3D2N Hard Rock Hotel Penang Day 2 : Pizzeria, Spa, Massage, Hard Rock Cafe, Tiempo Filipino Band

08.13 am – Woke up to a gift by the door. Thanks Hard Rock Penang for the morning newspaper delivery!

Took with us to breakfast.

08.24 am – Actually, the main dining area for breakfast is in Starz Diner but due to high booking rates during the weekend, some guests were redirected to Pizzeria. Based on experience, it’s less hectic here compared to Starz Diner.

The line of pastries.

Healthy wholewheat and plain white.

Cupcakes and croissants.

Really delicious baked goodies!

Coffee and water dispenser.

5 selection of tea that consisted of Jasmine Green Tea, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Pure Peppermint and Darjeeling.

Porridge and the accompanying condiments.

Flat rice noodle soup counter.

Stir fried silver needle noodles, nasi lemak gravy and white rice.

Sausages and ham.


Round 1. Liked the triangular shaped hash browns most!

The pastries were really good! Awesome stuff I tell ya!

Just like a monster, she had cakes,

self made flat rice noodles and

cereals with milk! What an appetite!

09.31 am – Dressed up for the pool.

The result of eating too much = cannot swim.

Poor me had to swim ~all.. by.. myself…, don’t wanna be..~

(Meanwhile in the background, ah pek was losing his mind)

12.17 pm – Massage time! Me love massage so damn much! I just gotta get a massage everytime I’m on holiday like Day 2 and Day 3 in Bali, Day 1 of Bangkok 2008 and Day 3 and Day 4 of Bangkok 2009.

The cool looking Rock Spa center.

The massage sofas lined up invitingly outside.

Me getting ready!

Ginger tea being served for Vivian and I.

Massages make me feel pampered. Much like how a king relaxes on his favourite chair doing his thing while getting fed grapes. Fifi, who was my assigned Rock Spa masseuse, knew all there was to know about the nerve endings at the sole of my feet. By just nudging each spot, she knew I was a non smoker, drank a little and hold my pee often. By identifying and confirming my bad habits, she politely gave advice on how to improve my well being. Fifi was brilliant in the communication and attitude department, having a strong command of English and totally cheerful throughout the entire massage. Thanks for the experience, Fifi!

Vivian was assigned Amy, opting for a shoulder massage instead. Amy was just as cheerful and bubbly as Fifi, sharing tips on taking care of our health, avoiding curries and fried stuff while talking about her favourite food haunts all over Penang island. It was good meeting you too, Amy! Thanks!

01.30 pm – Lunch at Pizzeria.

That’s the man behind the success of Hard Rock’s Pizzeria. Chef Joe.

The poster for shisha.

Just like smoking, but with more smoke and flavour.

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