4D3N Bangkok Day 4 : Makkasan, Airport Rail Link, AirAsia, Magic Food Court, Suvarnabhumi

09.12 am – Had breakfast with my love for the last time in Town Lodge.

10.43 am – Pooped, showered and got ready to leave my most favourite travel destination in the world.


Bangkok Trip Day 3 : The Sunday Where We Fell For The Thai Gem Scam

You see, when I was planning the trip for us, I did read about the Thai Gem Scam. I was very careful about many things. Meters on taxis, a rough idea of the distance of all the places we were going to, rates of basic stuff like food, drinks, clubbing expenses, massage prices, etc. However, I still didn’t recognize the scam the instance it happened. One of us had to pay a hefty price to learn the lesson and I’m so sorry man. I could have prevented it and you would’ve joined us for the next trip if not for the fucking sapphire ring you bought. So sorry man.

08.00 am – Woke up for breakfast. All 6 of us. It was our last day of fun and we wanted to take everything in. In the morning, we gave up sleep time for some Thai food. Daniel and I woke up easier as we went home earlier the previous night. Andy too, woke up with no problem thanks to Anthony’s Symphony Orchestra.

Too bad I didn’t take pictures of Saturday’s breakfast. It was much better as they had milk, cereals and bacon.

09.30 am – We crawled back to bed.

11.00 am – Woke up. Was the first in my room to take a shower.

11.11 am – Dropped by Andy’s room while Anthony was in the shower. We chatted for awhile before..

11.14 am – ..I left for Daryl’s room. Shawn was showering when I entered. hung around there for a few more minutes before heading back to my room.

11.40 am – Left for the hotel and tried out the Klong Saen Saep boat service, which runs along the inner city’s big ass drain. Lucky for us, Pratunam pier was located 1 minute away from our hotel. Do note that this is the 2nd busiest mass transport boat service in Bangkok with around 90, 000 people a day using it. Boat frequency is every 3 minutes and starts from 5.30am to 8.30pm.

Hopped into one of these. The helmet wearing guys were in charge of collecting fares and keeping us from the longkang water.