4D3N Bangkok Day 2 : Mueang Boran, Ancient City, Khlong Saen Saep, Platinum Fashion Mall, Saxophone Pub


08.29 am – Woke up and went down for breakfast together.

Fooling around with the Winnie the Pooh cup.

Condiments by the side.

Breakfast of eggs, bacon and toasts.


10.10 am – About one and a half hours later, we began Day 2.

Posing at Soi 18 in front of our hotel.

10.21 am – Bought a Happy sim card from Family Mart.

10.35 am – Waited for a skytrain to take us from Asok station to Bearing station.

The visual of our 20 minutes journey.

11.02 am – Continued our journey to the Ancient City of Siam aka Mueang Boran by cab.

11.27 am – 25 minutes later, we were at the entrance to the visitor’s center.

The prices for admission. Bought ourselves 2 adult passes and a 2 seater golf cart.

The tram route.

Went to the golf cart parking bay.

Our journey begins!

Vivian & Chris Best Pose Competition 2013 commences.

By the Manohra Gardens.

Stupa Phra Manhathat.

Stupa of the Wat Phra That Chaiya Surat Thani.

Arrived at the Old Market Town.

“If I ever lose my current job, I’mma be a female trishaw puller”

By the pond.

In the ancient shop.

The barber shop.

Shadow show house.

Puppet house.

Vivian being Vivian.

Clay containers.


Puppet show house.

Driver for the day.

Stupa of the Wat Phra Mahathat, Phetchaburi.

Vivian being Vivian.

King’s audience chamber Phra Chao Seua.

The figure above the roof.

Reliquary for sacred writings and belfry.

By the boat shaped platform.

Dusit Maha Prasat pond.

Dusit Maha Prasat.

Chom Thong Palace Hall.

Sanphet Prasat Palace.

By the lion dog.

At the Ramayana Gardens.

Wihan of Wat Pho Kao Ton.

The courage of the people of Bang Rachan.

Suraswadi consort of Brahma.

12.38 pm – Lunch time at the floating market!

We became boat traders.

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  1. Hi Babe, i came across your blog while searching for the doreamon clay containers. Can i just check whether they are found in the old market town? Which stop do i stop if taking the tram? Is the old market town at ancient city?

    Many thanks.

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