4D3N Bangkok Day 2 : Mueang Boran, Ancient City, Khlong Saen Saep, Platinum Fashion Mall, Saxophone Pub


The bridge over the pond.

The lady manning one of the boats.

The drinks stall.

Seating area.

Took a picture of her sunglasses and the map given to us.

Another view of them from the seating area.

We had vermicelli soup and

pad thai.

Vivian playing with a prawn.

1.12 pm – About half an hour later, we were both done and continued our journey to Prasat Phra Wihan, a building overlooking the entire area of Mueang Boran.

Phanom Rung Sanctuary.

Prasat Sikhoraphum.

Dvaravati Wihan.

The Churning of The Ocean, the same kind of statue that you’d find in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The Octagonal Sala.

The Buddha image being protected by the seven headed naga.

Buddha Rides An Elephant.

Suriya the god of light on chariot of seven skyhorses.

Pond overlooking Sukhothai Wihan.

Vishnu asleep on Naga Ananta.

Standing Buddha.

Main Chedi of Wat Maha That.

Chedi Chet Yod Seven Spirited Pagoda.

Mondop of Bodhisattva Avalokitesavara.

Pavilion of the Enlightened.

Phra Kaew Pavilion.

02.43 pm – Began our long journey back to the city.

02.59 pm – Passed by the three headed elephant statue of Erawan Museum.

03.50 pm – Arrived at Phetchaburi MRT station and began finding our way to the khlong saen saep pier to take Vivian on a boat ride through the city like a local. I did that previously in Bangkok 2008.

03.53 pm – Arrived at Asok Pier.

Smells good, doesn’t it?

Her first boat ride and it’s obvious she’s loving it. Haha.

Our journey from the MRT to the pier to our next destination.

04.10 pm – Platinum Fashion Mall, every girl’s favourite destination in Bangkok.

First thing we did was to quench our thirst in the awesome food court at the top floor of Platinum.

Only after that did Vivian go mad.

The big black bag that came out of nowhere.

The very crowded lanes.

07.27 pm – After 3 hours of hardcore shopping, we went up to Central World’s food court for dinner.

Ordered from this stall.

Delicious pork leg stewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Pork leg riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! SO damn authentically delicious.

08.43 pm – Arrived back to our hotel and took a short rest.

09.28 pm – Foot massage time!

11.40 pm – We were ready again to start the night part of our program.

Took her to Vadhana district area at Thonglor.

Showed her one of the top Thai night clubs for locals called Escobar and Nung-len. (both which I went to in Bangkok 2009)

12.45 am – Thought it was still early so we dropped by the popular Saxophone Pub for some smooth jazz.

The place was really crowded.

We had to settle for a table at the far back end of the venue.

Had 2 bottles of Singha and

a plate of chicken for sharing before calling it a night an hour later.

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  1. Hi Babe, i came across your blog while searching for the doreamon clay containers. Can i just check whether they are found in the old market town? Which stop do i stop if taking the tram? Is the old market town at ancient city?

    Many thanks.

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