The Friday I Applied To Be AMBP’s Travel Ambassador


11.00 am – Woke up. Showered.

12.00 pm – Lunched with buddies in Bayan Baru market.

Had banana leaf rice.

02.00 pm – Read mails.

Wrote in to the All Malaysian Bloggers Project.

03.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

Had apples.

04.00 pm – Napped.

05.00 pm – Read an article about dating and finance. Things I learned :

  • Women are NOT interested in men who earn less than they do.
  • 53% are looking for a man who can single-handedly support the family for a few years while she stays home with the kids. And another 25% would feel more secure knowing the family doesn’t need her salary to make ends meet.
  • 78% of women are hoping you’ll say, “I’m saving up to buy a house in the country someday.” Only 16 percent want to hear “I’m planning to retire a millionaire by age 40.”
  • 98.72% do not want to date a man who “lives fast, die young and broke, and leave a good-looking corpse”.
  • The average guy has 8,562 skeletons in his financial closet and 90% of women would rather you come clean about it and tell her how you’re gonna pay it off. To a woman, spending time is better than spending money on her.
  • 70% of women say the hottest men are those who “spend wisely” compared with 19% who say they are attracted to big savers and only 8% who say they like big spenders. The biggest money-related turnoff: a man who’s a walking logo. A woman will know a man has money if he can just let loose for a day.
  • Only 25% mentioned jewelry as their most romantic gift. In relationships, presents should be simple and inexpensive, said 89% surveyed. In fact, during the first month, no gift should exceed $100, said 97%.
  • When She Expects You to Pay
    Take turns to pay: 41%
    Dates 1, 2, and maybe 3: 30%
    Dates 1 to infinity: 8%
  • The Smartest Splurges
    A surprise vacation for two: 34%
    Concerts and entertainment 20%
    Your appearance: 9%
  • Dates That Put Her in the Mood
    Great dinner and conversation: 39%
    Front-row seats at a concert or show: 21%
    Limo service all night long 13%
  • Her Biggest Money-Related Turnoffs
    Wearing too-obvious logos: 31%
    Referencing your bottom line: 19%
    Clipping discount coupons: 11%
  • Financial Qualities She Finds Sexy
    Being knowledgeable: 59%
    Being generous: 23%
    Just plain having a lot of money: 6%

06.00 pm – Super Gym.

+0001 kg.

07.30 pm – Dinner-ed at Jelutong Market.

Bee Tai Bak.

See Ko th’ng.

08.30 pm – Surfed around.

09.00 pm – Showered.

09.30 pm – Surfed around.

11.00 am – A mysterious person visited.

Had supper.

01.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

The Monday I Drank Tomato Tea


10.30 am – Woke up.

11.30 pm – Surfed around.

01.00 pm – Lunch.

02.00 pm – Tried fixing utorrent problem.

Had apples while fixing.

04.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

Honey rice cakes while updating.

05.00 pm – Read RPK’s “How, yet again, they are trying to fabricate evidence against Anwar“.

06.00 pm – Hiking to 84. Only realized I wore pocketless shorts after arriving. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures.

07.30 pm – Banana Leaf Rice @ Passions of Kerala.

The 4 side dishes are refillable, as well as the rice.

Mango lassi. Both delicious and healthy.

I rarely eat bittergourd as it tastes, well, bitter. However, deep fried bittergourd tastes nice. And so I only eat bittergourd in banana leaf restaurants. Actually the same goes to brinjal. Only thin-sliced deep fried ones. Like in the picture below. The third dish at the bottom is my favourite. Mutton Marsala.

10.00 pm – Went to Tesco to buy V8 (macam enjin kereta)which is actually tomato juice blended with 7 other vegetables. V8 is actually the main ingredient to the #1 Remedy To Cure Severe Sinus Congestion, which I have been suffering from the past few nights.

10.30 pm – Showered.

11.00 pm – Prepared the ingredients.

Grouped the 4 together for a group pic.

First, chop 4 cloves of garlic.

Secondly, shake 10 shakes of cayenne pepper, double or triple it if you can stand it.

Thirdly, squeeze 2 tablespoons of lime and empty a can of V8 into the cup.

Lastly, stir and drink slowly, having the mixture rest at the back of the throat for 2-3 seconds before swallowing.

12.00 am – Updated famouschris.

02.30 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz