Hard Rock Hotel Penang Ultimate Foam Party September 2013


07.20 pm – For the first time ever, I attended Hard Rock Hotel’s Ultimate Foam Party!

This time, the party was led by DJ Faith, the 2nd runner up of Capital FM’s 88.9 DJ Competition back in 2008.

Tickets are sold at RM30nett for adults.

Although the foam party itself lasts from from 7.30pm to 11pm, ticket holders get access to the hotel’s pool from 4pm onwards.

The cordoned off area that contained almost 5 feet of foam.

The waterproof plastic wristband.

07.42 pm – Ordered myself a large pizza to share with Vivian for dinner.

The portioning was just right.

Not too full, not too little.

08.34 pm – One hour after it started, the crowd started to swell.

Right at the entrance to the foam area, there was a shower stand that had streams pouring down from all directions.

An example on how to use the shower stand. First, walk towards it.

Secondly, find the sweet spot located in the center of the streams.

Next, brush off the foam that got in your eye thoroughly.

Finally, go back in and PARTY!

And party we did!

09.22 pm – Our party was cut short by the heavy downpour that started at around 9pm.

The wind from the ocean was so strong.

We were freezing cold!

Even the foam receded from neck height to waist height.

However, DJ Faith kept the party going.

The party crowd didn’t shrink one bit!


One thought on “Hard Rock Hotel Penang Ultimate Foam Party September 2013”

  1. Famous Chris:

    Interesting. When I read the title “Foam Party”. I had no idea what that might be. I thought perhaps it
    was a reference to the foam in a glass of beer. The pictures definitely explain the story. LOL

    Take care,

    Robert Moore
    Your distant Uncle in Virginia, USA

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