4D3N Yogyakarta Day 2 : Pasar Kranggan, Borobudur, Prambanan, Pawon, Mendut, Samirono, Kadin Bakmi


Next, we went to Candi Pawon, a temple built in a straight line together with Borobudur and Mendut.

Looks pretty small compared to Borobudur.

12.34 pm – In tropical countries, clouds are a sight of relief, protecting everything in its shadow from the scorching sun.


Getting herself a better angle by squatting.

A bodhi tree. The most symbolic tree in Buddhism as it was where Buddha achieved enlightenment.

Visited the Mendut Buddhist Monastery just beside the temple.

02.12 pm – Arrived near Mount Merapi.

Decided to rent a bike for a ride up.

Found out that the highest we could ride up to was Kampung Kinahrejo.

Moreover the view wasn’t as clear as the peak was covered by clouds.

03.48 pm – Since it was pointless, we left immediately towards Prambanan.

Entrance fare was still pretty expensive at IDR 169,200 or USD 18 per person.

The same kind of refreshments offered.

A miniature scale of Prambanan.

The ticket.


Karate kid wannabe.

More umbrella shots with Prambanan.

By some rocks.

By one of the temples.

What it looks like inside.

So in love.

Exiting the side.

Waited by the bus stand for the bus to take us to the next interesting temple within the huge 18km compound of the Prambanan complex.

Tourists walking towards the arriving park tram.

By the park tram.

In the park tram.

One of the temples passed by.

04.55 pm – Have no idea what this one is called but the temple looks very interesting.

A really huge kneeling stone statue.

Looks like an Indian to me.

By the entrance.

Being kids.


Back in the park tram.

Headed towards the exit.

05.44 pm – Bye Prambanan! Thanks for the fun!

06.23 pm – Arrived at Samirono.

A restaurant that specializes in sate.

Empty, as it was still early.

The menu on the wall.

The menu on print.

The lovers again.

Was told by our driver that this brand of kretek is one of the most famous in Yogyakarta.

With the man himself.

The sate.

The chicken.

The beef.

Our meal.

Thanks for everything!

The receipt for the tour.

07.18 pm – Arrived back in Pop! Hotel.

08.30 pm – Began the night part of the day by bus.

Arriving at Kadin, a restaurant famous for it’s noodles.

Huge and spacious.

There was even an ensemble! Haha.

The wet type of noodles.

Fried noodles.


Went for a ride around the city by bus.

The narrow bus shelter.

The very dangerous raised platform. Feels like there is potential for suicide.

10.26 pm – The best part of the night!

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  1. Next time you go to jogja, you should visit Prambanan Temple, Ullen Sentalu Museum, Taman Sari + Water Castle, or enjoy sunset at Ratu Boko

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