My Days

The Sunday I Went To Phor Tay For Grand Dad’s Death Anniversary

08.30 am – I’d love to sleep in the morning after a night of drinking but..

09.30 am – Had breakfast. Mandarin’s Wan Than Mee.

10.00 am – Picked up granddad’s sister.

10.30 am – Arrived at Phor Tay Temple to pray for granddad’s passing (Chinese calendar).

The house of very old tortoises.

Bought joss sticks for RM1.

This is how the typical procedure for praying at Phor Tay temple works. First, you light the joss sticks

at the mini altar, situated in the middle of all the passed away people’s faces.

And then you bring your joss stick around to the mega altar.

Or if you are not familiar, you can follow an old regular, like in my case, g-dad’s sis.

At our first stop, we shake shake our joss sticks and stuck 3 into the urn.

A closer look at how the main altar actually looks like.

Then we went to shake shake the joss sticks at the big urn near the flagpoles, supposedly for Ti Kong a.k.a. Granddaddy of The Skies.

And thirdly, we ‘pai pai-ed’ Budai, the Laughing Buddha who looks a lot like Anthony.

Lastly, we stuck 1 joss stick into each of the remaining urn in the hall of passed away people.

Side effect of holding joss sticks tightly.

Seems like my granny already did the job of having someone cook offerings

in remembrance of her hubby’s death.

A random shot.

And then my camera battery died. =(

01.00 pm – Then my uncle brought us to a chicken rice coffee shop somewhere in town. Man, I would so love to show you the picture of the size of dishes he ordered. I tell you, it was HUGE.

02.45 pm – Went for guitar lesson.

03.45 pm – Went to Gurney and tried out new Daytona moves with John Lim.

06.00 pm – Lepak-ed around my room.

07.00 pm – Dinner-ed with buddies at 3N ikan bakar.

Not bad eh? RM12 per person.

08.00 pm – Filled up PCJ.

12.00 am – zzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My Days

The Friday Where I Watched Netherlands Slice France In Euro 2008

08.30 am – Woke up. Showered. Ate breakfast.

Sliced up the papaya into quarters.


A very heart healthy breakfast ^.^


09.30 am – Surfed around.

11.45 am – Picked up Daryl and met Jason for lunch at Bayan Baru market. on the way back to his office, Daryl kept saying that today was gonna be happy. The weekend was gonna be happy. Sounded like as if he’s gonna go for a date or something… haha.

Economy rice for lunch.

economy rice


daryl koay tze yang


jason ng wen huan

Bought myself a prok pau as my tummy wasn’t feeling satisfied.

pork pau

01.30 pm – After dropping Daryl, I went to fill up the car’s almost empty tank.

30 liters for about RM80.

gas meter

02.00 pm – Rested. Surfed around.

02.30 pm – Nap.

04.30 pm – Read the Unanswered Questions About Musa Safri.

05.00 pm – CS.

05.30 pm – Suddenly Daryl appeared in front of my house, carrying with him a rectangular box. I knew it when I saw it. Shit. And I thought you had a date. =.=” For a while, I was happy for you.

The unopened box.

dell box

17 inch vs. 22 inch

17 inch lcd and 22 inch widescreen lcd

Funny thing was, the power cable didn’t come with the box.

monitor pwoer cable

08.00 pm – Dinner at 3N Ikan Bakar again.

3n ikan bakar

We ordered 4 dishes at first.

ikan bakar

The result of the tummy not being satisfied, calamari rings.

calamari rings

09.30 pm – Starbucks @ e-Gate.

starbucks e-gate

11.00 pm – Wanted to hang out in 3g but it was full. Went to Flix instead.

flix e-gate

12.00 pm – Surfed around.

02.00 pm – Tried to sleep but couldn’t.

03.00 pm – Watched Netherlands vs France. Was a good game.

netherlands euro 2008

04.45 pm – Finally felt sleepy n slept.

My Days

The Chilli Hot Friday

10.00 am – Woke up. Showered. Swirled sesame oil. Breakfasted.

11.00 am – Updated famouschris.

12.00 pm – Lunch with Daryl, Gabriel and Jason @ Bayan Baru market.

The bison.

jason ng wen huan

The nightingale (it just so happened I managed to capture his friend before she poked him).

gabriel yeoh chun hoong

The squirrel.

daryl koay tze yang

Lai Hoe’s tom yam. hot nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

lai hoe tom yam

02.00 pm – Grocerying at Tesco.

Tesco started testing out their new parking system. Still free at the moment.

tesco parking system

Bought a watermelon,


middle floor mat for the car’s back seat,

back seat car mat middle

2 packets of butter chipsmore,

butter chipsmore

and all these.

tesco products

Was being watched by this fella while I was taking photos of the bought goods.


03.00 pm – Arranged the bought goods, arranged the newly kept dry clothes, cut nails and sliced up the papaya into halves, quarters and quadruples. Read Back to basics: 1968-2008.

The sliced up papaya.


A poster from RPK’s website.

ubah gaya hidup barisan nasional

04.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

04.30 pm – Nap.

05.30 pm – Prepared for gym.

06.00 pm – Gym.

07.00 pm – Showered. Waited for the guys to arrive.

08.00 pm – Dinner at 3N Ikan Bakar.

3N Ikan Bakar

3 of the 5 dishes that we ate. The ones with chilli tasted hot like pussycat dolls.

3N ikan bakar dishes

The hotness level equaled pussycat dolls but I still loved it. As I’ve said before, Malays are gifted sambal makers.


09.30 pm – Moved on to D’joint.


Enjoyed good conversation with buddies over a few jugs of beer.

jugs of beer

12.30 am – Glo.

02.30 am – Jelutong market economy rice for supper.

IDHTCI vegetable, pig intestines (I know, sounds disgusting) and fried chicken.

jelutong economy rice

The 6 of us.

friends at jelutong market early morning economy rice

03.30 am – Uploaded photos. Updated famouschris.

04.00 am – Dormar.