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  • follower : “r u going to Australia for school?”
  • For holiday.

  • Guest : “how much per month?”
  • It’s a secret until I reach 10k. 😈

  • Hoodie Cam : “Hello! 🙂 Its been hours I’ve been reading your posts. LOL Its so fun until I dont wanna stop! 😛 But I have to. Will continue reading/watching soon!”
  • Hey Nadia, thanks. It’s very encouraging to read your +comments.

  • Guest : “and it’s paid in USD. so the amount is x3. right chris?”
  • Yes.

  • Guest : “adsense to get paid by google..paid by how many clicks on the ads in a website”
  • Clicks + impressions.

  • Masreen : “Btw, any other places you could recommend for a holiday within Msia? Appreciate it mate”
  • Hardcore eating = Penang
    Hardcore hiking = Mount Kinabalu
    Hardcore diving = Pulau Sipadan
    Hardcore gambling = Genting Highlands
    Hardcore honeymoon 😈 = Club Med Cherating
    Hardcore beach activities = Pulau Redang
    Hardcore smoking + drinking = Langkawi

  • Masreen : “Hi Chris. I went to Pondok Keladi after reading your blog abt it over n over again. Has a great stay. Thanks.”
  • You’re welcome! Yea, I had a great stay there as well. Especially the hospitality of Marc.

  • Guest : “aiya..eztv is torrent…is torrent still ok with stweamyx?”
  • Streamyx throttles bittorrent but there is a way to maximize your download/upload potential. Will write up a separate blog post on that soon.

  • Guest : “loud soundfrom tyre? is it like tik tik tik tik and getting faster sound of tik tik tik when driving?not sure same problem with my car…”
  • Just bring it to an honest mechanic to check it out for you.

  • Guest : “err…i mean what u need to do to get to paid by google??”
  • Need to be hardworking.


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