4D3N Yogyakarta Day 2 : Pasar Kranggan, Borobudur, Prambanan, Pawon, Mendut, Samirono, Kadin Bakmi


06.17 am – Woke up and took a walk along Jalan AM Sangaji, the road where Pop! Hotels Tugu Yogyakarta was located at.

Local traders were already busy preparing for the incoming crowd in Pasar Kranggan.

Saw lots of people and thought that this should be the road to the Kranggan morning market.

Locals selling whole fruits and vegetable which had no value for me as I didn’t have a knife and certainly wasn’t looking forward to the inconvenience of cutting, cooking, storing, etc.

Bought some snacks and dessert from this trader who was selling them right in front of a Taoist temple.

A bite size cake trader.

06.44 am – A 30 minute difference.

06.52 am – The 3 items bought in Pasar Kranggan.

07.48 am – Ate, pooped, and showered. Borobudur, here we come!

07.56 am – Waiting for the other 2 by the lobby.

Vivian on a trishaw.

08.12 am – Pop Hotels in the morning.

08.21 am – Our driver of the day from Arfendika Transport who charged us IDR 350,000 for a day’s tour of Borobudur, Prambanan, and all the other smaller surrounding temples. A very reasonable price for a day’s tour compared to what I paid for in Bali 2010.

Off we went to our first destination of the day.


But first, we went to get the tank filled as the journey would take about an hour from the city.

09.28 am – Arrived at the car park of Borobudur.

The entrance to Borobudur.

A different entrance for international visitors.

Charges were as low as IDR 15,000 for Indonesians and as high as IDR 190,000 for non-Indonesians! That’s about USD 20 from each of us. Crazy! Even the majestic Taj Mahal only cost us about USD 12 when we went to India in 2012.

Anyway, we took our time and enjoyed the facilities provided.

The array of cups.

Coffee and tea.

Loads and loads of cold water in bottles.

A sarong will be given to you as all visitors are required to wear one.

Smartass getting his sarong on by a lady security guard.

09.49 am – To the temples!

The model and the photographer.

Walk and walk.

The place was really far.

By the signboards.

Almost there.

At last, we arrived!

Vivian by the wall.

Kirsty and John doing their thing.

And then.. the funniest thing happened. A group of schoolgirls must’ve thought we were Koreans and asked for individual pictures with us. Hahaha.. Thank you girls, for making us feel special!

Being brazen.

By the statue of a lion with broken lips.

Vivian by the steps that lead towards the peak.

Borobudur reliefs.

John being dramatic.

The carvings.

Then we reached a section where there were Buddha statues all over.

Kirsty photographing our heads on the headless Buddha.


Side by side.

Being the assistant.

My turn.

The view from the center of Borobudur towards the entrance.

I think we were 3 levels below the top.

At the peak.

Beautiful views of the clouds, mountains and forest.

Assisting the lovers.

Being a kid.

11.08 am – The signboard towards the exit explaining the reliefs surrounding the temple and the levels. If I am not wrong, I think there are 11 different levels in total.

Another awesome shot of Borobudur before leaving.

Being forced to take the long way through the handcraft and souvenir stalls toward the exit.

11.41 am – Decided to have lunch at one of the shaded stalls outside called Rambutan 52.

The cost of the food here is slightly higher than stalls off the ground but still reasonable.

Both girls enjoying the snacks offered.

Nasi opor ayam.

Lontong gado gado.

Mee rebus komplit.


Mee goreng komplit.

Came out to less than IDR 110000, which is equivalent to about USD 10, for 4 persons.

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  1. Next time you go to jogja, you should visit Prambanan Temple, Ullen Sentalu Museum, Taman Sari + Water Castle, or enjoy sunset at Ratu Boko

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