked down the aisle. And then I failed to pop the popper given to me. Buat malu nia.

r. (refer to program of the day)

06.26 pm – After some chit chatting here and there, we continued to the Saujana Ballroom.

Passed by the events notice board.

The wedding album. There were lotsa nicely taken photos in there.

07.15 pm – You know, I couldn’t help feeling like an extra when I found out that I was seated at the

Reserved table. =(

The cutlery.

The menu.

Some of the dishes. Most of them tasted delicious.

The backdrop of the stage was exactly like the card.

Best man giving his speech.

Cutting the cake.

Popping the champagne.

Pouring down the wine glass.

The entire family up for toasting.

Stole a moment of the bride and bridegroom’s time to take a photograph in between.

Mr. bridegroom giving his super cool speech of the night. So packed with substance and meaning.

10.39 pm – Next stop, Brussels Beer Cafe of Jaya One.

Full house.

The menu of Belgium beers. Since I came so far, I decided to go for the most expensive ones.

Tried a pint of Belle Vue Kriek (tastes sweet. Nice!) and

Leffe Blonde (tastes strong. Nice!). Loved it!

03.00 am – zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz