10D9N India Day 3 : Jaswant Thada, Retiring Rooms, Jodhpur Junction Railway Station, Janta Sweet Home

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07.51 am – Woke up to our 2nd and last day here in Jodhpur.

For breakfast, we had a cup of masala chai,

onion omelet,

vegetable omelet,

fried noodles and

salad in yogurt.

Healthy and delicious!

Check out the Indian lady dancing in the background.

Met 2 wonderful French fellas traveling all over India just like us. Although we exchanged contacts, I highly doubt that they will come over to Penang. I think the most likely case would be us finding them in their butcher shop in France.

10.24 am – Had our bags packed and moved out of our lovely room in the haveli into the luggage holding area by the reception.

10.43 am – Began the last walk around in Jodhpur.

Cows, cows, cows everywhere.

Petting the cow to receive blessings.

A green + purple colored entrance.

Took a shortcut from the back of Mehrangarh Fort to the front, passing by the ticketing office.

Mehrangarh Fort admission price for tickets as of 2012.

Passing by the front.

Mehrangarh Fort at a distance.

11.29 am – Soon, we came upon signs pointing us towards Jaswant Thada, our destination of the day.

11.35 pm – The beautiful lake by Jaswant Thada.

Went to Jaswant Thada’s ticketing office and got ourselves 2 admission tickets plus a fee for bringing my camera.

Steps leading to the main marble building.

The marble shade by the garden.

Brilliant views of Mehrangarh Fort overlooking Jodhpur city.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jaswant Thada.

The inside of the building had nothing but portraits of previous maharajas of Jodhpur adorning the walls.

I just couldn’t help but notice that the kings had really long, interestingly shaped mustaches.

A balcony.

The back of Jaswant Thada looked pretty grand too.

12.43 pm – Took the same way back to Singhvi’s Haveli, passing through Mehrangarh Fort again.

01.37 pm – Sat ourselves down after a long, tedious walk and took our time to browse Singhvi’s Romantic Restaurant menu for one last time.

Had flatbread,

fried rice,


egg curry,

and chicken curry.


This is how the owner and manager of Singhvi’s Haveli look like. Add a colorful hat and you’ll have yourself a maharaja.

Bye Singhvi’s Haveli! We’ve missed you loads since returning from our India trip!

02.16 pm – In a tuktuk.

02.23 pm – Arriving in Jodhpur Junction railway station.

Inside, you could see people sitting and lying down on the sandy, dusty floor by the waiting area.

The ticketing booths.

The cloak room is the place where you leave your luggage for safekeeping although I’m not overly confident about the safety levels of the left luggage facility.

24 hours will typically cost you 10 rupees which translates to about USD0.20.

The waiting room meant for ACC and first class passengers which is where most tourists would go to to wait for their trains.

Pretty spacious and clean with wall plugs littered all over the place for you to recharge your electronics.

The relatively clean toilets.

04.00 pm – Since our train was only arriving at 11pm, we thought it would be wise to find ourselves a retiring room to properly rest and store our luggage.

The prices ranged from 100rs to 750rs for every 24 hours. We actually didn’t mind any room but at the time of arrival, it was full. We actually waited for 2 hours before one was made available. It was the ‘normal’ room and it cost us 300rs.

We got room no.8.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how a 300rs retiring room looks like.

The beds.

The toilet.

The showering area.

The most important thing in a bathroom during winter is the water heater!

When I bought the tickets online 2 months prior to arriving, all beds on my coach type were full! We had no choice but to be waitlisted. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t get a confirmed berth. After much research I realized that most people who buy a ticket way ahead and still get waitlisted will most probably be confirmed in the end although the confirmation may only come a few hours before the train departs.

There was actually a booth for you to check your status but sadly enough, I can’t read Hindi nor Tamil.

So, I went to enquiry counter or office to get an update on my waitlisted status.

Lo and behold, the officer confirmed my status and gave us our berth details. What a relief!

07.40 pm – Went to Janta Sweet Home nearby the railway station for dinner.

The restaurant was pretty big and bright too.

The menu.

Had a janta thali,

chow mien,


and a vegetable sandwich.

Dinner this round was pretty carbohydrate-ish.

10.49 pm – About 10 minutes before departure, our train arrived.

Found our bunks and fell asleep shortly after the train departed.

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