3D2N Hard Rock Hotel Penang Day 3 : Body Rock Gym, Lil Rock


09.22 am – Today’s newspaper delivered to our doorstep. Thanks Hard Rock!

Our breakfast today was in Star’s Diner. Yesterday, it was in Pizzeria.

The crowd was already starting to swell.

Pastries galore!

Wet preserved fruits.

Dry preserved fruits.

Cereals dispenser.

The 4 choices of jam on display.

3 types of buns.

The dim sum steamer that contains nothing but siew mai.

Miso soup that’s supposed to go along with

these soba noodles.


Cups and teabags.

Fruit juice dispenser.

Round 1. Tomato with scrambled eggs and siew mai.

Round 2 (Final Round). Fruits.

10.30 am – As we’ll be checking out real soon, we spent time taking in the scenery from our balcony before heading off for a short half an hour swim.

I love you Hard Rock Penang!

11.15 am – Dropped by Body Rock, Hard Rock’s gym by the pool.

Modern gym equipments.

Two sets of dumbbells so two persons can use the same weight at the same time.

Treadmills and stationary bicycles.

Lil Rock for kids was just right next to Body Rock, both behind Pizzeria.

Beatles inspired wall motifs.

12.04 pm~all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go~

12.18 pm – There was a glitch during checkout and I was actually glad that everything was settled in the end.

Every bill that you sign off to your room during your entire stay in Hard Rock Hotel is shown back to you upon checking out. This greatly reduces any dispute between the hotel and guests.

Actually as I was checking out, there was a snake show going on outside.

A snake charmer playing with his pet snake.

There were scary moments when the snake was trying to bite the owner, albeit unsuccessfully every time.

02.00 pm – The end 😥


3 thoughts on “3D2N Hard Rock Hotel Penang Day 3 : Body Rock Gym, Lil Rock”

  1. Hi Chris

    Nice to see you are now back blogging. The hotel looks lovely. Last time my family and I were back in Pg, we stayed at Paradise Sandy Beach hotel, it was OK but nothing to write home about and at the Rasa Sayang. Hotel. We loved the latter, the people was awesome. My nephew is now a chef there and I hope to be be staying there next year when I come back to Pg.

    Its amazing that you and your girlfriend lives in Pg and yet stay in the hotel in Pg. After all you know the area well, I suppose its nice to get away for a short break. This is what the local population of Malta does, they book into the local hotels to spend there weekend as that’s where the entertainment are. I found that really strange.

    Anyway, keep blogging, may need your advise on what to see and stay in Malaysia next year as we only intend to stay Pg for 3 days. Would love to see the rest of Malaysia where we can chill out.

    Keep well


    Eric Ng

  2. Hey Eric!

    Yes, Hard Rock Penang is lovely. I think the word “fun” suits it better. Paradise isn’t in Batu Ferringhi so I don’t think it it’s comparable to the other posh hotels here like Rasa Sayang.

    I think a short weekend getaway to Batu Ferringhi is definitely good for the soul although the average Penangite like me don’t do it as often as I think the Maltese do.

    Just ask me anything and I will try my best to answer you with whatever experience I’ve had for 29 years as a Malaysian.

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