3D2N Bandung Day 3 : Primajasa, Soekarno Hatta, Jakarta Airport, Airasia

08.30 am – Woke up in search of breakfast.

A busy Saturday morning.

Another chicken congee stall.


4D3N Yogyakarta Day 1 : Jakarta Terminal 3, Laras, Bakmi GM, Pop Hotels, Tugu Gudeg, Lumpia, Bintang, Malioboro

07.40 am – Many thanks to Vivian’s mom who took us to the airport.

08.22 am – Soon enough, Vivian and I met up with the other 2 fellas and began the baggage drop process at the check in counters.


6D5N Vietnam Day 6 : Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi Charming Hotel, AirAsia, Uncle Chin Chicken Rice, KLIA-LCCT

05.42 am – Woke up to a super early breakfast of toasts and tea.

06.15 am – All packed and ready to go.

Checked out.

06.20 am – Got into the private car.

07.02 am – Began lining up to check in to our flights.

Checked in 13kg worth.

Got the boarding pass and passport chopped.

KL, here we come!

07.29 am – Arrived at the departure gates. So sad. The first day being the happiest and the last being the saddest. =(

09.25 am – Take off!

10.17 am – Brunch time!

Vivian’s boring brunch. =P

Fortune cookie says…

10.39 am – Began watching The Game starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn.

12.35 pm – Added an hour to the watch.


6D5N Vietnam Day 1 : AirAsia, Boarding Pass, Food Garden LCCT, Nasi Padang, Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh Traffic, Mai Linh, Vinasun, Hotel Bich Duyen, Pham Ngu Lao, Pho Quynh, Sabeco Saigon Export Beer, Crazy Buffalo Saigon, Bia Hoi, Bia Tuoi, Beer 33, Sabeco 333 Export Beer

08.25 am – Checked in online yesterday and printed out all the boarding pass from PEN-KUL-SGN and from HAN-KUL-PEN. Skip the queue ma. Travel smart ^.^

08.41 am – Red dragon fruits right before the journey, reason? To guarantee that I shit on the first day of arrival at my destination.

Double check everything in the luggage

before zipping it up.

09.28 am – Holiday [email protected]~!!!!!!!!

Driver of the day, thanks for the lift bro.

10.06 am – Had breakfast at McDonald’s.

It’s been some time since I had fillet-o-fish.

Filling up her time reading while waiting.

10.26 am – Gave Vivian her boarding pass and

began the long process towards the boarding gate.

Holiday [email protected]~!!!!!!!!

The information display stating that the plan has arrived and is now boarding.

I was kinda hoping for the sky bridge to be used but then again,

you get to save money so why not skip it?

11.00 am – Our first time enjoying AirAsia’s “Hot Seat”.

Began sifting through AirAsia’s Travel3Sixty for the month of January 2011.

Bye Penang. Holiday [email protected][email protected]!!!!

12.12 pm – Landed at KLIA-LCCT.

Too bad the plane was parked at the furthest gate.

Began the long walk towards the arrival hall.

We had no checked in luggage so

we exited straight into the sidewalks of KLIA-LCCT

towards Food Garden.

The best place to charge your electronics as the air conditioning keeps you comfortable from the heat outside and food to keep your mouth and stomach busy.

The Nasi Padang stall in Food Garden is the busiest.

The reason lies in the abundance of dish choices.


11.38 pm – Began the long walk towards the international departure gates to wait for our plane.

AirAsia’s cartoon livery.

03.18 pm – ooOooooh…. the clouds…. the holiday feeling~~! ^.^

03.29 pm – Started watching Tiger WooHoo.

Vivian on the other hand, watched the super duper awesome Prestige directed by the ever talented Christopher Nolan.

We got lost in our movies that we didn’t realize 1.5 hours have passed!

From here onwards is Vietnam time. -1 hour KL time. Eg: 2pm in KL is 1pm in Vietnam.

Switched the watch to Vietnam time.

Saw lots of Vietnam Airlines hanging around.

The international terminal of

Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

Being lazy.

Saw a HUGE ASS crowd as we exited the arrival gates.

Took a long walk towards

the domestic terminal.

Both Vivian and I had big notes, all in VND 100,000 notes, so we broke the notes by buying a bottle of mineral water.

