2D1N Hat Yai Day 1 : Naluri Aman, Sing Golden Place Hotel, Beef Noodles, New Season Massage, Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel, Pork Leg Rice, Pad Thai, Coconut Ice Cream, Basil Chicken Fried Rice, West Side Saloon


06.16 am – Woke up.

Had a simple breakfast.

07.40 am – Went to Maybank to get

my Touch N Go card refilled.

07.48 pm – Crossing the Penang bridge towards mainland Malaysia! The excitement of holiday is in the air! The same kind of excitement when you are being driven to the airport. Actually, you will feel it even more if you are the one dropping the holiday goers, and you yourself driving back home alone. Yeah, THAT holiday feeling!

I would not have survived driving around Hat Yai without this Garmin Nuvi 255w. A satellite GPS device is so damn useful!

09.23 am – Arrived in Naluri Aman, one of the many stops along the way to Hat Yai, about 10 minutes from the Malaysia border in Bukit Kayu Hitam.

The reason was to obtain the mandatory immigration card for RM1 each. It is something you must do before you arrive at the Thai Immigration complex as it is really difficult to find these cards.

Got ourselves a Thai car insurance at RM14 for 7 days.

There is actually a duty free store and food and beverage here.

As breakfast was already digested by now, I went ahead

and bought myself a piece of pau to suppress the hunger for a little while longer until I get some REAL Thai food! Can’t wait! X)

09.37 am – Filled in a full tank before heading over as the petrol in Thailand is twice the price here.

09.40 am – Reached Malaysia’s Bukit Kayu Hitam Immigration Complex. The procedure was quick as there were literally no cars in line.

4 minutes later, we arrived at the Thai Immigration Complex. Parked the car at the car park beyond the gate on the left.

A look at the empty counters early in the morning.

Had our passports stamped in passport control.

Had our car documents checked out and passed.

10.10 am – The scene of the border town as we left.

11.19 am – 1 hour later, we arrived at our hotel, Sing Golden Place. We got it for RM90 per night through Hatyai Link. Our first choice was Mayflower actually, but at the time of booking, which was 1 month ago, it was already full!

Check in was a breeze as KC, the man behind Hatyai Link, just sent me a voucher to print out to present to the receptionist.

Our room, 518, was located at the end of the walkway, something which I like because if you got a room in the middle of the walkway, you may have to put up with kids running all over screaming.

A cupboard to hang your clothes, extra pillows and a mini room safe. Nice!

Sing Golden Place’s clean, white bed.

The clean shower area.

There is even a bathtub!

Feature packed and so totally worth RM90! Only thing is, distance between Sing Golden Place and the center of town is 15 minutes worth of walking.

11.33 am – After settling down at the hotel, we went out on our first walkabout in Hat Yai.

11.40 pm – Walking towards the direction of Lee Gardens Plaza & Hotel, we stumbled upon this corner coffeeshop

nearby BP Grand Tower Hotel.

The beef noodles stall.

The interior.

I noticed that the straws that come with our drinks in Hat Yai were all generally pretty short compared to what you normally see in Malaysia.

Delicious beef noodles!

12.03 pm – Passed by Lee Gardens Plaza.

Arrived in Kim Yong market.

Lots of food and clothes all over the place.

Came across this stall selling my most favourite Thai pancakes.

If you haven’t yet, you should! There is only 1 place I know of in Penang that you can get them but even so, they are quite irregular. Sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not. The ONLY time and place is on Fridays at the Perak Road night market.

01.08 pm – Went to the infamous Pink Hotel to check out the aquarium girls. 👿

02.13 pm – What is a holiday in Thailand without a Thai massage right?

Went to the highly recommended, clean massage in New Season hotel.

I think it’s officially called Season Massage.

The rates as of June 2011. Loved the Thai massage at only 240 baht for 1.45 hours.

04.18 pm – Arrived in Lee Garden Plaza’s food court.

The stalls which we ordered from.

Awesome pork leg rice.

Delicous pad thai.

04.44 – Came across this lady selling original Thai coconut ice cream by the roadside.

We’re loving it!

05.00 pm – Arrived at our hotel feeling really tired, so we just changed into our jammies and watched some tv.

07.41 pm – And the night part of our Hat Yai trip begins.

Sunset skies at 7.44pm.

Crossed by this little shop nearby Sing Golden Place Hotel.

From the looks of it, you could tell they sold noodles.

Waiting for our orders inside. It was smokey.

Sugar cane with a surprisingly normal length straw.

My fried noodles.

Her fried flat noodles.

08.20 pm – From there, we took a motorcycle taxi to our next destination. Yeah, both of us sat with the driver for 500 baht.

The popular, clean live band bar of Hat Yai called West Side Saloon.

Picture of us with the waitress who served us.

02.33 am – Arrived back at our hotel with my very favourite instant basil pork fried rice from 7-Eleven.

I miss it so much!!!!!


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  1. Hey Chris,

    I just came across your blog/travelogue and I must say its simply awesome,mate!

    Very insightful and great tips.Loved the pics especially!

    I am planning to travel to a quite bit of places this year.The driver’s contacts in Bali can be found in tripadvisor’s website?How about the guides from Vietnam?

    Anyway,I enjoyed reading your travelogues and keep ’em coming.Cheers mate!


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