The Sunday Where I Attended My First Guitar Class


12.00 pm – Woke up and checked out hot chicks on facebook ^.^

01.30 pm – Washed up. Changed. Dusted me guitar.

02.00 pm – Loaded the boot of the car ^.^

02.15 pm – Lunch-ed in Island Glades’s soy bean stall.

Me favourite pork leg rice.

02.45 pm – Attended the first ever guitar lesson of our lives.

We learned how to posture ourselves correctly,

practiced plucking

to Amazing Grace.

03.45 pm – Settled the fees, signed our attendance. Found out our new membership number.

John’s mem. no. = 584


04.30 pm – Bought Sports Toto and Da Ma Cai. There was no Magnum in Island Glades, so too bad la.

05.00 pm – Met up with the rest in Sakae Sushi.

Me favourite Yaki Soba.

06.00 pm – Unloading time!

06.30 pm – Watched Juggernaut in action.

07.00 pm – Laughed our asses off, reminiscing about past clubbing experiences. The funniest of all involved a fat swimmer and his uncle, with Shawn acting out as the uncle.

*dancing* *dancing*

“lu si hamik lang lai?”

*dancing* *dancing*

“lu ai hamik mikia?”

Together, we cried.

08.30 pm – Dinnered at Super Tanker.

Had Aki Pancake’s

new Mushroom Chicken and the usual


It was crazy delicious. Really, crazy.

10.00 pm – Balikz. Showered.

10.30 pm – Chit chatted with buddies.

12.30 am – Had cookies and milk.

01.30 am – zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz