2D1N Hat Yai Day 2 : Roasted Pork, Tesco Lotus, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Penang Bridge


09.30 am – Woke up and took a walk around our hotel, looking for food to fill up our stomach for breakfast.

Decided on this particular shoplot nearby Sing Golden Place as there were no other place open at this time.

The vendors hard at work.

From the looks of it, this stall offered duck, chicken and pork meat.

We ordered 2 kinds of soup. Pickled mustard greens and winter melon.

I like that you can generally find lots of raw vegetables in Thai dishes.

Our mixed roasted pork, pork sausages, barbecued pork and duck meat rice.

Sugar cane.

A pretty heavy breakfast before we headed back to the hotel to enjoy the facilities for the last time before checking out.

12.28 pm – Arrived in Hat Yai’s Tesco Lotus where 97% of its goods are sourced from Thailand itself.

Somehow, the stuff in Tesco Lotus of Thailand is much cheaper than Tesco Malaysia. I bought singlets and a box of instant tom yam noodles at a price not obtainable in Malaysia.

Had lunch at the huge food court near the hypermarket entrance.

Bought 200 baht worth of exchangeable credit.

Egg wrapped pad thai! ~fuh~ good stuff!

So was the pork leg rice!

01.51 pm – Had Dairy Queen for dessert for the first time.

The menu.

In the end, we settled for a cup of green tea and oreo blizzards.

As it was a Sunday, the place was really crowded.

02.20 pm – It started to rain as we left.

03.22 pm – Arrived at the Thai immigration complex.

Somehow, the immigration procedure was pretty funny as we had to pass the checkpoints, park our car be the side of the road,

and walk back to get our

documents stamped and verified.

03.40 pm – Passed by no man’s land 20 minutes later.

The queue of cars took 30 minutes to clear before it was our turn. And it was a really hot day.

04.10 pm – On Malaysia’s North South highway again.

04.27 pm – Toll after toll, we passed. I was actually going above speed limits all the time but took the chance since I guessed it was a non public holiday, hot as hell, Sunday. The likelihood of someone sitting under the hot sun manning the speed trap device is pretty slim.

05.33 pm – Passing by Penang Bridge.

06.34 pm – The end of a short holiday in Hat Yai. 😥


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