Hard Rock Hotel Penang Party Rockin Sand Bar Launch

07.11 pm – Arrived in Hard Rock Hotel Penang to commemorate the opening of the new Sand Bar, an alternative place for guests to chill out on the beach. It began with games by the beach that consisted of beach cricket, frisbee and water volleyball while being entertained by Bongga Bongga the live band and DJ Lkuk the Australian house deejay. I have to say that the music was good, especially Bongga Bongga, and the free flow of drinks were pretty generous of Hard Rock, Jagermeister and Redbull.

FYI, Hard Rock’s Sand Bar is open daily from 11am-11pm but the sweetest time to be there is between 6pm-8pm for that’s the happy hour window. For example, during happy hour, you’ll get 2 pints of Carlsberg at RM35, 2 margaritas at RM70 and the Sand Bar’s very own concoction, the Sandjager cocktail at RM29 (prices are as of writing in May 2012).

Headed towards the pool and saw a crowd at the registration counter.

Actually, there were 2 different posters made for the event. One was for the public and one was for invited guests and VIP. The only difference is for invited guests, the party starts from 7pm instead of 9pm and you get free flow of drinks in between the 2 hours.

Thanks Hard Rock for the invites!

07.17 pm – Door gifts included a Jagermeister bottle opener, leather wristband and the free flow wristband :evil:.

Since Jagermeister was the main sponsor, you could see the name all over the pool and beach area.

Relaxing deck chairs by the pool and event stage.

Mike and E who served us all with free drinks up till 9pm. Thanks guys!

The list.

07.37 pm – Met up with Danielle Fung, the one who made it all possible. Thanks, Danielle!

07.55 pm – The new Sand Bar just beside Pizzeria.

The price of drinks on display.

Sherman Tan, Mark Felix and Arab of Bongga Bongga doing their thing.

The crowd started swelling up as the night progressed.

Hard Rock’s Australian guests having fun.

Busy soaking up as much of the free flow as possible :twisted:.

08.30 pm – Hard Rock’s very own staff who took the effort to make the atmosphere livelier.

08.45 pm – Jagertrain time! It’s actually a theatric method for preparing multiple Jagerbombs (Red Bull and Jagermeister shots). The Jagermester shots are balanced on the lip of Red Bull glasses in a line. When the first shot glass is pushed over, it falls into the Red Bull glass while simultaneously knocking over the next shot glass, creating a domino effect! It was actually pretty awesome to see sooooo many glasses of Red Bull and Jagermeister shots lined up.

John Primmer, the General Manager of Hard Rock Penang giving a speech before doing the honour of knocking over Jagermeister shots.

The eager ones quickly took a glass each for themselves, cheered and gulped the Jagerbombs.

09.00 pm – After that, the crowd continued having a good time, especially the Australian guests who took over the stage. They were the stars that night. Malaysians being Malaysians were a little more shy.

09.30 pm – Limbo rock time! To me, I think this was the funnest part of the night as it had the most participants. Plus you could see everyone really enjoying themselves trying to limbo rock their way under the pole.

10.15 pm – The selection of the fanciest dressed person in purple commenced. Although it took some time to parade the selected ones to the crowd to see who brought the loudest cheer, it was pretty obvious that the most attractive girl among the lot was winning it. Being Eurasian looking, fair skinned, considerably tall, dressed in purple white fade and most of all approachable-looking made her the natural winner.

11.00 pm – It is true when people say “time moves faster when you’re having fun”. As there were guests staying in Hard Rock, 11pm was cutoff time for parties by the pool. What a successful launch event! Thanks again, Hard Rock!

For most of us, the party continued on up till 2am in the ever awesome Hard Rock Cafe.

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