Club Asahi Miami 2013 Soju Room Penang


For the first time ever in Penang, Asahi Malaysia held Club Asahi Miami 2013 in Soju Room Penang. The purpose was to bring the feel and atmosphere of the well known Miami parties to Penang, Malaysia.

It’s cool that Asahi Malaysia even made the effort to decorate the entrance into Soju Room with a Hummer.

09.34 pm – The brand manager for Asahi Malaysia, Calvin Ho, began talking about himself and the goal of bringing the Asahi party to Penang to the media group where more than half consisted of bloggers from Penang and KL. It’s amazing how far bloggers have come to being included as part of publicity for all sorts of launch events all over Malaysia.

The beautiful girls on stage for patrons to take photos with.

We just helped ourselves to the girls.

OMG! OMG! She’s touching my shouldeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! 😳

Just as you enter, there’s a themed section called ‘Enjoy Responsibly’ where patrons of the events are encouraged to be responsible in the event they drink more than they should. The personals manning the booths were on standby to help anyone who needed it, like arranging a taxi and providing bottles of water.

What interested me most was the breathalyzer test device as I have never used nor seen one before in my life.

Was taken aside to give my views on how to drink responsibly.

My 3 tips were simple. Pace yourself, drink lots of water in between, and most important of all is to know your limits. My limit goes like this. 8 bottles of beer, 7 glasses of spirits, 6 glasses of wine.

Took the escalator down to where Soju Room was located.

There were 2 separate lanes that led to a counter.

Business class were for patrons who received the invites from Asahi outlets.

The other one was for patrons invited by Asahi themselves.

Thanks a million Asahi!


10.00 pm – Went up to the VVIP room, where Henrix and Kryoman were at, to listen to Calvin Ho continue his speech.

Kryoman in the hoodie and Henrix in red. Bucket loads of Asahi were seen in the room.

I have no idea who these two fellas behind Calvin were.

5 minutes later, cheers!

A picture with the international DJs.

Another one with the Asahi girls in between.

10.11 pm – The night was still young and half the floor was still empty.

I liked how Soju Room decorated the alcohol rack above the main bar on the ground floor with Asahi beer bottles and the huge Asahi word on it.

The thing photographers hate most about Soju Room would have to be the smoke machine.

Each time the smoke comes on, not a single shot turns up nice.

I totally like Soju Room’s toilet cubicle door. 😈

10.42 pm – By now I was into my second bottle of Asahi Super Dry.

In just half an hour, the floor was almost filled to the brim.

11.15 pm – Sneaked myself out to the Enjoy Responsibly section.

Was curious to know my Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) readings for 2 bottles of beer in 1 hour.

Blew into the breathalyzer and waited about 5 seconds.

0.15 mg/L which is equivalent to about 0.047 BAC. Malaysia’s legal limit is 0.08 BAC. All the Carlsberg personals manning the booth were not competent enough to do the job. They thought that mg/L is the same as BAC, saying that I have already exceeded my limits and broken the law. Pfftt.. How ignorant!

0.35 mg/L should be the limit as that’s the equivalent to 0.08 BAC! In any case, one should also bear in mind that the BAC roughly drops by 0.01 unit every 40 minutes.

11.54 pm – Wah, you could see that the floor is totally full with the crowd going wild.

12.00 am – Right on the dot, the crew came on to perform.

12.17 am – Sneaked into the VIP section’s bar area for more glasses of water.

And then out of nowhere, a guy approached me to ask if there was anything at the back of his shirt. I think his friends were playing a prank on him. Said ‘nothing on your shirt’ but he didn’t believe me. So I took a picture to show him and only then did he believe. Below is the picture taken to show him.

I somehow felt that there were more guys than girls at the event.

01.30 am – Kryoman came on and did his stuff.

The robot that has been rocking dance floors since 2005.

The pyrotechnics show.

01.43 am – After almost 4 hours of free flow Asahi Super Dry and non stop fun, it was time to call it a night. Thanks again, Asahi!


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