Day 1 Langkawi Trip : Pondok Keladi Guest House, Langkawi Cable Car, Suspension Bridge, Durian Perangin Waterfalls, Wonderland, Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall


Caution : There are 119 pictures in total. Hit F5/refresh if you ever get stuck.

06.30 am – Rushed back to Island Glades from Batu Maung for this.

07.08 am – On the way back to Batu Maung, PCJ’s accelerator got stuck.

It just didn’t want to come back up.

Luckily it happened at a safe location. Had Dad take care of it. Thanks, Dad! Thanks Mr Tan for helping me push it to a safer location.

07.20 am – Had a quick breakfast of oats (Thanks Mr Tan) and

apples (Thanks Vinny).

07.44 am – Was on our way to the airport. Thanks Mr Tan for picking us up.

08.00 am – Checked in in time.

08.15 am – Was already waiting at the gate.

08.17 am – 2 minutes later.

Firefly’s ATR 72-500 propeller planes.

The seating arrangement of 2 by 2.

The Firefly branded buckle.

08.28 am – Our first holiday away from Penang. hehe.

08.40 am – A birds eye view of Penang.

The clouds.

08.42 am – I liked the fact that there was a stewardess serving us free drinks on the plane.

Mango and blackcurrant juice.

Holiday mood officially : ON.

08.47am – Spotted a rainbow.

09.07 am – The big ass Langkawi airport welcoming sign.

Headed towards arrivals.

The crowd.

09.20 am – Got ourselves a taxi van for RM24.

I don’t really know why they’d need such a big van for the 2 of us but I didn’t mind as long as the price was the same.

Our driver for the day was Encik Mohd Hanif Bin Abd Rahman. Thanks for the lift.

10.11 am – Met the host of our stay at Pondok Keladi, Marc. Thanks for showing us around the place.

Was showed around the very green and peaceful Pondok Keladi.

I liked the concept of the common area.

Pretty wide and spacious. Equipped with a full kitchen and wifi.

Got acquainted with the other residents like Gadget, who was the most lovable dog of all,


(sorry, forgot your name) and


The pathway to my room, guarded by a sleeping security guard.

The pathway to the other rooms.

Slept in “ENAM” throughout our stay Langkawi.

The RM95 per night double bedroom.

The mini fridge.

The luggage stand.

The window overlooking the trees.

The shower and the toilet seat.

The sink.

11.03 am – Our car for the trip arrived, arranged by Marc. Got it for RM50 per day.

11.10 am – Fueled her up.

11.18 am – 1st stop. Restoran Nasi Kandar Tomato.

When I arrived, I noticed that the variety was wide but was skeptical towards the quality.

Only after tasting it did I realize that the stuff here is delicious!

12.17 pm – Drove over to the Oriental Village for the cable car.

The bridge connecting the village and the car park.

The super simple map and directions.

Eh? This ain’t Bangkok, is it? kapppppp

12.21 pm – After a bit of weaving through the boring Oriental Village, we arrived at the entrance and got us a pair of tickets for RM15 each.

The bottom hop on platform.

The boxes where you’d have to line up before going in.

Was so excited being on the cable car for the first time.

Caught the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls in the background.


Got off the middle platform to check out the surroundings.

Note the partially covered suspension bridge behind.

12.42 pm – And then we were off again from the middle platform towards the top. The suspension bridge behind.

The middle platform behind.

12.46 pm – The viewing platform at the top.

A bit higher than the middle platform.

The suspension bridge from the top viewing platform.

Langkawi from the top viewing platform.

12.54 pm – Was on our way to the viewing platform when I noticed this.

The jungle path to the suspension bridge.

The view from one end of the suspension bridge.

After this nice picture, something happened. My camera on the tripod fell in the middle of photo taking. I managed to save the camera from slamming the ground but it grazed the top right of the camera.

Here’s a picture to prove it happened…..

The damage.

Caught a giant ass millipede on

the way back to the top platform.

01.27 pm – The view on the ride down the cable car was scarier than the ride to the top.

The back of the Langkawi cable car card.

The front.

01.38 pm – Took a walk around the rest of the Oriental Village and

watched Vinny play with ducks.

04.38 pm – Spotted a Ramadhan bazaar and bought a percik chicken

on the way to the drive up Gunung Raya.

04.49 pm – Arrived at

the foot of Gunung Raya soon afterwards.

Landslide road sign.

And there it was, a landslide.

05.12 pm – Stopped by Tangga Helang Seribu Kenangan which was somewhere in the middle of Gunung Raya. If you think of it in English, it’s damn funny.

The sign.

The view.

05.20 pm – Arrived at the hotel at the peak of Gunung Raya.

I wanted to check out the observation tower but decided against it when I was asked for RM10 per person. Not worth your money to just go up there and come back down. I’ve already seen the view at the suspension bridge and the view from the top of the viewing platform at the cable car was many times more worth it.

05.24 pm – The dark clouds that formed.

05.54pm – Arrived at the entrance of Durian Perangin Waterfalls.

The cheap foot massage stall at the entrance.

There were a few dipping spots along the way.

The bottom one was the most laku as it was nearest to the entrance.

I spotted another dipping point along the way.

However, nothing beats the dipping spot at the top.

I thought this was a rock.

It wasn’t until I looked closer and I realized it was actually a frog.

07.28 pm – Went to Kuah town to check out the highly rated Wonderland food store.

The menu side A.

Side B.

Packed like a papaya farm, man.

The dry chilli mantis prawn.

The mix vegetables.

The awesome nestum prawns.

Teo chew steamed fish.

Was so damn full afterwards.

08.51 pm – Dropped by Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall to grab some basic necessities.

The supermarket.

Bought a liter of apple juice and 5 liters of mineral water.

Fruitsssss. So important during trips. Keeps you healthy.

Ate the wet, drippy, watermelon in the toilet.

11.43 am – Cockroach traps for the bedroom and car.

Prevention better than cure.

Placed one under the table lamp and

one under the dressing table. The other two were placed at the back and front of the car.

01.07 am – Watched an episode of Lie To Me before going to sleep.

02.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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  1. Hi Chris,

    Great post! You have inspired me to plan another trip up to Langkawi! The photos you took are just wonderful. The Attractions are lovely, wanted to go Durian Perangin so much and Wonderland food never fails to amaze me…

    Thanks for the great post mate!

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