Hennessy VSOP Kyrios Launch Party At Room Autocity

I have always liked brandy. Anything from Hennessy to Remy Martin to Martell. More often than not, when I’m out partying with friends, the choice is usually Hennessy. The thing that makes Hennessy stand out among the others are the parties thrown, especially Hennessy Artistry. Kardinal Offishal, Yolanda Be Cool, Chris Willis, Goldfish and Blink are among the big names who performed for Hennessy Malaysia before.

Thanks to Emily and Criz, I obtained the opportunity to attend Hennessy’s VSOP Kyrios Launch Party at Room Autocity. You see, Hennessy has this line of limited-edition-specially-designed-annually line of bottles called the Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection. The first ever product from the line was the Helios which launched in 2011. The name originated from Greek mythology, Helios being the name of the sun, much like the flashy visuals of the bottle design.

Then in 2012, Hennessy introduced Nyx, meaning goddess of nights & dreams. The bottle was designed with ultraviolet materials, therefore it glows in the dark.

Come 2013, the Kyrios was born. Its body is presented in a matte carbon gray mantle and gives an elegant aura. The “bras arme” reflects the long history of Hennessy and has been part of the Hennessy seal for more than 2 centuries. For now, these bottles may be worth nuts but in 10, maybe 20 years’ time, one may be able to make money off of it!

So on the 29th of March, I drove all the way from Penang island to Room Autocity, Juru. Although the supposed meeting time was at 8.30pm, I only made it at 9pm as it was a Good Friday. I think the jam on the bridge was caused by islanders heading to St Anne’s church in Bukit Mertajam. I kid you not but the crowd at 9.18pm was practically non existent. Not a guest was seen standing around outside Room’s entrance.

However, there were the Hennessy girls standing around. If I’m not wrong, there were a total of 10. Good job to whoever that selected them. In any case, I think a better job was done during Hennessy Artistry 2012 in SQCC, Penang as there were so much more of of them.

The selected 3 who had the top parts of their body painted.

As I entered, a waterproof wristband was slapped on my wrist, ensuring that I’d be able to get back in smoothly if I were to leave the premise.

Each person was given a coupon upon entering.

The walls of the walkway between the hall and restroom were decorated with several Hennessy VSOP Kyrios bottles, each with their own rotating stand.

At 9.30pm, we were the first and only group of guests. It felt disappointing at first for during Hennessy Artistry 2012, there was already a huge crowd waiting outside of the hall by 8.30pm.

The cool thing was, we had our own table. This was my first time ever attending an event as part of the media.

By the bar, one could find Hennessy pre-mixed with 4 different kind of flavours.





The crowd grew merrier as the night progressed.

B.A.T.E. started their set first.

DJ Cookie from Luxy (one of the 2 nightclubs I enjoyed myself in when I was in Taipei) came on next.

The group of bloggers that attended the event was pretty big. Met lots of personalities. There were some who were shy, others were party animals, a few hardcore drinkers, and then there are the shutterbugs who won’t stop taking photos. Again, a million thanks to Emily the zebra and Criz for making it happen!

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