E&O Sarkies Carvery Night Buffet


This is how the entrance to Sarkies, right after coming down from Easter and Oriental Hotel’s multilevel car park, looks like.

The sign as you enter, detailing the theme for both lunch and dinner throughout the week.

As today was a Wednesday, it was Carvery Night which focuses on poultry, beef and lamb.

The door stained with the name of the restaurant.

The exterior of the restaurant.

The roasted whole lamb on display.


Meat sauces.

The interior of the restaurant.

As I entered, the first bar that I noticed was the pasta bar.

The varieties of pasta on display.

The cooking counter where the pasta and sauce is combined.

The five different pasta sauces available.

Beef bolognese.

Chicken bolognese.



Pesto, a type of Italian pasta sauce that consist of garlic, basil, pine nuts, olive oil and cheese.

Whole roasted ducks on display at the pasta bar.

Beef and lamb that will be prepared onto your plate by the person manning the bar.

At the back of the same pasta bar, you’ll discover an array of grilled meat.

Seafood selection for grilling.

The master grill for seafood.

Meat selection for grilling.

The master grill for meat cuts.

I believe that this is one of the most popular bars in Sarkies.


Norwegian salmon.

Yellowtail sashimi.




Steamed seafood.

Steamed shellfish.

Right beside the sushi bar was the assorted seafood platter section.

3 kinds of ham for your eating pleasure.

East asian dishes.


Babyoctopus salad.


I think that the bread section is the most unpopular section in the entire restaurant.

The local delights section.

Local noodles.

The stir fry master at his station.


Stir fried seafood.

The choices of seafood were pretty huge.



White clams.

Salmon and tuna.

Black clams.

Another local section was the ready made and cooked section.

White rice.

Fish kurma.

Beef rendang.

Lamb cooked mamak style.

Steamed fish.


Seafood thermidor.

Gratinated potato.

Mixed vegetables.

Pandan chicken.

Next up is the healthy and wholesome fruit section.





Yellow watermelon.

White dragon fruit.

Red watermelon.

This is also one of my favourite section where most of the stuff on offer is sweet.



Pink macarons.




Cashew nuts.

More pastries.

My most favourite section has just got to be this. Hehe.

Round 1 x 3 times.

Round 2 x 2 times.

Round 3.

Round 4 x 2.

Round 5 x 2 times aaaaaaaand I’m about to explode!

I kid you not but E&O is one of 2 hotels in Penang that gives their customers the hardest headache when it comes to food selection during buffets as you can see from the pictures above, it is just impossible for one to savour every single item that is on display. If you love drinking wine or beer, you should consider going for the weekend buffet on Friday and Saturday evenings. Both are free flow. As of writing, E&O is giving away a 30% discount when you print and show the flyer below when paying. Total value for money!


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