4D3N Yogyakarta Day 3 : Pasar Kranggan, Kraton, Gudeg Yu Djum Wijilan, Plaza Ambarrukmo, Cinema 21, Mie Ayam, Kopi Joss

07.16 am – Walked down Jalan AM Sangaji towards

Tugu Yogyakarta.

Yesterday I was strolling along the back but today, I’m checking out the front.

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Sugar Dynasty Food Delight


Went to one of the coolest places in town for dessert for dinner for the first time.

Usually, it’s just dessert but today,

it’s also dinner.

Ordered a fried chin choo (laksa noodles),

fish maw and

fried buns with honey. The prices cheap, right?

So delicious!

Super delicious!!!

This was okay, just not my cup of tea.

Dessert consisted of black glutinous rice and

jasmine tang yuen. Nice!

I would definitely come back here for more fried chin choo!!!!!

How To Make Black Glutinous Rice Porridge


30 g of black glutinous rice = 1 big bowl
444 g = 15 big bowls

Quite cheap at only RM 4.

A sieve.

Place it above a a dry container. A bowl will also do.

The black glutinous rice.

Pouring it into the sieve.

The mini crap that comes out from the other end of the sieve onto the box.

A wok for frying.

Frying is supposed to bring out the aroma.

5 minutes on a high fire will do.

A big bowl for boiling.

Although it looks shallow, it will fill up the entire bowl in the end.

Cut up some pandan leaves. A MUST HAVE item.

3 leaves.

After cleaning it with water for 2 rounds, the water should be clear like this.

Tying the pandan leaves into a knot.

No idea why but it just felt right. =P

Let it cook for 1 hour.

Gula Melaka is the best sweetener to use for making black glutinous rice.

About 100 grams would do.

You can still add more if it is not sweet enough.

Chopped up Gula Melaka.

I actually mixed white sugar with Gula Melaka.

Started boiling 15 minutes later at

01.41 pm.

With the lid closed.

About 20 minutes later,

water is added as the level dropped.

1 hour passed since it first boiled.

Ta da! Black glutinous porridge in 1 hour.

It goes well with coconut milk. Fresh if possible, otherwise the ones off the shelves of supermarket will also do.

The Tuesday I Got Summoned For Parking Outside My House


09.19 am – Breakfast.

11.30 am – Went on a trailer spree.

The imaginarium of doctor parnassus.



12.38 pm – Lunch.

03.30 pm – Discovered a parking ticket stuck on my car outside my house.

What the fuck? After 14 years, never have I ever nor any other car around Island Glades been given a parking ticket for parking in front of their house!

The front of the summons.

The back.

05.49 pm – Found my wakil rakyat, RSN Rayer’s homepage.

Wrote him an email about my issue. He had better reply!

06.51 pm – Took Pat, a Canadian living in Thailand, who was out for a 3D2N trip in Penang to Mama’s Nyonya restaurant.

The menu.

Stuff we ordered.

The appetizer. Anchovies.

Kacang botol kerabu.

Otak otak.

Fried jicama cuttlefish.

Braised pork in soy sauce.

Mixed spice chicken.

Black glutinous rice for dessert.

I liked the sink.

Pat and Gim.

Me telling Pat that her camera’s out of battery.

12.00 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz