10D9N India Day 4 : Pearl Palace Hotel, Peacock Rooftop Restaurant, Amber Fort, Gaitore, Bapu Bazaar


05.08 am – Arrived at Jaipur Junction train station at around 5am during winter! It was so cold! But I love it! I am a winter kind of guy.

With a data connection and Google Maps, Vivian and I walked towards Hotel Pearl Palace which was situated pretty close by to the train station. We had the help of signboards along the way.

Not long after, we arrived at the entrance of the hotel.

Upon arriving, we found out that the entire hotel was fully booked! We had no choice but to camp in the living room.

09.01 am – Finally the hotel’s famous Peacock Rooftop Restaurant opened its doors.

We were greeted by the cold, morning breeze.

The leather covered menu.

Had masala omelette,


and oats with bananas and honey.

11.05 am – Finally at 11.05 am, Room 305 was ready.

This room was actually the best room of all that I have stayed in in India.

The bathroom was spotlessly clean but the coolest thing about it was the ceiling fan.

Power shower!

Hangars in the cupboard.

12.42 pm – Vivian and I getting ready to go out for the day. This picture is actually one of my favourite from India that has both of us in it.

Picked up a copy of the free pink booklet called Jaipur For Aliens.


02.00 pm – Began our journey for the day with the tuktuk.

The streets of Jaipur.

Enjoying her tuktuk experience.

Met one of the big bosses of India.

02.32 pm – After about half an hour since we left the hotel, we saw glimpses of Amber Fort on top of a hill.

Vivian with Amber Fort behind.

Took a picture of the tuktuk before we left so that we could refer back to it in the event that the driver wasn’t around to spot us.

The big sign identifying Amber Fort as Amber Palace.

Walking in from the bridge above the lake.

The sun was hot.

One of the gateways.

Up the steps.

At the courtyard.

The view.

Lots of uphill walking to do.

The admission price.

The cost of a composite entry ticket was 300 rp.

Ganesh Pol.

A big pavilion upon entering.

The gardens.

Beautiful wall decorations.

Entering the Palace of Raja Man Singh.

Another pavilion.

The open air toilet system.

The view of the lake.

The dark tunnels of which we weren’t allowed to walk the entire thing.

Elephant rides.

04.34 pm – Stopped by Jal Mahal also known as the Water Palace.

Went to Village Textile to check out some of the stuff on sale.

05.12 pm – Gaitore, the royal cremation site of the royal rulers of Jaipur.

Trying hard to be a sitar player.

05.22 pm – Visited the nearby Monkey Temple although I didn’t see a single one that day.

The place was actually about to close, so we had to exit through a really small door.

Getting stalked in …3 …2 …1

Passing by the old city entrance.

05.49 pm – Arrived in Bapu Bazaar for Vivian’s favourite thing to do. Shopping.

06.59 pm – Arrived back in Pearl Palace Hotel. Cleaned up.

08.52 pm – Had tandoori chicken,

a thali and

some naan for dinner.


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  1. Hey Chris sorry didn’t get to catch up with you at Blogfest siam reap !
    I love India, been there 4 times. I liked the Pearl Palace in Jaipur too 🙂 was there in Mar 2011.
    Nice blog. Cheers!

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