Day 2 Langkawi Trip : Breakfast Bar, Dragon Fruit Farm, Hole In The Wall, Andaman, Datai, Bon Ton, Casa Del Mar, Sunset Beach Resort, Red Tomato Garden Cafe, Pantai Cenang Sunset

Caution : There are 121 pictures in total. Hit F5/refresh if you ever get stuck.

08.27 am – Had honeydews and

some apple juice for breakfast.

09.39 am – After getting ready, we headed out of our room to our car and discovered 10 cockroaches trapped in the cockroach trap set up last night.

09.48 am – Arrived at one the only few Langkawi restaurants opened for breakfast, Breakfast Bar.

Menu A.

Menu B.

Menu C.

The interior.

Good morning in different languages.

Had a Nescafe tarik,

prawn noodles and

yellow noodles (this one was delicious!).

The bapuk buffalo at the entrance.

Vinny had banana pancake butter syrup.

10.54 am – Went to Zackry Guest House to collect

my deposit refund.

Vinny took over the wheels of MAX for about 1 hour.

11.44am – Arrived at the organic dragon fruit farm

somewhere off Kuah town.

Today I learned that dragon fruits grow off the edge of it’s branches. I wanted to buy a few for myself but too bad the workers there couldn’t understand a word I was saying.

12.08 pm – Arrived at Kilim Jetty. Called for the free boat ride to the floating Hole In The Wall Restaurant.

We were lucky and sat with the owner of

Hole In The Wall who was on the way to deliver goods to his restaurant.

It was such a nice place.

I liked the fact that it was a fish farm and we could pick our food live.

The menu.

We ordered ourselves a grilled local grouper,

a mantis prawn,

a prawn fried rice and

a mixed tom yam.

RM 25.

RM 9.

RM 6.

RM forgot but this was very delicious!

01.19 pm – Actually, we planned to go island hopping at 2.30pm but too bad it rained.

We waited for about half an hour for the rain to subside before

leaving for Kilim Jetty.

02.47 pm – There wasn’t much that we could do since it was raining and so we decided to go hotel hopping instead. Our first stop was The Datai,

a fancy hotel hidden far, far away from civilization. A night here costs RM2000.

The two horses at the lobby.

The Datai’s lily pond

full of big, medium and

small frogs. Full of it.

Hand towels instead of paper towels.

The basin.

The whole hotel was filled with all sorts of art like sculptures in the lobby and glass paintings on the wall.

The price.

The origin.

(How can you not be outstanding when you’re from ‘that’ state? Think Jimmy Choo. :twisted:)

The rooms from the outside.

03.15 pm – Next stop, The Andaman. Another RM2000 a night hotel.

The toilet was as high class as The Datai.

But still, credit goes to The Andaman as it was much more posh and grander than The Datai. The Andaman rooms are also slightly cheaper. The entire place was filled with greeneries.

The outdoor dining tables were between trees and

overlooking the sea below.

The swimming pool was roundish and huge, complete with a slide for kids.

The pathways around the area were so interesting you could walk around the area for hours.

The buildings and greens blended in so well.

The boat on the wall.

The lobby. No horses but there’s thingy that looks like an ancient Chinese wedding cart used for carrying brides.

04.21 pm – Next was the RM100 a night Langkasuka.

Wasn’t a bad price for a hotel with pool and karaoke facilities. Relatively far from Pantai Cenang though.

04.40 pm – The RM600 a night resort.

You had to pass through the souvenir shop to get to the reception. Trying to get you to buy stuff.

The swamp at the back.

Lounge chairs and the narrow pool.

One of the 8 stand alone villas.

The restaurant.

04.53 pm – This is the #1 highest rated hotel in Langkawi. People who have stayed here before gave Casa Del Mar rave reviews. Rates from RM800 a night.

The narrow entrance.

The lounge chairs, pool and building.

The restaurant by the beach.

05.02 pm – Sunset Beach Resort. For me, this is one THE MOST value for money hotel among the many along Pantai Cenang.

I liked the fact that it has greens all over,

most of the rooms are stand alone,

it has an open air toilet and

shower by the back.

Rates start from RM160 a night.

05.15 pm – Went to the cheapest duty free center in Langkawi

located just beside Underwater World

for some serious cash burning.

06.14 pm – Did a step by step pictorial on how to get to the hidden Pondok Keladi from the road off Pantai Tengah.

The mosque at the front.

The alleys and kampungs.

The purple house.

Pondok Keladi.

The coconut trees.

The common area.

Here’s a video on how to get to Pondok Keladi from Aseania Resort at Pantai Cenang.

(Made this video as a token of appreciation for Marc who made our stay enjoyable)

07.01 pm – Sat on the beach at Pantai Cenang eating papayas while

watching the sunset.

Vinny in between trees.


Passed by the much talked about Little Lylias. It reminds me so much of Batu Ferringhi’s Sunset Bistro.

07.43 pm – Took a loooooooong walk along Jalan Pantai Cenang before

settling down for some spaghetti at

Red Tomato Garden Cafe.


The counter.

The nicely lit and decorated surrounding.

The fit-for-a-cow’s-stomach spaghetti carbonara.

The fit-for-a-bull’s-stomach spaghetti al tonno. As I wasn’t a bull, I didn’t finish it.

09.42 pm – Went back to Pondok Keladi and watched 2 episodes of Lie To Me outdoor accompanied by

a pint of Sapporo,

nipah leaves, bamboo trees in the background and

a lazy but lovable security guard.

11.51 pm – Among the stuff I bought, the BEST was the bottle of Choya Royal Honey Umeshu. It rocks!!!!!!

12.00 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

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Hi Chris

What a detail pictorial narrative of your time in Langkawi.

I loved the pictures of the hotels, one of my friend goes to the Datai every December for 1 month. She is “filthy rich” but very humble.

The posh hotels reminded me of the Rasa Sayang in Penang which we stayed in for 4 days when I was last back with my family. Will definitely try to go to Langkawi when I next get back. I was told you can take a boat from Pg to Langkawi.

The floating restaurant/fish farm was televised on BBC here when Rick Stein ( a chef) when to Penang where he had Hokkien Mee etc. Log on to /iplayer and search for Rick Stein. You can watch all the BBC prigrammes here for free.

Best Wishes


First, wanted to say thanks for coming by my blog I appreciated it.

Second, your trip looks awesome man. I’m pumped that I stumbled over here because now I’m jealous and have to start planning my next journey. Keep it up and have a blast!


(Yat) Thanks. Langkawi’s great for honeymooners actually. One of the few destinations in Asia that I’d recommend.

And I do have to agree with you that the Datai rocks! The lily pond is just amazing!

I think it’s better to fly to Langkawi from Penang than to take a boat. If you plan your trip in advance you will get return tickets for as low as RM70 per person. Cheaper than the RM120 per person return boat trip.

Rick Stein? I see. Glad to know Penang and Langkawi’s making a mark in that part of the world.


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