10D9N Melbourne Day 4 : Melbourne Parking Rates, Men’s Gallery, Metcard, Victoria State Library, Stalactites, Melbourne Aquarium, Penguins, Snapping Alligator Turtle, Sting Ray, Shark, Australian Beer, Melbourne Night Scene, Oz Doner Chicken Kebab

open 24/7. Wow. Amazing. The closest thing I’ve got back in Penang is a Bulgarian restaurant. No Greek yet.

We had to wait as it was full house!

While waiting, I stood outside trying to confirm if I got the hook turn right, in preparation for driving tomorrow.

01.34 pm – Stalactite in Greek means, ‘to drip’, which is actually the name for dripstones in limestone caves.

At our table on the first floor.

Min Min and her boyfriend Kenny hard at work, trying to choose the perfect combination from the menu for us.

Drinks on the board.

The menu cover.

The platters.

Page 1.


The seafood.

Can’t wait!!

Our waitress for the day.


No idea what this was but it was DELICIOUS TOO!!!


The wraps and DIPS!!!


The cheese.

Us with Min Min and Kenny.


02.44 pm – After lunch, we walked along Chinatown.

Saw lots of Asians.

Trying to make it look ‘Chinesey’.

Reached the tram stop and

waited for the tram together at Dicksmith. Sounds like a skilled guy who makes dicks for a living. Dicksmith.

The fish.

02.55 pm – Reached Federation Square for the tram interchange.

The giants in the distance.

Flinders Street Station.

03.04 pm – Reached Melbourne Aquarium.

It looked HUGE!

Lucky for us, it was only 3pm.

And so we lined up and bought ourselves tickets by the entrance.

1st stop was one of the best.

We got to see penguins!!!

Real live penguins walking around!!

In front of my eyes!!!

Cute as hell.

How I wish I could go in and shake hands with them.

Drinking water.

The looked CUTEST when walking. Seriously. Cute overload.

03.16 pm – Lucky for us, when we arrived, it was feeding time!

They were swimming so fast and it was hard to focus

but managed to shoot 1 with food in it’s beak nevertheless.

Moved through a tunnel and saw how a man and

woman would look like

in Antarctica.

A seahorse.

Long neck turtles.

Seeing this reminded me of Paul.

Zebra looking fish.

Mini yellow pomfrets.

A red snapper?

Transparent fish.

The tasseled anglerfish.

The description found beside every fish tank in the aquarium.

Super giant crab. Biggest I have ever seen in my life.

Lobster. For dinner. ~yum~

Passed by a window pane and saw the Jabulani in the distance. Tonight was the final between Spain and Netherlands. The result; Paul was right all along!

Went on to the next section of the aquarium.

Another lobster.

Grouper maybe?


The greenest frogs I have ever seen in my life.

No idea what fish this is, do you?

Seastar aka starfish.

Visitors could touch them if they want.

Gently if you may. I saw kids strangling them with all their might. Crazy kids.


Hey!!! THIS IS WOOPER!!! In real life!!

Wooper’s abilities in Pokemon.

It is actually called Axolotl.

Being a kid.

The turtle in a tropical tank.

Between the jaws of the BIGGEST extinct SHARK that ever lived on earth called the Megalodon.

During ancient times, it eats blue whales for breakfast.

The bone remains of a crocodile and

the shell of the alligator snapping turtle,the MOST GANAS TURTLE IN THE WORLD! Ganas enough to eat crocodiles!!!

The ganas looks of a live alligator snapping turtle.

How violent a baby alligator snapping turtle is. Imagine when it grows up.

No idea what fish head this is, do you?

Trying to make it look like crashed aircraft in the jungle.

The dolphin’s bone structure.

Dolphins are such a gentle and human loving creature but did you know that in Japan they are cruelly treated?

03.55 pm – At last, we arrived at the last stop which was the big aquarium.

Visitors can pay for an experience with the fishes in the aquarium if they want to.

The biggest sting ray I have ever seen.

The biggest shark I have every seen.


Trying to capture the shark and the sting ray together.

The shark again.

The sting ray again.

A giant octopus. IF I had one, I’d use it to predict football matches.

The octopus’s suction cups.

And then we ended our self tour of the aquarium

with a talk about the life of the animals in the sea.

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