3D2N Kuching Day 2 : Sarawak Laksa, Teh C Special, Semenggoh Orang Utan, Belachan Bee Hoon, Kek Lapis, Dayang Salhah, Pork Satay, bing!, White Lady


07.42 am – Rode the motorcycle to Chong Choon Cafe for breakfast.

The famous Poh Lam Sarawak laksa, totally different from what you’d get back in Penang.

Ordered a glass of Kuching’s teh c special, which consist of tea, evaporated milk and gula melaka. The only thing that sets it apart from the ordinary Malaysian tea is the gula melaka.

The yummy Sarawak laksa.

I liked how the chopsticks came wrapped with a thin serviette.

Saw some promotion items on the wall of the coffee shop but decided against it.

09.44 am – After breakfast, we went back to our hotel, took a poop, showered and proceeded to our destination of the day, the Botanical Research Centre of Semenggoh where the orang utans reside.

Payed the entrance fees of RM3 per person by the gate.

If you came by public bus, you’re gonna have a hard time as the actual entrance to see the orang utans is pretty deep inside. Lucky for us, we had our trusty motorcycle.

After 4 minutes of riding, we finally reached the actual entrance to the viewing area.

Names of the orang utans carved onto a wooden block by the entrance.

As we were making our way inwards, we caught an orang utan mother with her baby, making their way inwards from the side of the road.

The notice right before the bridge into the feeding area.

As Vivian and I were walking ahead, we managed to have crossed the bridge before the park rangers held off tourists for the orang utans to make their way to the feeding platform.

Mother and child making their way up to lots of fruits, mainly bananas.


This fella just couldn’t sit still.

Vivian with the great apes, currently found only in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.

Names and pictures of each ape being displayed although I doubt I’d be able to recognize even one in person.

11.10 am – Made our way back into the city to eat the popular belachan bee hoon of Song Kheng Hai food court.


Decided on ais kacang and

matterhorn for dessert.

I actually love the sugarcane juice with shredded fresh coconut meat. Simply delicious!

11.45 am – Took a walk down to the river jetty about 5 minutes walk from Tune Hotels.

Lucky for us, there was already a river taxi approaching us.

Our destination right across the river.

Our captain.


The journey only took 2 minutes, paid him RM1 per person before disembarking.

The pathway leading us to one of the most popular kek lapis aka layer cake makers.

Signs pointing towards Dayang Salhah’s store which was hidden somewhere at the back of a row of houses.

Saw it!

Everybody, welcome to Dayang Salhah.

The place was filled with a variety of layer cakes.

Vivian and I had a tough time deciding which to pick.

Cool thing is, everyone gets to try any of the 60 over varieties from the sample boxes.

Their service is exceptional as there is always a person on standby to serve every group of customers that walk in through their door.

Noticed someone familiar in their wall of fame.

Hi Dato!

12.13 pm – After a long time of deciding, we finally decided on 4 different flavours, all nicely packed into a box for us to carry onboard our flight back to Penang. Real quality service from Dayang Salhah.

12.19 pm – On the boat on our way back to our originating jetty.

Riverside Majestic hotels in the distance.

The two wires by the front of the boat that the captain uses to kill the engines at the back by pressing them together.

Advertising by Mira Cake House on one of the river taxis.

03.24 pm – After an afternoon nap, we went to the famous Lau Ya Keng food court on Jalan Carpenter.

The high ceiling made it look huge.

Ordered a bowl of fish ball tau hu soup and

pork satay.

We also ordered kueh chap, one of my favourite high cholesterol dishes back in Penang.

The biggest stall out of the 3 had to be kueh chap.

The fish ball tau hu soup.

Pork satay.

Kueh chap.

The drink.

04.04 pm – Took a walk along the shops lining Jalan Main Bazaar looking for souvenir.

04.21 pm – Barely made it back to our hotel when it started to rain very heavily.

05.20 pm – Went to the newest shopping mall in town called The Hills.

Noticed a chic looking coffee outlet called bing!

Decided on having a break there.

As it was a rainy day, there weren’t many customers. Wasn’t hard to find a nice cozy sofa to settle down in.

The interior of bing!

This was my first time ever tasting macarons and I loved it! Expensive though.

Shared a tall glass of fatty ice blended green tea.

The price of our pre-dinner.

07.23 pm – Made our way to Hui Sing hawker center.

How it looks like.

The only reason why I came here was to try the dessert made popular by Ah Meng.

White lady consist of evaporated milk and a syrup base with fruit and a slice of lemon within.

More satay!


This version of kolok mee looks a lot like Penang’s very own wan than mee.

09.11 pm – Went back to Myloft for a glass of beer before ending our day.


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