How Chris Chee’s Day Looked Like

10.00 am – Woke up. Made breakfast.

Usually, my breakfast consists of a fruit, fiber rich stuff, and protein.

Made myself 5 hard boiled eggs.

hard boiled eggs

Separated the whites.

egg whites yolks

I took the whites, while my buddy Py ate the yolks. He always eats the yolks. It’s good for his fur. Brings out the shine. =P


My cup of wheat, oats and bran.

wheat oats bran

Ate a banana.


11.00 am – Watched the 2nd trailer for Hellboy and Ben Stiller’s Tropic Thunder. Oh, iron man is in tropic thunder too.

11.30 am – Worked on It’s a forum for discussions about the things going on in Malaysia. votna is new and still growing and there’s not many forumers yet. Drop by and start a topic. =)

12.30 pm – Bought myself economy rice. Actually it should be called economy dishes. Cause my selections are riceless. =)

Fried bean sprouts, fried cabbage, a sardine and ‘bangkuang’. (how the hell do i say bangkuang in english?)


01.00 pm -Made myself my afternoon green tea.

A big ass box of tea bags.

green tea bags

I’ll usually refill the clay pitcher with hot water for about 3-4 times a day. 1st round is usually with a tablespoon of honey.

honey green tea

01.15 pm – Updated

02.00 pm – Surfed around, watched 1 episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl.

03.00 pm – Napped. (I ALWAYS intend to nap for 30 minutes only but I’ll end up snoozing up to 30 minutes also)

04.00 pm – Surfed around again. Found something interesting to write about for

05.00 pm – CS time!

06.00 pm – Hit the gym. Today, I worked on legs. Did 5 different workouts. Couldn’t carry on to the 6th. Too tiring. I forgot to bring spare change and I sweated so much that you could see a pair of nips poking out the singlet. =\

07.30 pm – Dinner time. Went down the road to buy from my favourite Island Glades Fish Head Bee Hoon.

The location of the place.

This is the shop from behind.

fish head bee hoon island glades

My big ass bowl of cintan pork.

cintan pork

08.30 pm – My PC shut down and couldn’t on back. Damn. Exchanged power supply with my brother’s and both our PC worked. Funny.

10.00 pm – CS with Shawn the prawn.

12.00 am – zzZZZZzzzzzz……..

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