3D2N Kuching Day 1 : Jalan Padungan, Cat Statue, Tune Hotels, Sin Min Joo, Kolok Mee, Sarawak Plaza, Song Kheng Hai, Matterhorn, Barzing, Check In, Guinness


06.12 am – Arrived at the airport for our 7.05am direct flight from Penang to Kuching.

“Calling all passengers on flight AK6506 to Kuching, departure gates are now open.”

One could see Penang airport undergoing minor expansion, major facelift on the way from security check-in to the departure gates.

07.06 am – I was on my seat on the plane, ready to turn to page 1 of Travel 3Sixty.

Halfway into the 2 hours flight, I couldn’t help but become hungry.

Had a tuna tortilla

with a bottle of water.

May not look that appetizing, but it was delicious!

09.06 am – Arrived at Kuching International Airport.

Approached the Tourist Information counter to get as much information as possible about things to do around the city.

It was easy for us to get to the hotel as Tune Hotels Kuching provided transport from the airport direct to the entrance of the hotel for only RM8 per person. A typical fare for a taxi ride into town costs RM26 at the time of writing this article.

09.37 am – Hit the road.

Passed by The Spring, Kuching’s latest lifestyle shopping mall.

On Padungan Road, the street considered as Chinatown.

Cat icons all over the city.

09.56 am – Ladies and gentlemen, Tune Hotels Kuching. A shitty place to stay as you could hear doors making a loud bang when closing and kids run around the hallway of the bedrooms all day. My first and last time in Tune Hotels Kuching.

Motorcycles. The best way to get around the city. RM40 per 24 hours. Freedom of mobility. Any day better than wasting time waiting for a bus or paying ridiculous amounts to unscrupulous taxi drivers.

10.14 am – Arrived at Jalan Bishopsgate for

Sin Min Joo, Kuching’s hidden gem, for breakfast.

The shop looks simple.

Tables, chairs and customers spilling out into the walkway.

The lady behind the stall.

My first ever kolok mee experience.

A bowl of pig innards.

There were zero empty tables so Vivian and I shared with strangers.

Eventually we made friends with 2 Kuchingites.

Us in a pair of noob helmets.

11.29 am – Went to Sarawak Plaza to get some supplies for the 3 days.

12.18 pm – Checked out The Spring.

12.41 pm – Stopped by Starbucks for a glass of drink to cool down.

Just can’t stand the noob helmets.

Plugged in for a recharge.

02.33 pm – Checked into Tune Hotels.

Was given room no. 303 at the highest floor.

The typical look of Tune Hotels.

The bed.

Shower stall and the sink.

The toilet bowl.

One of 2 selling points of Tune Hotels. Power shower!

Hilton just opposite of Tune.

Started charging my phone.

9 liters, 3 days.

03.50 pm – After 2 hours of rest, we began the second tour of the day.

The giant white cat.

04.03 pm – Arrived in Song Kheng Hai food court.

We intended to go for the belachan bee hoon but too bad business was too good.

It sold out!

10 minutes later, it started to rain. Very heavily.

Ordered ourselves a plate of Ah Lau’s fried kuih teow and

Jakson’s pork meat.

A glass of sugarcane in Kuching normally comes with fresh coconut meat.

Matterhorn, a super sweet dessert much like ais kacang.

Char koay teow.

Crispy noodles.

Stewed pork.

Meat doughnuts.

05.41 pm – When the rain was almost done, we took a ride around town in an attempt to locate the potential hang out spots.

Spotted Kilkenny’s.



Right across the road from Check-in and Barzing was Kenny Sia’s Level Up gym.

06.39 pm – Identified another bar nearby our hotel called My Loft.

Visited Kuching’s Sunday market off Jalan Satok. I guess not many tourists would be attracted to come here as the emphasis is mainly on fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.

08.13 pm – Decided to hang out in My Loft as they still had their RM14 per pint of Guinness promotion for the month of March.

Ordered our pints of Guinness.

Complimentary popcorn.

Very delicious fried chicken wings.


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