04.28 pm – Waited for bus no.152 with

Vivian at the

Smoking Area of the domestic terminal.

Not long after, bus no.152 arrived.

The entire bus wasn’t really that packed.

The back was pretty empty.

The trip for a person costs only VND 6,000 which if you took a taxi from the international terminal, it would’ve been VND 300,000!!!!!! That’s 50 times more expensive!!!

04.32 pm – Experienced the craziness of the traffic for the first time.

There were just so damn many motorcycles!

I wonder if they even obey the policeman’s orders.

Structures and

statues scattered all around town.

People in groups by the roadside.

The very short chairs and tables.

Spotted the most recommended taxi group in Vietnam.

Another recommended taxi group in Vietnam. We read that there were lots of taxi scams and to only take Mai Linh or Vinasuns.

05.28 pm – It took us almost half an hour before we found our hotel as the signs were in Vietnamese.

Half an hour later, we arrived at the highly rated Bich Duyen Hotel.

The reception area.

We were relieved to find the drinks as cheap as those found in convenient stores.

We were given the key and

ushered up to our room.

We were so happy that the room was bright, spacious and comfortable.

And the toilets pretty clean.

06.10 pm – All freshened up and ready to rock and roll!

Had Chanh, the manager, point out potential places to eat and drink authentic Vietnamese products.

06.24 pm – After taking some time to digest Chanh’s explanations, we began our night.

06.27 pm – 2 minutes walk and we arrived at Pho Quynh.

The stall where food is prepared.

Fresh leafy vegetables.

Plenty of chilli the ‘kick’ and lime for added flavour.

Bean sprouts.

Pho, pronounced as ‘fur’.

The first ever beer we tasted.

It was so, so, so, so tasty!!!!!!!! I liked the fact that many vegetables were included. Raw and full of nutrition. Healthy.

Vivian doing her job as the backup photog.

A mini basket was found at the bottom of every table.

07.19 pm – After dinner, we took a stroll along the park towards Ben Thanh night market.

Kids rehearsing for the real day.

The first time we crossed mad traffic at the Ben Thanh market junction.

The Ben Thanh night market was okay but we didn’t find anything that interested us.

If you’ve already shopped till your finances have dropped to VND 0, you can always have broiled beef at one of the stalls here.

Motorcycles, motorcycles.

A very commercialized bar called Crazy Buffalo.

08.09 pm – Arrived at the only bar in Bui Vien road

that sells fresh beer aka Bia Hoi / Bia Tuoi.

The brand of our Bia Hoi was 33.

1 liter costs only VND 6,000 or RM 1 or USD 0.30.

I drank from a cup while

she drank from the container.

Made new friends.

They just approached our table and asked if we could share and then we started talking. It was so quick.

09.56 pm – Bought myself a can of 333 beer from the hotel lobby.

Left it in the fridge.

Didn’t touch it until the last day to the airport, just like what happened during Philippines. Next time, beer consumption should happen only during meals and in bars.


5D4N Kota Kinabalu Day 5 : Tesco Custard Cream Biscuits, Hotel Eden54, AirAsia, Mount Kinabalu Coloured Certificate, McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme

07.00 am – Woke up, showered and had biscuits for breakfast.

Made a mad dash packing up

at the same time.

Almost done.

08.00 am – Gave in our key cards,

paid for our 2 nights’ stay and checked out. RM53 pp/night is DAMN CHEAP, the hospitality of Rosanne & Ling Ling and the super strategic location of Eden54 makes this hotel THE PLACE to stay in when in Kota Kinabalu. Believe me. Rosanne/Ling Ling, if you are reading this, THANKS A MILLION FOR EVERYTHING!!!!

08.20 am – Started our journey to the airport.

Bye Kota Kinabalu. It was awesome while it lasted!

08.25 am – It only took us 5 minutes to reach KKIA.

The fcuked up thing when we arrived at the check in counters was only 1 was open, hence, the long queue. Come on, AirAsia!

800 grams lighter compared to the first day.

I learned a luggage this small cannot be more than 15kg,

so it’s usually enough to fit into AirAsia’s strict tiered luggage policy.

09.00 am – Went in to wait by the boarding gate.

We are just so proud of ourselves.

If you are a Malaysian who can still run around and have yet to climb Mount Kinabalu, please do it.

