10D9N India Day 10 : Khan Market, Chacha, Cream Bell, Punjab Sweet Corner, Karol Bagh, Delhi Airport, Sleeping Pods


09.28 am – Woke up to a plate of poori for breakfast.

Checked out of our room but left the luggage at hotel.

Our stay at Incredible Homestay was lovely apart from the insulation problem at the door. You can hear footsteps and the sound of people talking as they pass by although a lot of hotels have this problem, especially Tune Hotels KLIA-LCCT, Bali, and even Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

10.43 am – The temperature was really cold that morning. My guess is less than 10C.

11.45 am – Arrived in Dilli Haat, a food plaza and craft bazaar.

Walking in from the back.

Arriving at the front.

To our dismay, the entire place was empty! WTF?! Disappointing indeed.

Walked on over to Ina Metro Station to move on to our next destination.

12.49 pm – Arrived in Khan Market Metro Station.

Some of the shops in Khan Market, the costliest retail location in India.

Walked through the back lanes to get to another highly recommended kebab restaurant, Khan Chacha.

Khan Chacha.

We went upstairs to the dining area.

The self service counter.

A plate of chicken tikka and mutton kakori.

01.30 pm – Took a stroll around the rest of Khan Market.

And then we stumbled upon a liquor shop.

Vivian with a small bottle of Kingfisher Blue.

Stopped by a Cream Bell roadside stall for ice cream.

Butter it is!

Taking a picture with the stall owner and his buddy.

03.21 pm – Ended up back in Karol Bagh, the area where our hotel was.

Oooh.. tempting indeed.

Decided to have another meal at Punjab Sweet Corner.

The counter.

Just look at the crowd!

Lucky for us, we managed to find an empty table.

Ordered ourselves a chow mien.

A vegetarian pizza.

04.13 pm – Took a short walk around Karol Bagh before heading back to the hotel to take our luggage.

05.00 pm – In the tuktuk on our way to the metro station. Bye bye India! I’ve missed you so much since I last saw you! You will always be remembered!

05.35 pm – After passing through a few metro stations from Karol Bagh, we were in the Delhi Airport Metro Express that goes all the way to the airport.

06.06 pm – Half an hour later, we arrived at the check in counters of the

huge departure hall.

Got our AirasiaX boarding passes in the form of Air India.

Went through the immigration check point.

Arrived into the departure gates area. Our flight was scheduled to depart on time.

The comfortable looking public lounge area.

Lucky for us, our gate was no.15, directly in the center of the 26 gates.

Sleeping pods in the gates area where you could catch a snooze while waiting for your flight.

What I liked most about Indira Gandhi International Airport were the private seats scattered around.

Best part is, they all come with charging stations!

Charging while staying entertained.

Not long after we heard our boarding call.

08.57 pm – A long queue of sleepyheads waiting to get into the plane.

By the packed skybridge.

10.20 pm – Lift off!

12.48 am – Woke up for a short while for supper.

AirasiaX’s delicious chicken butter rice!

Yum! Stayed seated for a while before going back to sleep.


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