How To Renew Malaysian Passport Online

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If you landed on this page, you most probably are going to fly off soon from Malaysia, whether if it is for vacation or work. In Malaysia, there are only 2 options when it comes to renewal length. 2 years or 5 years. Normally, countries require you to have at least 6 months of validity in your passport before you are allowed to enter. But if you drive over the border to Thailand or Singapore, you are allowed to enter even if you have only a week left in your passport, as long as you don’t hop off to another country from there. Common sense says that 2 years for RM100 is more worth it than 5 years for RM300.

Below is a well documented procedure which I recently did. I renewed my passport online. It’s damn convenient and it saved me so much time. Usually, there are 2 queues when you go to any Malaysian Immigration branches. First, you’ll have to queue to fill in the forms and make your payment. If you do it online, you skip the first queue and jump straight to the 2nd queue where you collect your passport. The second queue is always shorter and the wait can be as fast as 5 minutes!

Step 1

Go here.

Step 2

Clicking “Agree” at the bottom of Step 1 brings you to this page below where you fill in the particulars and click “Search” so that the system can look for your old passport particulars.

Step 3

Fill in your details.

Step 4

Click “Upload Image” from the page in Step 5 so that you can proceed to upload a digital image of yourself. Most photo studios will give you a CD together with your physical photos.

Step 5

After you are done uploading look for the small rectangle over your photo.

Step 6

Drag the edges of the rectangle and try to get a nice crop of the original. Click “Crop” when done.

Step 7

Believe me, no matter what you do, it will never be a perfect crop. Don’t worry. Just leave it. 10 out of 10 people will get a call from the Immigration Department informing online applicants that their photo is unusable and to bring 2 passport size photos when collecting the passport.

Step 8

Make sure all your details are correct. Make sure that you choose the branch closest to you. After that, click “Update” and proceed to Step 9.

Step 9

You should get a notice saying “PERMOHONAN ANDA TELAH DITERIMA” before clicking “Teruskan”.

Step 10

Select your credit/debit card payment method by clicking on the VISA or MasterCard logo.

Step 11

Fill in the details of your credit card and click on “Pay”.

Step 12

You should see this processing sign. I waited for less than a minute.

Step 13

After the payment has been received, you will see your application number at the bottom of the details. Click “Cetak Resit”.

Step 14

Print 2 copies of the receipt, one for yourself and one to hand over to the officer at the collection counter.

Now all you have to do is wait for a call from the officer in charge of online applications to ask you to bring 2 copies of your passport sized photos when collecting the day after. If you can’t wait (like me), I immediately looked up my Immigration branch’s phone number and called them to verify my application. You can find the details of every Immigration branch here.

Step 15

Go to your selected Malaysian Immigration office the next day.

Step 16

Proceed straight to the collection counter and hand over 1 printed receipt, 2 passport size photos and your old passport. Please remember to bring these 3 important items.

Step 17

Wait and collect your passports. Your old passport should have a section cut out to invalidate it.

Step 18

Everything inside the new passport is more or less the same. Enjoy your trip!

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46 thoughts on “How To Renew Malaysian Passport Online”

  1. Hey TSY. is real and official. and are the fake ones.

    Note the dots and hyphen to tell the difference.

  2. Hi,

    I wish to renew my passport online but the link to the site given requires a user name and password.. How do i sign up for an account?

  3. Hi,

    Can we still renew our passports thru online? it’s look like the website URL above point to error page. Also, fuddy said they discontinued the online renew service. True?


  4. If I want to renew my passport, what will happen to my student visa which is attached to my old passport? I still need that visa document. Thanks.

  5. Hi
    Is online renewal of passport still functioning?

    How to create the password for online renewal?

    Appreciate for your feedback soonest

  6. Hi!

    Is that true that if we drive over the border to Thailand, we are allowed to enter if we have less than 6 months validity in our passport?
    Or just depends on the officer who on duty???

  7. And if I do it on sunday, is it possible to get it by monday or how long does it takes before i can take my passport?

  8. Hi,
    Anyone know how to update the passport via online. I have collected my passport from the Malaysia High Comm in Singapore last week. When I went JB yesterday, the custom officer said the particulars in my passport have not been updated so they ask me to update online. So has anyone come across this?

    This is the result i get when i fill my details and press search. why is it like that? can anyone help me?

  10. Hello,

    Thank you for the very detailed info. Very helpful. I renewed online yesterday and collected within 30 mins today. I opted for Kelana Jaya office. The only glitch was that they had to retake my photo, reason being the one I uploaded was too small. However it was very prompt. I strongly encourage people to renew passports online.

    1. It seems pointless to go and get your pic taken at the studio doesn’t it? No matter how perfect it may be, the immigration office will STILL ask you to take your picture again. But without it, you can’t proceed with the online application. I guess paying for a pic you won’t use will definitely beat waiting inline at the office from morning till evening. Same thing happened to me Dec 2016 at Putrajaya office.
      Just my 2 cents worth for anyone who wants to proceed with online application.

  11. Hi there,
    I’m currently living abroad (not permanent but legal) and my passport is expiring by Dec this year. However, the embassy here required 3 to 6months for renewal process and I have flight coming on Mac and May. So I couldn’t renew it yet. I was thinking to do it online and stop-by to collect it in Mac to save time.
    Do you think it would process my application? I ask because I don’t understand the terms #10 : A citizen illegally residing legally abroad are not eligible to use the online passport application facilities (MyOnline).
    One more thing to confirm is once I applied and approved, I have to collect it within 3 months correct?

    1. Hey Jass, I have the same questions ! I am living abroad now. Did you try to do it when you are at overseas and come back Malaysia to pick it up. What is the T&C?

  12. Is it true that we can renew passport online if only that our old passport has the microchip?

    My previous passport was issued in 2012 and no microchips were introduced at that time

  13. Hi Chris…where is the “micro chip” located on our passport? Mine was issued in July 2013 and I am wondering whether I can renew my passport online because it has less than 6 months remaining.

    Thanks and all the best.

  14. Hi. I was rejected for renewal of my passport due to my eyelashes extension. I’m thinking of renewing it online. Is the website still working? How long it normally takes for the collection? Thanks.


    Waste of time & money.

    1) You pay to take photo, digitize & upload. But you still have to take photo at the counter *FACE PALM

    2) The system put wrong birthdate for my Mom. Only tell you at counter – this is pure IT error, you cannot enter birthdate anyway in application. SO CANNOT GET PASSPORT. DELAY * SUPER FACE PALM

    3) Apply at counter, wait 1 hour. Apply online, also wait 1 hour – and you MIGHT GET ERROR resulting in NO PASSPORT.
    Officer says “Lebih canggih, lebih problem”.


  16. I couldn’t agree more! I wish I read your comments earlier.

    Total waste of time and money. Online application is useless. I have to go through the process in person.

    The operating time reflected online for consular section are so so wrong. I made multiple trips to get this done.

    High Commission rejected all online photos according to the consular officer during number collection. And it’s true I’ve to retake my photo on the spot.
    Please come back two hours time for collection. Sigh!!!!

    Waste of time and money for trips and online photo. DO NOT BOTHER to apply online please. It’s useless!!!!

    1. yes this is true. truly a waste of time.
      applied online and being told to wait for 2 hours when i went for collection. really no difference with manual submission.
      made several trips too.

      If you really wanna apply online, remember to print the receipt and bring 2 photocopies of your IC.

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