The view of the stars and bed of clouds at the top is worth every drop of sweat.

09.23 am – Walked towards our plane.

Minutes after take off, John missed KK so much

he stayed up and took

pictures of the

Sabah sky while

Geoffrey couldn’t take it anymore

and neither could I.

12.10 pm – Arrived at LCCT-KLIA.

Cool pic below, right? Guess who took the shot. 👿

Walked towards the domestic arrival gate, collected our luggage and bid Geoffrey farewell.

12.24 pm – John and I went to the forever packed McDonald’s for lunch.

Ordered 2 of exactly the same meals for both of us as the kitchen and cashiers were so busy I didn’t want to confuse them.

Chit chatted till it was time to check in for our flight back to Penang.

02.40 pm – Checking in.

Got our boarding pass.

04.25 pm – While in the air, we ordered ourselves a box of Krispy Kreme.

I took a peppermint stripe while

John took the chocolate drizzle. ~mmMMmmm~ delicious!!

06.00 pm – Home sweet home. Unpacked and rested. Whew! What a trip! Loved it!

Next, winter in Melbourne! 😈


5D4N Kota Kinabalu Day 1 : AirAsia, LCCT-KLIA, Oldtown, Eden54, Cock And Bull, Jesselton Point, Suria Sabah, Tong’s, Kinabalu Park, Grace Hostel

04.43 am – Woke up to a box of milk and

red dragon fruit.

05.48 am – Arrived at Penang International Airport with John.

Checking in our luggage.


Got our boarding pass and proceeded to

Gate 14.

Put our bags down and

proceeded to wait.

It was only 6.30am.

By 6.55am we were already up in the plane.

07.10 am – Our plane took off on time. Well done!

The excited 7 year old kid taking pics of the clouds below.

08.00 am – Arrived at LCCT-KLIA.

Began the long journey to

the arrival hall.

The map of where we were.

Our plane from the side.

The excited 7 year old taking pics in front of the entrance.

Reporting back to Butterworth while waiting for our luggage.

08.10 am – Collected our luggage and proceeded to wait for Geoffrey to arrive so that we can combine our luggage.

08.25 am – Started making space in the check in luggage for Geoffrey.

5 minutes later.

Another 10 minutes later.

As soon as we were done we checked in our luggage.

Geoffrey’s additional 2.3 kg worth of clothes.

Collected our boarding pass and

08.40 am – proceeded to OldTown for breakfast. Note to self : Never wear pyjamas traveling in future.


Took us 7 minutes to get a table and order our food.

Coffee and

curry mee for me.

09.34 am – Walked to our Lat themed plane.


10.23 am – Mount Kinabalu, here we come.

After a while, Geoffrey was silently reading the newspaper.

John was silently playing his PSP.

But not for long.

The clouds below us.


12.10 pm – Lunch was served.

The chicken rice is one of the only nicest and edible meal in AirAsia’s menu. Others like the briyani and Pak Nassir’s nasi lemak may look nice but is crap and bullshit.

The cup of water that came with the online pre-ordered meal.

Geoffrey and John with their chicken rice.

12.40 pm – Well, hello KK!

Proceeded towards the domestic arrival hall.

Actually, if you are from West Malaysia, you’d still have to go through the same entrance as the international passengers.

Compulsory immigration checks.

For West Malaysians entering Sabah / Sarawak, the identification card is enough.

After that, you’ll get this of paper which is called a social pass. I lost this on the last day and almost missed my flight!

Waiting for our luggage.


Bangkok Trip Day 1 : The Friday That I Stepped Onto The Land Of Smiles, Bangkok

04.00 am – Woke up. Can’t seem to hold back my excitement. It was too much. I just kept imagining the things that we’d be up to the whole day. Damn. Anyhow, I still lied down on the bed till about 6am, tossing and turning.

07.00 am – Decided to stand up and start my day. Bought myself a packet of wan than mee from the coffee shop nearby. Ate with excitement. =P

07.30 am – Showered. Double checked the maps and directions. Made sure everything was in order.

08.35 am – Andy and Jason arrived.

We hung outside my house and started our journey to the airport as soon as

andy tai khing khoon jason ng wen huan

this fella reached. We were smiling and joking about the trip, all the way to the airport.

daryl koay tze yang

09.24 am – Everyone else arrived.

penang international airport