Hennessy Artistry Penang 2013 Spice Arena

The invites to this year’s event looked so posh. Initially, I planned to bring along a kang tau. However, having a girlfriend who works in the FBI, my plan was eventually discovered and I had no choice but to give the other invite to Vivian. If not, she said, I will lose my left nut. 👿

At about 8.27pm Vivian and I arrived at the entrance to PISA.

We couldn’t help but take pictures with the ballon-like lamppost.

The line into the event was actually quite long but thanks to Hennessy, this time round, I went under the category of Media & Blogger. So I skipped the line and went straight to the counter.

As we came upon the entrance into Spice Arena, Julie Woon, the emcee of tonight was busy interviewing two local acts, namely Dennis Lau and Alexis Chean.

The reddish lighted hallway into the arena.

Once inside, I was shocked at the number of crowd. There were easily hundreds of them already there, waiting to party.

Of all the liquor brands in Malaysia, nothing beats Hennessy’s free flow. You could see the crowd already helping themselves to glasses after glasses of cognac from the 10 bars all over the arena.

There were so many rows of glasses filled with happy juice.

The usual flavours were soda, ginger, berry, and apple.

Somewhere into the night, I asked the waitresses and according to them, the most popular was apple followed closely by ginger.

Interesting enough, my first drink was a bottle of Spritzer.

At the main bar in the center of the arena, there was a big screen with a deejay stand above it.

At about 8.45pm, Alex A Squared, Malaysia’s very own dj, started doing his stuff.

Up until 9.15, all patrons had to wait by the non-zonal white area.

Zone P is for the general public, Zone H/O is for associates of Hennessy Malaysia and Zone V/S is for artists, media and VIP. There is not much difference in the zones in terms of service but being in Zone V/S will give you direct access to 24Herbs, Andy Murphy and Nicole Chen.

I loved this year’s Hennessy Artistry experience because I was put in Zone V/S.

And because of this piece of tag hanging down my shoulders, I had direct access to any and every zone there is. Woo hooooOOOoo!

As it was still 5 minutes to 9pm, the zones were still off limits to the public. I used the privilege to snap as many pictures as possible of the zones before the ensuing chaos.

First up, Zone V/S.

I noticed that there were 2 bars at each end, enough to keep up with the demands of the night.

Found a few tables with the media sign.

Zone H/O also had 2 bars serving.

Although Zone P had only 1 bar serving, it was a big, long one.

The empty tables and chairs that will fill up in a matter of seconds at 9.15pm.

1 second later.

At 9.40pm, a countdown timer appeared on the huge LED screen on stage.

The face of the crowd at that moment.

The deejay of 24Herbs started spinning.

Those in Zone V/S could see 24Herbs by the side, waiting for the cue to go on stage.

This is how it happened.

It was really like being in a concert, except this one didn’t require any ticket purchase.

At about 9.20pm, my newfound favourite emcee, Julie Woon, came on stage to smoothen the transition from 24Herbs to Andy Murphy by keeping the crowd entertained.

5 minutes later, Dennis Lau came on stage with his solo violin performance.

And then came Alexis Chean with Andy Murphy behind.

At about 10.28pm, Andy Murphy took on the party himself.

1 minute later, the Malaysian heat got to him and he took off his blazer.

Haha. Hot leh….

I think Andy himself was surprised to see 4 girls dancing on stage to his selection of songs.

At 10.40pm, a toy helicopter was seen flying over the crowd in Spice Arena.

I searched around and managed to find the driver behind it.

Vivian’s highlight of the night were her pictures with these 2 members of 24Herbs and

Andy Murphy.

My highlight of the night were with Jo and

OMFGGGGGG!!!!! She put her arms around my shoulder!!!! WHAT????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she wants to marry me!! Julieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. weeEEEeee….!!

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