4D3N Yogyakarta Day 3 : Pasar Kranggan, Kraton, Gudeg Yu Djum Wijilan, Plaza Ambarrukmo, Cinema 21, Mie Ayam, Kopi Joss

07.16 am – Walked down Jalan AM Sangaji towards

Tugu Yogyakarta.

Yesterday I was strolling along the back but today, I’m checking out the front.

Took a short stroll inside the market itself and found nothing but fresh produce and groceries.

Went back out to the front and discovered rows of vendors selling ready to eat cakes and dessert.

Saw this old lady having a quiet day before deciding to sympathize with her and bought everything on display.

Apparently, its all vegetable.

Chose 2 out of 5.

Black glutinous rice porridge.

I forgot what this is. It’s pretty sweet though.

Bought from another stall selling glutinous rice product.

08.09 am – Went back to the hotel and met the others for breakfast.

The packet of rice from the old lady in Pasar Kranggan.




10.14 am – As soon as everyone pooped and showered, we were off to the last full day of our Yogyakarta adventure.

10.17 am – Walked past Tugu to get to

the bus stand that will take us to the Sultan’s Palace aka Kraton Yogyakarta.

Vivian inserting her card into the ticket gate.

10.41 am – About 20 minutes later, we arrived at the Kraton.

Bought ourselves an admission ticket each worth IDR 5000. Somehow, I think because we looked a little like Indonesians as well, we got the local Indonesian tourist pricing. For foreigners like us, it should’ve been IDR 12,500. Had one of the guides at the entrance to go with us. I thought it would’ve been a more enriching experience to listen to explanations from an officially certified source.

The entrance to the Kraton complex. In a nutshell, it was a waste of time and money. The place wasn’t as grand as we expected it to be.

Was led to the back lanes by the guide to see how batik is made. We were pretty sure he’d get a commission if we bought something but at the same time, the traders weren’t pushy when we walked off empty handed. Again, Kraton wasn’t worth it.

11.48 am – Ended up at Jl Wijilan nearby the Kraton for some top class gudeg.

Rows and rows of gudeg shoplots.

One of the most popular gudeg vendor in Yogyakarta, Gudeg Yu Djum Wijilan.

The view of the shoplot from outside.

The stall.

mmMm….. Delicious!

Was looking for tehbotol but they were out of stock. Settled for frestea instead.

12.15 pm – After we were done, we took the long walk back to the bus stop.

Clean, bright, airy.

Another Transjogja bus stop opposite us.

As it was a weekday, the crowd was at a minimal.

01.01 pm – Stopped in front of Plaza Ambarrukmo.

Entrance from the side.

01.21 pm – As we were already done with our touristy stuff and had lots of time in our hands, we decided to watch a movie at Cinema 21.

A very modern looking cinema.

Stupidest movie of the year but there were not much choices.

02.03 pm – Hung out at the Tamansari food court.

Ordered some dessert.

Iced jelly cocktail. Didn’t finish it as it was too sweet.

Tehbotol, finally.

John and Kirsty each ordered a bowl of soupy meals.

03.39 pm – Kirsty getting her nails painted.

03.48 pm – Movie time!

Lined up to buy ourselves some finger food.

A small cup of fully caramel coated pop corn.

This was really good!

John’s chips and dips.

05.47 pm – Our movie ended and we began the journey back to our hotel.

The view of Ambarrukmo from Jogja Bisnis bus stand.

Signs around the area.

06.25 pm – Arrived at Tugu’s bus stop.

Decided to try out the Mie Ayam vendor nearby.

Chicken dumplings.

Delicious chicken noodles.

06.52 pm – Checked out the nasi padang stall nearby our hotel.

Not much dishes left.


07.00 pm – After a tiring day out, we finally arrived back.

Walking along the familiar corridor.

08.23 pm – Finally went for our kopi joss experience.

Javanese espresso dipped with burning coal!

Kopi joss, popular because of its novelty.

08.36 pm – A shot for the last time in Jalan Malioboro.

Passed by Bebek Goreng H Slamet which has been closed pretty frequently.

09.23 pm – Couldn’t get enough of Gudeg Tugu.

“Tables and chairs.”

Eat, eat, eat.

09.49 pm – Had a bottle of Bintang and Indonesian wine called Pu tao Chee Chiew.

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Jogja 5 years ago, not as crowded as nowadays.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and your experience. I really miss the old Jogja. I still miss it even it has changed a lot.

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